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I am a young writer living in NH. I write stories about my favorite character, Twilight Sparkle.


Twilight ends up in Karakura Town and befriends Ichigo. Her element manifests as a zanpakutuo, with the powers that implies. How will this effect events?

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I like it but you should be finishing you less completed projects before this.
But i think this is promising too

It has the most important qualities of a good story, attention grabbing, well edited and a lot of potential

Keep it up. I also like how her Zanpakuto has a copy cat ability, if I'm interpreting this correctly. I'm going to follow this.

:raritystarry: tell me ther is more to this story:raritystarry:

this is awesome cant wait for more :twilightsmile:

........ All Hail Hollow Sparkle :twilightsheepish: :pinkiehappy:

Now that is an awesome concept for a MLP/Bleach story. ^^ Nice Zanpakuto ability too.

nice Idea after all.

i kinda sounds like someone else i know but cant put my claw on it


Huh. Looks very promising! I give a like and fav! Hope you don't disappoint!

next chapter plz

Now I need more. Also, flashbacks about what really happened before the first chapter would be nice.

wooo! cant wait for more. :twilightsmile:

YAYS!! YOU'VE UPDATED!! Great work! Short, but good nonetheless. I wonder which arc in Bleach Twilight will end up in? Keep it up! I look forward to next chapter!

Does this mean that Twilight would also have a Quincy side to herself as well?

Yes! New chapter! More soon plz

Either this is an alternate universe, or you have your Bleach lore off a tad. Plus's have the chain of fate (usually broken from their body unless plot) which slowly degrades over time if not sent to SS. Once the chain of fate is damaged/degraded to the point where it's only got a link or so left, the Plus undergoes hollowfication and turns into a Hollow. The only difference between evil and good Pluses is that evil Pluses that turn into hollows (and probably evil pluses that get Konso'd) don't go to SS when killed by a Zanpakuto, but rather get literally dragged into Hell by a giant harpoon thing. Of course, AFAIK this only happens once in an early episode and never shows up again.

5739606 Actually. Hollowfication can happen to pluses with even the longest chain, by the pull of the chain itself can over time tear a hole in the plus and they turn into a hollow. Otherwise the place bound pluses would be eternal. (referring to the plus who was bound to a hospital, his chain was all over the place.)

5739606 i'm pretty sure the chain of fate is worn down by the negative energy of it's owner, though Urahara's little pit has shown that outside influences can affect the process. What I don't understand is why it hurts every time a link gets destroyed, and not just when that last bit goes and you ge your heart ripped out.

This was awesome, wish there were more. :fluttercry:


Negativity does make it go faster, but all Pluses will eventually become a Hollow given enough time. Well, except Ichigo who became a Shinigami, and possibly that boy who got shoved in the bird.

Hmm! Very interesting!

5706949 Great I'm not the only one that thought of this, though.... If that were the case wouldn't Hollow Twilight have said her name is Arcana?

I just had a terrifying thought: Pinkie hooking up with Keigo.

5758403 you better stop right there!

I am satisfied with bleach now. Time to hopefully get a new chpter for this and gamer soon!

Her friends thought she had OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), which she didn't. She just... liked to make checklists and keep things organized. That was all. Really.

Oh ya, we're ALL gonna buy that one!

Good fic dude! Keep up the good work.

Is this fic dead? I hope not, I already have to many questions that need answering.

:flutterrage:MORE NOW:flutterrage:
:fluttercry:if that is ok with you:fluttercry:


I don't even...dude...how does twilight have a hollow if she was never attacke

I'm done. I just read that first paragraph and knew it was over for me.:ajsleepy:

6656588 Ichigo's Hollow was, as I understand it, simply awakened by the Hollowfication he underwent in order to regain his Shinigami powers. However, it was explained that most Hollows had what happened to Ichigo happen to them, in that their Soul-Chain eroded until they lost their hearts and became Hollows (hence the name.)

Will this continue:rainbowhuh:

The problem I find with this is that it doesn't sound like the first chapter. This honestly sounds more like a sequel where Twilight returned after whatever hell she went through. While I have no doubt a large explanation will be made in future chapters, this isn't a very good introduction to what I know could be a really good story.

please say you are still working on this please:applecry:?

Where are the updates to this story it seems enjoyable enough. Also why was she a hollow at the beginning I have so many questions.

I was going to complain about the zetsuga but after reading the authors note I'm okay with it.

Makes sense but this is before that arc with some obvious universe changes so they don't know about it yet I'm assuming. Personally I say fuck that arc because it felt like they literally pulled it out their ass.

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