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This story is a sequel to Lunar Lights

Ten months have passed since the undead attacked Ponyville, and Luna works to protect Ponyville with her husband Scrivener Blooms from the threats rising out of the tunnels beneath Equestria and from perhaps Helheim itself. A letter from Celestia comes with dire news and begins to draw her away from Ponyville, however, on a quest that will prove not even reality itself is what it seems to be.

Act I: Predator And Prey (Chapter 1-Chapter 8): - Luna receives a strange request from Celestia, to travel with her husband and the newly-assembled Starlit Knights to North Neigh, and investigate the destruction of a nearby village. Before she can, however, she is sidetracked by the arrival of a Pegasus in Ponyville who strikes fear into even Luna's very soul.

Act II: Fragmented Memories (Chapter 9-Chapter 16): The first stop for the Starlit Knights is Canterlot: both Twilight Sparkle and Luna face things they had never dreamed of there, and Celestia begins to pull back the curtains on long-forgotten, impossible memories.

Act III: With Malice, For Love (Chapter 17-Chapter 24): The Starlit Knights march onwards, but the road promises to be difficult... worsened by the fact that an old enemy pursues them viciously with the aid of dark forces, and all for a love that can never be.

Act IV: We All Lay Down To Sleep (Chapter 25-Chapter 33): All things must come to an end, and even the greatest civilizations must fall. Desperation and darkness grow with every passing moment, and salvation seems like an impossible dream.

Action, high fantasy and Norse mythos make up the gauntlet, along with the frequent interludes of Luna and Scrivener's strange romance and eccentricities. Descends deep into very dark, tragic territory in Act IV, but no matter how frail it becomes, hope is never fully extinguished.

The third story of the Nátta Edda, and the end of the Fimbulvetr Trilogy.

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This fits far too well. Your taste in music makes me happy.

Everytime a minotaur talks all I can imagine is this

And everytime Scrivener talks I hear this

Good story, but I'll never be able to finish this in one sitting =D


It is a long one, but I do hope it proves enjoyable from start to finish. And now I'm going to be thinking of the minotaurs talking like that too.

Scrivener blooms reminds me alot of Allan from Allan wake


I really wanted to try that game from pretty much the first moment I heard about it. Haven't had a chance to yet, though.

1306279 it's a good game. One tip though, try and save up the batteries in game. I won't tell you why because that would be spoilers.

Fluttershy's mom is a... well lets just say that the word I'm thinking of starts with a capital "C" and contains a capital "U" followed by a capital "N" and a capital "T".


She's one of the worst things ever, yes.

Wine and prostitutes. The ye olde version of hookers and blow

might I ask what book the windmill obsessed man is from? It's the only overt reference I didn't get in this chapter.


It's a reference to Don Quixote. He has this little issue where he thinks windmills are giants and attempts to ride into battle against them. It doesn't go so well.

It is odd that I find it easier to understand the different methodology's and ideology's of Nightmare and Pinkamina in this story. Which is odd because I would go so far as to label both of them as sociopaths, or at least point out that they both show clear sociopathic tendencies. Nightmare shows Disregard for rights of others, considerable superficial charm, she's cunning and manipulative, and enjoys promiscuous behavior. While Pinkamina shows a lack of empathy, views pain of her victims with contempt and takes advantage of their distress, and a failure to relate emotionally and promiscuous behavior. They both share above average intelligence, a lack of remorse or shame, and suffer from impulsive behavior. But despite all that they seem to genuinely care about those around them even if they show it in different ways for example pinkamina's attempts to force others away before she has a chance to hurt them or for them to have the chance to abandon her, or nightmares extreme possessiveness of Luna's and by association her loved ones. Their way of thinking is also intriguing. Pinkamina is a creature that the peaceful world of the past would shove under the floor and attempt to hide (in much the same way she was hidden within pinkie) her from the serene and orderly world that does not want her, and her pessimistic thoughts on what will happen to her after all is said and done make sense after she found herself trapped inside of pinkie when she was exposed to true happiness and laughter. Nightmare was created in a similar fashion to pinkamina except reversed in a way. Nightmare(and luna) stands to gain much from the coming darkness that shrouds the world, but to gain anything she cannot let the darkness corrupt or destroy what she has come to love. I find myself awed by the truth you have weaved into the lives of your characters, especially those ones most jaded by the light of the world. They seem real and maybe that's why I find them to be more easy to relate to because unlike the other characters who seem to have a virginal innocence to them, I and maybe Pinkamina and Nightmare see the world not as black and white, but through a gradual gradation of grey.

This chapter hit me directly in the feels man


That will happen now and then, yes. Apparently I'm kind of evil, but I do my best to make sure things work out, one way or the other.
And it really means a lot to see people thinking so much about the characterizations I've tried my hardest to do justice do. I'm truly glad you can see so much in them both, and find them so engaging and relatable. Trying to bring characters like this to life, more than anything else, is one of my favorite parts of writing, so it means a lot when I can feel like my hands have succeeded in getting them across so well. So thank you for sharing your thoughts and for continuin' to read and see into these characters.

Death is a topic not often done well in stories. I think that has to do with the writers love for his or her creations, or in the case of fanfiction they love the character that has been made for them. I think this makes it harder for writers to kill off something they've helped give life to. This is why death is a tool of great power if done correctly or a train wreck into a daycare center if done wrong. You have achieved death in this story. What I mean by that is that you have given your audience an emotional attachment to your characters, and then you killed them. That emotional attachment is what gives their deaths and their pain meaning. I will be honest I was shocked and deeply saddened by the death of Fluttershy, it hurt me to realize that after all she had survived under her mother and the bravery she had shown in defiance to her fears that she brought low through trickery and deceit.


I really appreciate hearing that. I always strive to put as much into things like this as I can and it really does a lot for me to hear that I managed it. Fluttershy in particular, I remember, did make a few people uh. "Unhappy." But my hands find the story for me and do the work, whether it's good or bad. I hope you continue to find things as powerful as the story continues, since... the real deep waters are coming up now.

Don Quixote. The only other book besides the bible to be transcribed in every language.

And so we start a brand new adventure, I think this sounds exciting, I've been wondering for a while if the rest of Equestria was going to be left out to dry after they've spent so much time looking after Ponyville.

The Starlit knights sound legit, and seriously... Twilight as a knight, maybe with badass armor? Just about the fourth coolest thing ever in my opinion I just shudder to think about Scrive's parents if Luna ever catches up with them...

I really don't have high hopes for this 'security'... especially with that ending.

I love how perfect Luna and Scrivy are together, their parts are always a pleasure to read.

You know, I usually avoid grimdark like the plague... but if you wanted to publish a side story where Seraph is beaten, tortured, and burned to death... I would read it.

Grrrr, I hope she gets what's coming to her, at the very least Luna should have burned all the fur off of her body, try being scary and intimidating when you have no mane or tail, and you are covered in itchy little coat stubble.

Well, things aren't really looking great for ponyville at the moment, but at least it looks like the minotaurs could become pretty powerful allies... although how Seraph got them under her control is something I'd be asking far more about if I were these guys.

Nightmare Moon is awesome, I guess she may still be technically 'evil' but she is becoming a great pony, the way she feels so protective of the ponies of ponyville and has such genuine love for Luna and Scrivy is really making me like her. She reminds me of a loving, devoted father or grandfather.... (I don't know why but she seems paternal to me, which is weird...)

And I like this new facet of their relationship, Scrivy reading to Luna, it's cute.

I REALLY don't like that mare. I won't even go into all the dark fantasies I had while reading this chapter of what I'd do to her if I was Luna... you probably do not want to know.

But seriously though, your skill as a writer continues to shine through in every word. Not only is every character spot on, every interaction perfect, every bit of world building engaging and interesting... but your ability to rouse my emotions... currently rage... is legendary.


I dunno about that. Sol Seraph does deserve a special place in a special hell, admittedly. But there will shortly be a bit of what she deserves, although... it's just followed by things that probably make you hate her more. Thanks very much for the fave, too.

Sol better get crushed... Nightmare Moon better get all the dark fun she possibly can out of her... even if it means Luna turns unabashedly evil, I don't care at this point.

Great fight scenes by the way, and I am looking forward to what happens with Scarlet Sage (who would have thunk it? I figured 'Sage' was referring to flowers...)

I guess what happened was only just, but I wish it could have been a little more... well, you know... thinly sliced charred Pegasus

At least you won't have to see me complaining anymore I suppose. It's strange to think that in reality, this story hasn't even really started yet, the Starlit Knights... (My God... while typing this I misspelled that name as Starlit Nights..... I'm an idiot for not noticing the double meaning theredl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Octavia_O_O.png ) ... haven't even left Ponyville yet.

Very cool, some of the wording was a little awkward, but overall it was a pretty boss little poem, a welcome second perspective on the events of last chapter.

These guys are stupid... but I suppose there are people in real life that dumb... I just wonder how many there can be? I mean, before a year or two back the world was literally sunshine and rainbows all over the place, with not a demon or monster to be seen (aside of course from dragons, manticores, and the like). Where could these guys have even heard of Helheim and Ragnarok to begin with?

You know, the modified Norse/Equestrian mythos is pretty awesome by the way, their myths have always been interesting to me, and it is a welcome change from the Grecian and Roman references most people would turn to. (I have to say though, I've read some books of Norse Mythology and I never understood how their society could function when their religion made it clear that not only would the world be destroyed, but the Frost Giants would eventually overrun Valhalla and destroy the warriors and gods residing there completely)

dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_TwilightWut.png You're good.
I raise a question up once... and you answer it the very next chapter... and in a way I would NEVER have expected. That being said it totally makes sense, and is way better than anything I would have come up with. And you actually brought a tear to my eye with Ross, I really like him, seriously, rarely have I ever wanted to hug a pony as bad as I did during this chapter.


The poem was pretty much a bastardized Jabberwock, so I really can't take any credit for it.
And thanks. I'm glad you like the mythos because. I. Can't entirely explain how it all got so involved. Things just happen when I write. And well, no one... really knew when Ragnarok was, which I think helped. Some believed it had already happened, because... essentially, after everyone in the universe kills each other, the last man and woman who survive by hiding out in a forest build Idavoll, and the glory of the gods is restored and most of them come back from the dead for a true golden age of wonderment. Or something.
Also. I am very glad you like Ross, since he'll be around quite a bit.

And so it begins...

Another great chapter, I wonder what was up with Zecora... that last comment was kind of strange. Glad to see Alesandr and his bros coming along on the trip, I expected as such, you put way too much effort into his character to drop him now... but on the other hand, this Cowlick seems kind of rushed to me, she was nowhere to be seen until a chapter or two ago... yet everyone treats her and speaks about her as if she were a long time friend. She's pretty cool though so it's fine.

Everything went better than expected. I think that was a good outcome for their reunion, although I can't help but wonder at how confused those ponies must have been. Celestia told a little bit about what actually happened between them, but probably not enough for the ponies to really understand anything beyond following what Celestia wants... not a bad thing to be sure from a political or storytelling view... but I still kind of feel bad for them... dramatic irony can be a bitch

Still love bob's references to our world.

“Is that a successful connection to the internet or have you encountered a DNS error? If so, you should contact an experienced technician or your local service provider.”


... If that story doesn't qualify as 'epic' I'm not sure if it's an achievable quality. Wow.
Was a rollercoaster, man. I was beginning to get a bit worried in the last few chapters, but everything pulled together very nicely with the epilogue.
Well done.. very well done.


Thanks very much, I'm glad to hear it. I know that... yes. Things go crazy. But I'm glad that at the end of the day it all locks into place well enough. I appreciate the faves of this and the next story, and I hope that you continue to enjoy the series. If anything I can only promise even further insanity, after all.

“You bring the crowns and heads of conquered ponies to this land. You insult my queen. You threaten my ponies with slavery and death! Oh, I’ve thought about this carefully, demon. Perhaps you should have done the same!”
That was actually... unexpected, I never thought Bob can be such a loyal creature.

And about Ignominious; you know, he really should read something like Evil Overlord List because every time I think "Oh, looks like he has made a perfect ambush!" he does something stupid after that.
Do not talk to them, you stupid shadow fiend, do not threaten, do not mock! Simply kill them all at once, and that's all! Arrrgh.


Bob always has been and always will be a favorite of mine to work with. He's pretty much made of references to anything and everything, but he fits in well all the same. And Iggy, yes. Even when he manages to do something right, he still screws it up. He's the kind of villain who thinks he's five steps ahead but is usually one or two behind.

An interesting person is Commander Scutum; on the one hand, he, as any other unicorn in that town, believes in "master-race"-ness of unicorns; on the other, I think he definitely knows his job as a head of security forces and he doesn't let his feelings to interfere with the job. So I suppose, at a critical moment he will take side with Scrivener and Co. (and perhaps he will be betrayed by his own soldiers).

Also, Pinkamena is great as always :pinkiecrazy: It's good to see her being not so grim after... what happened to Pinkie.

“My death is all part of the Wise Horse’s plans. You’re too late. Ekleíp has won.”

That doesn't sound good.

Most demented, depraved, and truly foul villain I've ever come across. The things she did... I won't be sleeping well for a while. I agree with mrmayortheiv though, I want battered, bruised, broken, defeated, shattered Sol. At least Fluttershy seems to be ok. Good resolution to the chapter, hope things get brighter.

I'm pretty sure this is a modded version of a poem by Lewis Carrol.


That's right. Jabberwock, from Through The Looking Glass. There's a lot of Alice in Wonderland references pretty much... everywhere in my work.

Well goddamn that's a good ending. Now on to the next adventure.


Thanks very much. Things start to get a little crazier from here on out, since. I was able to stretch things a whole lot more with all the doors that opened up. So I hope the stories continue to prove a good read.

Scrivener gritted his teeth… and the dragon didn’t bother to look up from his game as he smiled slightly, saying softly: “So you’re finally awake, Scrivener Blooms. Good, good. I want to play a game.


I don't say this often, but I was literally rolling on the floor laughing (My chair tipped over) during the paint scene. Once again, bravo on a masterful scene!

I have to say, I love the monologue with Luna, especially the 'unscripted' parts in the beginning and the middle. I would truly love to see more of this in the future as well! Truly hilarious, even the third time I've re-read it!


Thanks very much, I'm glad it proved enjoyable. I like to break up the sequences and little tidbits like this work really well for that. It lets me keep a sense of order to things and sort of separate things out without making it too messy. I hope the rest of the story continues to prove a good read, too.

New stuff; Fresh stuff, even.
I must say, I will continue reading this. You've not only accomplished pacing, but set the scene for an adventure without losing the point.

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