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When I became a necromancer in my very early life as a human, I thought of it as fun and entertaining! What with me having my own personal friends around me who I could talk to as long as I wanted. Things were like that most of my life, up until I died.

Yes, I died, but only because I was a very unlucky man at the time; after killing a dragon with an undead army, the earth got really shaken up which, sadly, caused my inevitable death.

However, I survived... with some consequences. How else would I be telling this story?

Afterwards I found a soul, and entered the body of the being. Little did I know that it was a pony in a city called Canterlot with thousands of different ponies there, but sadly this pony was in the dungeon. However, I'm sure I can convince the ruler of this nation that I'll be a great benefit to her nation! I'm always looking to help!



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prometedor continua

Wait... Celestia's perfectly OK with one of her subject's souls being cast into the Void and their body hijacked and transformed by an interdimensional necromancer? And decides that this being should be allowed within a hundred miles of Twilight? In an authoritative role?

...am I missing something?

Hey it's good so far, I'm looking forward to the next chapter!

Nice chapter! Are you planning on having this story play out the entire show in your version?

8205717 Yes I am, actually. I'd like to thank all the readers and commenters for being so supportive for the first few chapters of my story.

8201470 if you are I'm missing it too.

8201470 It might be the fact that he agreed to do nothing to harm anyone, or something like that, and the prisoner could've been on death row for all we know, but if he was innocent...It's you or him, because if you were in his shoes and will be forever stuck inside of the darkest of all dark places, you will want to keep on living.

I just found this story out of the blue, and I must say that I eagerly await the next chapter

you should mention the parts where he learns things like cutie-marks and such, him just having that knowledge after reading one history book is confusing and not very engaging, also the world was already doomed, getting twilight to help doesn't make it die when it was going to die without her anyway. if anything he would only be responsible for giving the world a couple extra hours if she does fail

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