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A magical disturbance is found in a different world possibly Demigra's dark magic, Trunks and Supreme Kai of Time assigned Kei and his partner, Wylie, to finding out what is causing the disturbance. Is Demigra really back or is it something else? Takes place after the Demgira Saga.

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KO awesome chapters, hope the next chapters will become more awesome than the last. Also Kei choosing all six girls to be his girlfriends. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2:

6902057 KO it's a Dragon Ball Z video that you travel through time in the events of it's history.

I knew it... I can see why you're getting many dislikes on this story. It's a near copy of the Kingdom Hearts x MLP story on this site, "Kingdom Hearts: Equestria Girls", and people who have read that story frown on this one. The scenes are mostly alike save a few dialogue and scene changes.

I can understand the whole wanting to do a Xenoverse x MLP story, but be a little more original in the content. It's alright to burrow ideas from another story but try to avoid copying it too much as possible or others are going to be quite displeased with you and the original author as well. This does look like a good story at first, but you need to change it up a bit.

Just my advice.

Well hopefully you can make more original wonderful stories in the future!

KO awesome chapter, wonder if Kei is gonna choose all the human main 6, including Sunset as his girlfriends. Also is this story gonna continue on until the friendship games? :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2:

"Oh... Crap baskets"

Oh you say that too.

Great story keep up the good work

I think this could be a great fanfic, with a overhaul on the concepts of course. An idea for this story is a evil set of self aware Dragon Balls on the loose in the city, causing many anomalies such as Spike becoming human at the school, or having bystanders gain abilities out of the blue, thus Kei along with Trunks, venture to Canterlot High since the crown is somehow affecting these new Dragon Balls. The humor could be more akin to Team Four Star, like having the Kaio What or dodging. Maybe some more action like the girls learning to use their ki and the now human freshman Spike hanging with the human CMC, and maybe Flash could be part of the Main team to have a purpose. All in all, just my suggestions.


Bullshit. Applejack couldn't have held Kei down, suppressed or not.


Bullshit. Kei could've just gotten everything fixed with his super speed.


Awesome! Hoping you haven't given up on the story.

Please do more! I love this very much! Please don't give up on it!

Could be a chichi situation, Goku can be the strongest in the universe yet he is scared of his wife

Comment posted by CarolMAssphault deleted May 4th

'Now what are we gonna do?' Kei thought in defeat.

...Dude, Kei is a Saiyan. He could have just used force to take the crown if it came down to it.

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