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I am a young writer living in NH. I write stories about my favorite character, Twilight Sparkle.


Twilight Sparkle was merely sent to the caves beneath Canterlot in canon, but what if Chrysalis, who'd recieved a large power boost recently, and who'd realized that putting Cadance and Twilight in more or less the same place might be a bad idea, decided to use a spell she'd learned a long time ago, but never had the power to pull off. Twilight was sent to a parallel world. In this universe, or perhaps I should say multiverse, parallel worlds come in two flavors. 'Line' worlds, which are like parallel lines, never touching, even if they're an atom apart, and 'Mirror' worlds, which are essentially alternate worlds that closely resemble their counterpart, save for a couple differences. Now on a quest to return home, what adventures await Twilight? Note that this is a crossover, and I claim nothing in here for my own. I will mostly use video games and shorter anime as the worlds she'll visit, though OCs might exist.

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Keep it up. I really like this story.

How did Twilight know about Doom Counter?

I don't have a clue what is going on.

Keep it up man.

She studied to the point of excluding any and all social activity before Ponyville, she ought to know about a lot of obscure and/or semi-dangerous spells, and so it would make sense for her to know what Doom is considering she spent ten years in another dimension, (she didn't spend all of her time working out a way home, which I believe I mentioned) this is why she knows a lot more about history than say Vanille.
Also, If she's seemed a bit OOC or bipolar then that's kind of on purpose, it'll be important a bit later on.

Also, Sazh mentioned the l'cie brands being Doom counters earlier in the story.

so is it a s splite personality or something else?

You'll find out eventually, I won't spoil anything now, though.

so how many more chapters till next world?

3-5, thought there might be a chapter for what ends up happening between worlds.

You might think she over-reacted to the incident in the fifth chapter, but keep in mind that she's been under a lot of stress for the past few days, and she's had her body taken over by an voice in her head that she doesn't yet know the motives of, add her natural paranoia to that mixture and, well...

Comment posted by Trimontar deleted May 5th, 2014

Do you guys think I should edit the other in her head out?

Go [youtube= viva la vida]

soul eater
she finds blair

hope she lands in cannon equestria

When it said Minerva the first thing that popped into my head was Assassin's Creed.( Because I haven't finished ff 13 yet. But, I already saw the end, so spoilers mean nothing now.) Hopefully she ends up in one of those games.:fluttershysad: Maybe Assassin's Creed 3?

Don't edit the voice out but with time you can have her come to terms with the trauma that made it so it will fade.

4763998 Well, new trauma's going to get added on top, and she takes each person's death personally. Those scars won't noticeably fade in a few weeks. Besides, Arcana's absorbed all that negative energy, and she's not letting it go. Even if Twilight does come to terms with it, that won't get rid of Arcana, just keep her from getting any stronger than she has.

4007253 magic *snort* *snort*

cant wait for more so far i have loved all your storys:pinkiehappy:

Oh my gosh! Soul Eater. AWESOME! I freaking love it! Oh and:

She picked the name Tara Strong, partially because it wasn't already on the student roster, and partially because she personally liked the name for a reason she couldn't discern.


4818635 Sorry, I couldn't resist.

next world wizard and the lonely princess?

4825205 Well, that story isn't finished yet, and, of course, I'd need to ask permission, but there is a story I'd like to have her in.

4825793 but you could still do the harry potter story's:twilightsmile:

4829791 Actually, I'm not sure which world is going to be next. Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, or Bleach. I'm kind of leaning towards Bleach, but it could go either way.

4829828 yeah bleach would be good just remember you do have a bleach story already
but it would be fun to see in this story as well
but its up to you it is your story don't let anything i say stop you from doing what you want to with it

4843234 Twilight is in a parallel world. Parallel worlds are the answers to those what if questions, ranging from 'What if your childhood friend was never born?' was never born?' to 'What if The Allied Powers lost WWII?' I'm going with there being a number of parallel worlds that branched out a bit earlier, like say before life of any kind existed. Parallel worlds are less confusing than other dimensions, because the laws of physics are identical, or almost identical. In this case, Twilight is in the world of Final Fantasy 13, the first game of the trilogy. Each world will offer her new abilities, and knowledge or at least, a chance to improve her existing skills.

4829828 Bleach would be a good way to continue the soul power/force theme but Harry Potter would give her a focus for her magic( she wouldn't be able to use her sword and pistol that much though)

4853128 Perhaps Bleach, then Harry Potter? I realize, of course, that she'll be overpowered after Bleach, but she can't use her biggest attacks if her allies are to close already, so that's plenty of justification not to have her obliterate every enemy she encounters throughout the rest of the story.
Harry Potter will give her some new spells, and Bleach will give her Kido, and Hollowfication if it follows the plotline I'm thinking of.

4856520 ill do a list of the pro and cons of both world today. I'll let you know the results.

4856520 Alright, so after dressing a profile of Twilight I discovered that she had very little to gain from the Harry Potter universe but allot from the Bleach universe( including a Zanpakuto version of both of her weapon). So, as you said, she should visit the Bleach universe before she visit the Harry Potter on if at all.

4857008 Alright, I have a plan to keep her from being completely broken after that point in the works.

4860961 also props to you. You have a made me completely obsessed with your story. The only other book that interested me to this point caused me to read every single books that author had written and it was on a less scale than the obsession of this story. Imma gona be watching:pinkiecrazy:

What is this a crossover of? When does Twilight start being badass?

4881546 At first it's a crossover of Mlp and Final Fantasy 13, then it moves into the world of Soul Eater, after that I'm planning on Bleach. Twilight will start being badass in the first couple chapters. I think cutting a mech's tail off with just an enchanted sword fits the bill.

This is so awesome man imagine if that was a real fight.

Excellent story. Can't wait for the next chapter. Hope to see a new chapter soon.

Comment posted by Lord Death deleted Nov 1st, 2014

*crys at there not being more* :fluttercry:
Edit: looking at the dates reminds me that the current sets of chapters are around correct for time....but i still want MOAR!!!:flutterrage:

Reminds me of 'MLP Time Loops'
I like these stories.

Is Twi having a Nightmare?

Please don't answer that question

Can I has a chapter pwease?

Less than 2K words from the 100K mark!

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