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I am a young writer living in NH. I write stories about my favorite character, Twilight Sparkle.


Twilight gets killed protecting Princess Celestia and wakes up to the words Game Over floating in front of her.

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... I like this ... but I do not know why ... :twilightsmile:

(Scene from Simpsons Game)

Homer; That's ridiculous. I'm not a video game character! I'm a real live person with dreams and feelings- (Looks downs, realizes he walked off the platform) "AHHHH!!" (Dies, respawns) D'oh 'kay, fine, I'm a video game guy.

Deserving more favorites and features.

Omfg write more I command you :scootangel:

I kind of expected to read about her first few years, that would have been really funny:pinkiehappy:, but at lest you've got it better than once a month :ajbemused:, like The Unicorn at Hogwarts, another good fic.

It's always a good feeling when you take down something you weren't supposed to. :twilightsmile:

a funny idea came to me while thinking about this story. after defeating the changelings she dies again and goes back to the character select with 'Changeling Twilight' being a new unlock.

This is a cool story!! Can't wait for next chapter :twilightsmile:

I love this, keep it up if possibly. Plus this combines two of my favorite things: RPG and MLP. (HA i made a small rhyme)

Only thing i can say... Awesome.

A delightful story so far. I'm very interested in seeing how this develops and the twists it might take. Thank you for writing such an amusing tale.

Amazingness! Thou hath surprised me with such a tale! :pinkiegasp: Keep it up! :twilightsmile:

This is so beautiful... It deserves a :moustache::moustache::moustache:/10

P.S.If my three moustaches don't appear, then it's not my fault

Well, on the plus side it's somewhat better than the majority of "game" fics I have encountered, mostly in HP and Naruto fandoms. While the text of the story is rather dry, there are few if any mistakes that I noticed and it remains somewhat consistent.
On the minus side it has the same main problem as the abovementioned fics - main character, in our case Twilight, is Twilight in name only. Little to no characterization, absolute willingness to accept whatever rules there suddenly are, and being more or less a player character instead of a person. Everyone being suddenly much more restricted by game logic in comparison to the "first playthrough" isn't a good thing either - problem with buying books, for example, was especially jarring when libraries are a thing and we are talking about Twilight here.
"Crossover" avatars at the beginning also didn't leave a good impression. But really, the one thing that fully destroyed my suspension of disbelief was Twilight picking that "Blade-wielding" skill and dumping a ton of points in it. Though, I guess that was predictable, what with overwhelming focus on swords in avatar list.

While I'd hesitate to call the story bad, it's bland. Though not that bad for one of the first stories if you really are 15 year old, I guess.

Well, dying generally shakes one's beliefs and if you'll recall in the first chapter. 'She wasn't looking for problems with a second chance.' Besides, she changed the Settings way back, that would have an effect on the game.
Sorry if it's actually bland though.

Also, Twilight's always been one for following the rules. ...Unless they make absolutely no sense, but the game does follow some logic.

This is... terrible. There's a vaguely interesting plot hiding underneath it, but there is more game exposition and listing of stats than actual story! It's not even ironically a video game. It's just... a video game for no benefit to the story. Plus it glosses over the non-combat missions! Did I say you could skip that cut scene? Don't you dare press (X)!


But seriously this is terrible. Either remove some of the game elements, or describe their effect instead of listing the numbers, or have Twilight surprised at the effects or something! It's like watching over the shoulder of someone playing a Zelda game for the fourth time who just barrels through the game without stopping to look around since they seen it already.

I've edited the first three chapters to make them less bland and explain a few things. Sorry fo the wait on chapter four.

Meh you could refer to her as Velvet. But in any case good thing you did.

4546734 I think most people call her Velvet. I know I do.

4537999 Dude i think you're over-reacting... i wouldn't like it if it became overly analytic about the game world. In any case i think we're too early in Twilight's new life for the fic to delve on WHY her life is a video game. I believe we are gonna get some asnwers next chapter.

She's just reached that level where we can't correct her homework anymore.

at level 7 a parent can't correct their child's homework anymore?

I just read the first chapter of this story.....and I fell in love with it:heart:

Please continue writing this awesome story! And is Pinkie so good with pinkie physics and pinkie sense due to her also playing the game? Please let Pinkie break the 4th wall when she meets Twilight, pretty please?!?!?!:pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy::pinkiesmile: Also can it be a mechanic where Twilight can tweak the gamecode to recover the lost data from her first life and change events so that she can bring her past self back to life while still existing as the second iteration and leaving the original timeline preserved like two universes running in parallel? Sorta like Bioshock Infinite "Lives, Lived, Will Live", "Dies, Died, Will Die". And can the mechanic be maintained so that the prime twilight can still be aware and use the original twilight to scope out the pitfalls in the story plot so that she won't make the same mistakes when she experiences them, sorta like someone watching a game walkthrough so they can do it better themselves? Like scrying and examining her memories without her knowing about it?

OMG!!! Pleeeaaseee write more of this story! It is sooo awesome! I like the idea, the stats you are using and all the rpg moments!!! Wants moooaar!

If non-unicorns can game, then I would use magic to play two player games by myself, co-op or versus. :moustache: Starting it now.

HAHA! First one to read the update!!! Muhuhuahahaha!

Ooh, we going to see rage form Twilight soon?

I was thinking more of Medaka from Medaka Box's Wargod mode, since Twilight is going to be very easily angered by harm or almost-harm coming to her friends and it'll be even worse if, and when, she figures out that she is indirectly responsible.

:yay::yay::yay::yay::heart::heart::heart: I knew you could make it to the featured page :pinkiesad2::heart::heart:

Oh... I feel sorry for whichever ponies this noble sends... not so sorry for the noble himself, who she will make pay.

Oh man this is great! Love this story. Have to ask, what is the deal with bad guys hearing that hurting the main character's friends and family will piss them off and then decide that that's a good idea?

4551488 Most foals dont go around defeating bosses and leveling up early either, and she does have memories from her past life, and some bonus stats that helped her complete some missions, if she failed the spider mission without the bonus stats she might have given up on side quests perhaps, then be at a more normal level with less reading material.

Will the all powerful and cool looking Rageshift finally be utilized as a game mechanic? Will Twilight's hair explode into flames, and she'll start shooting massive fireballs out of her hands and...

I think I'm getting her rageshift confused with someone elses. Regardless, I would like to see a flaming twilight.

4564207 Actually that makes sense. She did learn fireball afterall.

I realized Twilight is becoming a fail character, deliberately spreading all of her stats equally (I know, being quite experienced with the rpg genre, I've done it myself once. It was a nightmare).

Only Pinkie Pie can send Twilight into flaming form at will. :pinkiehappy:

You have my attention. :trixieshiftright:

I hear Ubisoft is doing this but they're only making Dusk Shine playable. :pinkiehappy:

doesn't she have save files?
stop them, beat the leader to a pulp, threaten to kill him horribly if he doesn't say who hired them. reload your last save.
"Princess. Noble slime hired some thugs to attack my family latter today. Can you do anything to help me stop them and make noble slime pay for this?"

just my own thoughts on how to deal with the situation.

And they attacked her with weapons when she gave them chances to leave, that trial would have been brushed aside.

Interesting concept but it's so stiff. If you don't mind, it's like reading the journal of someone level grinding a western RPG, a lot of stats and little emotion.

The only thing I can think of that would have made this introduction better would be if the 'game over' screen had also said "Do you want your items identified?" (I'm a Nethack fan.)

This story speaks to my inner gamernerd, but I do share the concerns of the others that there's more stats and less flavor. The only real dialogue was between her and the gryphon boss here.

Also, is she saving offscreen? Because otherwise it seems like she's being extremely reckless by going into combat questing without saving her game. :trixieshiftright:

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