• Published 30th May 2017
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Necromancy: The Simple Spell - Travesty

One human necromancer, one sun goddess, slide a piece of an incomplete story in there and you've got this story in a nutshell.

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Prologue: Void

I took in a gasp of air, my heart racing as my eyes snapped open. I saw nothing... no light, no animals, no undead, just nothing. It was a pitch black void, and it was then and there that I realized what happened to me.

I had died, officially.

When I say officially, I mean that there was almost no way I was coming back from this, no matter how hard I tried; there wasn't any corpse I could control nearby as my body and the dragon's head were crushed by house-size boulders. This was it, this was my last gasp of air as a living being. Idiotic dragon with its idiotic roar, bastard brought not only my death, but its own! Damn, I wish they had self-preservation qualities as to not get themselves killed like that. Hell, if they were sentient I would've done a monologue against each one! But no, God just hated me for the way I used his magic, so he decided that it was time to die.

All anger aside though, I would love to have a nice formal conversation with one, one that most definitely would be intellectually stimulating! But as if that'll ever happen.

I looked at my surroundings, shaking my head. Like hell I'm staying here. I thought to myself. I needed to find a way out, and unless it was my own fault that caused this experience in life, I'll never accept death.

Quickly focusing my mind, I searched for the closest soul possible, praying that it wasn't too far. This wasn't my first rodeo, and hopefully it won't be my last. Wait... there it is... gotcha you bastard! I thought as I pinpointed the location of a nearby soul, which was conveniently right next to me.

Turning to my right, I saw a blue flame the licked the air above it; this was a soul. This was the difference between life and death, luckily this one appeared alive and well. I wrapped my hands around the flame and brought it to my chest, a hot sensation reverberating through my body as I was enveloped in a white light.


I opened my eyes again, and in front of me sat two rather burly pony guards, both of which were facing away from me. I then realized that I was in a dark, damp cell that was barely lit by a candle. From what I could hear, I was the only one in there apart from the two guards in front of me. They both seemed to be clad in golden armor of sorts that covered their heads and bodies, and their fur was white as snow.

I then looked down at myself, and I saw that I too was a pony. This form simply won't do, and based off what I could tell, the smell of death was in the air, meaning a corpse of some sort was nearby. Even a dead rat would change my form completely, and I pray that something around here is dead.

Closing my eyes and channeling my energy to my core, I searched for the source of the scent of death. Took me a few minutes, but I eventually found it. Ah, there you are. I thought as I felt the dead life force of a bird nearby. I soon began the enhanced decomposition of its body, which gave me the material needed for my form. I could hear it all, the sickening sound of its bones drying up and turning into dust, the sound of its skin slithering off its body. It was a horrible thing to do, but it gave me a form, a good one.

"Da mihi nova figura usus est." I whispered to myself, and I opened my eyes; standing at a full six and a half feet tall, was me. I wore a black cloak covered in symbols around the wrists and hood, allowing me to put enchantments on myself easily, without any worry of them backfiring. My skin was pale white, and as far as I could tell my eyes were still their same light shade of green. I was also lean, thanks to my adventures and battles back on earth, and had matted black hair. No beard, though. Hate beards for some reason, but what can you do?

I looked to the guards who haven't heard me yet, apparently. I honestly believed they would've heard me, but sometimes even I can be mistaken. I cleared my throat, catching the guards' attention as they turned around to look at me. Their eyes were wide with shock when they saw it wasn't a pony, but something I doubt existed on this planet. How else could they be so shocked?

"Savage Tier...?" The one on the left asked me, but I simply smirked and bowed my head.

"I am Quibus Pythonicus, but you may call me Greg." I looked back up at the guards, their mouths wide with shock until I spoke up again. "May I speak to the leader of this area?" He didn't know who they were, what kind of government system they had, or why the body he took over was in a cell, but he was almost certain that these guards had a superior of sorts.

Almost instantly, the guards narrowed their eyes on him, the left speaking first, "Why do you want to speak to the Princess, beast?"

I feigned being hurt by that comment, "Beast? I am hurt! I am but a gentleman!" I chuckled when he gave me a confused look, "I'm just kidding around. I only want to have a chat with her, nothing else." It was probably best that I didn't tell them that I was a necromancer, otherwise that'd probably damage my chances of surviving in cities much more difficult.

The guards looked at each other, then back to me skeptically. "Fine then, you may follow." I smirked, but that was replaced when the guards spoke again, "However, we will not tolerate disrespect towards the Princess.

I smiled, "Of course, I would not think of it!" They unlocked the door to my cell, giving me room so that I could step out. When I did, I was pushed forwards by one of the guards. "Move." I complied, keeping my anger in check. God knows what I'd do to these guards had I not cared about my own safety.

Anywho, after a five minute journey of odd looks from maids, windows the size of watchtowers, and the occasional shove of a guard behind me, we reached the doors that led to the throne room. The doors were the same size as the windows, which was pretty intimidating at first, until I realized they were made of wood and couldn't actually harm me.

One of the guards pushed the door open, allowing me entrance as I nodded in thanks. I received a glare, however, to which I then rolled my eyes. These ponies have no sense of the word 'polite'.

When I entered the throne room, the first thing I noticed was the large velvet carpet that led all the way up to the throne. Then there was color-stained windows that were placed along the walls to my left and right, all of them depicting some sort of milestone in this land's history. Then, finally, there was the over-abundance of well-dressed ponies around the throne, a pure white pony sitting in said throne.

This pony wasn't like the others, though; she didn't have just a pair of wings or just a horn, she had both. Her rainbow ethereal mane flew in a nonexistent wind, and her height rivaled my own. Her fur was pure white, her eyes were a brilliant shade of purple, and she wore the most extravagant royal regalia I had ever seen! If I didn't know better, I'd go as far to say that she is a god! But gods aren't real, no matter powerful someone or something is. Speaking of which, I could sense her power, and I was blown away at how much she had! She could move the entire planet if she wanted too!

She caught sight of the guards escorting me, and seemed almost relieved to see the sight. She turned to the ponies around her and said a few words I couldn't hear over the shouting of the ponies, and almost instantly they dispersed. A few passed me though, and I wasn't impressed when they either pointed their muzzles in the air and harrumphed, nor was I impressed that all of them gave me a look of disgust before doing so. If I had to guess, they were all snobbish nobles who have not been born into a middle or lower class family.

When they were gone, the princess motioned for the guards to bring me over. With a shove from the guards, I did so. When I reached the bottom of her throne, I bowed my head in respect of the princess, not because it was forced upon me; the power she held was astronomically stunning, and so such a being should be treated with as much respect as possible.

I heard her chuckle, "Arise, please." I was confused at the softness of her voice, but stood straight nonetheless, putting my hands behind my back. She gave me a calm smile before asking, "Hello, I am Princess Celestia, ruler of Equestria, and the one who brings day and night. If I may ask, what is your name?" Bringer of day and night? Please, even I know that's not possible, even with her abundance of power.

I still smiled though, "I am Quibus Pythonicus, but you may call me Greg."

She chuckled softly this time, "You are quite the being, Greg. If I may ask, what is it you're doing here?"

"Well, I didn't have a choice, really. It was either this, or death."

She gave me a worried look, "Your people were going to execute you?"

I shook my head, "No, Your Highness. To put it simply, I already died. However, in the Void, I found the soul of one of your prisoners and deduced that I wasn't ready to be left alone in the darkness." I shifted slightly, "So I swapped our souls; he's in the Void, and I was in his body. Of course, I was in the form of a pony, which I did not like as it was rather uncomfortable. So I changed it to this." I motioned to my body, smirking slightly.

She gave me a skeptical look, "How did you change forms?"

I gulped, but kept my stature. "I'm a... master of the dark arts, Your Highness." The guards in the room gasped, but Celestia gave me a stern look. I continued, "I took the matter from a dead bird, which was enough to change."

Her voice spoke as much as her expression, "You should know that those arts are banned here, and what you have done broke Equestrian law."

I nodded understandingly, "It won't happen again, Your Highness." I smiled though, "However, I would like to ask if I could have a job here."

She gave me a curious look, "Why would you need a job?"

"Because I don't think I'll be able to return at all, so I'll need money to live in this land." I gave her a smirk, "I can be really helpful!"

When I said that, she thought about it for a minute. I thought a bit myself; what kind of job could she give me? Maybe something along the lines of teaching her sorcerers? I saw a few outside the window, and it was easy at a first glance to say that they were doing horribly. Or perhaps I could be a protector of sorts, guarding the princess at all times, eliminating assassins if that event arises?

"You can help me train my personal student, Twilight Sparkle." She said, giving me a small smile.



...train a student?

Honestly, we just met and I just said I was a necromancer, all that just a few minutes ago, and she wants me to train her personal student? Ugh, I suppose it'd be fine. Besides, how bad could this 'Twilight' be? She has to have some form of magical ability to be a monarchs personal student.

I nodded confidently, "Yes, I would love to help train your student, when do I start?" God I really hope Twilight knows the basics of magic.

"You may begin tomorrow while I'm doing court duty, but for now you will be provided a resting quarters in which you will stay for the remainder of Twilight's time here."

The guards quickly rushed me out of the throne room and after two minutes of walking, we reached mine. They shoved me into it, and I simply shrugged it off as I looked around at my room.

I was... quite surprised, actually. A king-sized bed sat in the left corner of the room next to a small window, and a nightstand sat on the l left of it. The ceiling was roughly fifteen feet above the floor, and the room itself was about twenty-five feet by twenty-five feet, a perfect square. In the center of the room sat a couch facing towards the right of the room, and it was then that I noticed the golden-trimmed fireplace. It wasn't lit, but it had the firewood in their and a small fire poker next to it. This place was quite calming, just based off the atmosphere.

I shrugged, closing the door behind me and heading over to the window to see what time of the day it was. I didn't know whether or not time here was faster, but apparently it was nighttime when I could've sworn it was sunny in the throne room. I shrugged off though when I decided I could use a nap.

I took all my clothes off apart from my underwear and got into the bed, the comfort it held wrapping around my body. It was so nice! It wasn't long before I fell asleep, and I thought about what this 'Twilight Sparkle' will be like.