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I am a young writer living in NH. I write stories about my favorite character, Twilight Sparkle.


Twilight gets sent to the Campione universe and becomes a Campione after defeating Cronos. She ends up in Japan, where she meets Godou. Campione are mortals who have slain Gods and taken their power.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 17 )

so how did she get there? will she ever get back?

will she ever get home
will update any stories

Ooh, campione Twilight. I'm very interested.

Green Thumb sounds a bit silly i would recommend bountiful harvest instead

Hm, you're right. I'll fix that, I'll edit the descriptions of her new Authorites while I'm at it.

makes sense for your reasoning

4862807 agreed. his reasoning is sound, in my eyes.

hmm. i'm not sure that the above sentence is structured properly.

Comment posted by AktoDK deleted Aug 23rd, 2014

I would very much like to see more of this story.

Nice intro, my only problem with it was this.

Italy was the home of the Greek Gods

...didn't you want to say Greece? :derpytongue2:

I just re-read this story and I'm still hoping for it to continue.

Hey Author get back here and FINISH THIS STORY!!! Thank you.😁

I'm sorry, but Shiva sounded broken AF!

please update

please update, I like the anime and was hope for a mlp cross over with it.
I wonder what they reaction going to be when she tell them she form a world of magic talk ponys, who ruler is a kind immortal goddess.

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