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Naruto crossover-Inspired by Worlds of Harmony and Conflict by LordBrony2040, Home in Banishment by Shadow Lord Malice and many others.

Long ago a promise was made between two brothers and two sisters. To reunite once again, no matter what. Not even time or death will stop them from keeping this promise. But even a promise can cause strife and conflict between people, each with their own means of keeping the same promise.

Can the Elements of Harmony help resolve this conflict before it reaches it's tragic end? Or will they fail and fall to the Curse of Hatred?

Will it be a happy or a tragic reunion?
Proof-read by Blacksilverflames

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 15 )

a good start want more

I can't what to see where you go with this. :twilightsmile: Just one question: aren't Naruto and Sasuke kids still since this is set before the Chunnin Exams? I only ask this because in the cover art it's them when they're teens

Yes they are still kids, 12-13, I just used this cover art because I like it.

Hagoromo not Hagomaru.
Also, did you take the intro from "Worlds of Harmony & Conflict" which you actually made comments on?

Could have swore it was Hagomaru I'll correct it later.:twilightsheepish:
Also this story was inspired by Worlds of Harmony and Conflict, the idea behind it is just awesome. And when I sat down and wrote/typed this is how it came out.

Nyx! Oh man it's been a while since I've seen her in a story.:yay:

i like the story and thay summmend nyx HAHAHA

This is a good story my friend. =D

Please continue it. I can tell that sh*t is about to go down. :trollestia:

I really enjoyed the originl prologue but i liked that you have both Asura and Indra. aka Harashima and Madara aka Naruto and Sasuke.

Home in banishment is one of the best fic i have ever read and well since you are basing in also on it got me exited, i hope to see more soon, thanks for the prologue

Man Naruto has the worst luck with food. Though i was hoping to see the meeting well it will have to wait (hope it dosent take much). Also well i started to work on my idea though its in spanish and i dont know if you speak it.

Though the only complain i have is well its team 7 interaction, one we have seen alot of though it does shed light on Naruto and Sasuke's part.

Sorry for the late reply i have been so busy that i only just read it

Yeah when I was writing it I asked myself what would be the most Narutoish way for Team 7 to discover the first summoning scroll. Also I hope to have finished and post the next chapter by the end of this month.

FYI I do speak spanish, I'm Mexican.

I thought I was pretty spot on with how Team 7 interacted as they were post Wave Arc.

PS- Understand, I was also busy and I kinda forgot to reply to your reply. But I kinda of wish others would post comments and give me some feedback.

5591475. no sabia. aun k por el nombre debi imaginarlo. Yo tambien soy mexicano.

Holy moly! This is off to a good start! I LOVE it!

Interesting! This is definitely gonna be good! Update soon!

Id there going to be an update

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