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Star Wars (Legends) / MLP fusion.

The Dark Times are over. The Rebellion has become the New Republic, and the Galactic Civil War seems to have foregone conclusion; the New Republic will win. Yet not all evil has been destroyed, and even on the verge of triumph it can still strike back.

Twilight has lived a quiet, happy life. The little world of Equus has been sealed off from the galaxy, leaving its few inhabitants untouched by the Emperor and the Warlords who appeared in his wake. The young zabrak watches the stars, wondering what she might find, and it comes in a form far darker than any she has imagined before; a nightmare hunting her.

Guilt and shame are daily plagues on the smuggler who goes by 'AJ', though her brash, rainbow haired pilot is almost as much of a problem. Aboard the Rainboom, Dash and AJ carry goods legal and illicit from one end of the galaxay to the other, chasing their own secrets and pasts along the way. Neither expected to be burdened by a runaway Jedi with no idea about how the galaxy works. Business is hard enough without bounty hunters on their tail, each more psychotic than the last. Unfortunately for them, that's what they got.

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A long time ago, in a harmony far far away...

A good start.:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache: Although I think you should make the Harmony thing a proper rainbow. It kinda annoys me that the show doesn't do it. Magic/Friendship is purple, Laughter is blue, Loyalty is red, and Honesty is orange. But Generosity and Kindness aren't yellow and green( respectively in my opinion), what's up with that?

Another enjoyable chapter. Well done.:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache:

I just really wished to see AJ or Dash shooting Flim&Flam. I don't care who wold shoot first. Those two should go down. :flutterrage:

Hmm, this looks fun, and call me a sucker for Star Wars cross-overs. I like how you're mixing the settings together. Keeps it fresh and interesting. Now, to wonder what you'll do with Rarity, Pinkie, and 'Shy.


It's a bit early for me to give an accurate opinion on this, as it has yet to be established much beyond getting 2/3 of the characters together thus far. I do, however, like the implications of where it could go with what has been established.

Okay, this has good potential, in reading. The twilight zabrak was a nice touch. And these two to fit as well.

Man, great work so far! I'm really love the characterizations, and your way of introducing them all is pretty enrapturing. I can't wait to read more! :pinkiehappy::

This almost seems like it's gearing up to a three-way crossover between MLP, Star Wars, and Firefly.

I'm entirely fine with that.

Neat, very neat indeed. I love it so far, you make this a totes yummy mix.

So AJ´s weapon of choice is an E-11 hn? Hopfully she has better aim with it than the Bucketheads.^^

Wonder who could be on that ship?

"Ignoring him with the ease of practice, Twilight leaned down and pulled open her bag. Every was in place, as overfilled as it had been when she handed it off to the service droid." Shouldnt that be everything?

But interesting start to this.

Another very enjoyable chapter. Great job.:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache:

Author's Note TL;DR: OP is an impatient twat.

No wonder his OMG MYSTERY VILLAIN can't sit still...

Hm, just out of curiousity, the Eternal Night is a Super Star Destroyer, yes?

6826831 It is not! Because having an SSD straight away would just...well, it would escalate things. Plus, I can't imagine the New Republic ignoring an SSD running around the galaxy blatantly like that. It's rather more subtle than that.

6826727 Heeeeeeeeeey. Don't be mean.

6825853 Thanks, good to hear.

6825634 It should, and thank you.

6825281 Oh, gee, I wonder.

6827573 its rare I catch the typo's like this. But gah, this is making me want to go back into ToR and just mess about with the story, butts to everything else.

*waves her hand* This is not a Super Star Destroyer, clearly this is a simple Cargo Freighter.

6827861 The actual ship type will probably revealed eventually, but I could probably message you if you want to know now. It's not like it's a real spoiler or something.

Aaaand there we go, the reason I can't seriously get into this story.
Twilight, darling though she is, is the exactly worst kind of person to train in the force. With her mental rigidity, crippling insecurities, staggering impatience and passionate nature her plummet to the dark side is not so much assured as something you can follow with a point-by-point checklist. Which she would probably help you make...
I just can't see it as NOT happening without either SW setting or Twi's character getting cheapened, even for as talented an author as Atouchart is...

6833206 I mean, you could consider that there are other characters around to help her keep balanced and resist falling, and that that very struggle would form a part of her story. I do appreciate the compliment at the end, but just saying 'its foregone this happens or that's not the character' limits the imagination, bars the option of creativity and denies the fact that Twilight is not an island. She will be surrounded by other characters, who will affect her and who she will affect.

Or it could be as simple as other people not agreeing with your view of the character. Still, if you don't want to read it, your choice, I just think you're not giving it a chance.

You mean those others who have so far failed to seriously alleviate the characteristics that I've made note of , in canon, for the last five seasons?

Thank you very much I understand that Twilight, or anyone else does not operate in vacuum. But that also works in reverse - as much as they can act as stabilizing effect, they can also, inadvertently or not depending on the situation, push her further into the downward spiral, as is also clearly demonstrated in canon.

But finally - Don't let my cynicism bother you one iota, mine is a bad outlook and I'm fully aware of it. Better to feel good about yourself in the fact that in general (just not this fic in particular, sorry to say) I find your works an excellent cure for my melancholies.

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