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Exiled from Valhalla during a battle against an invader, Sleipnir finds himself in a strange world with no easy way home. But with the help of his new friend, Prince Blueblood, he'll adventure across Equestria in search of a way back to his own world... and along the way, make new friends and teach Blueblood what it means to be a hero.

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As a fan of Norse mythology, I cannot express how glad I am to see Sleip-frickin'-nir on site.
The archtypical dark horse, so awesome that only Odin could ride him.

After an endless parade of dark edgy alicorn mary-sues, seeing a honest-to-gods justified god-horse is a refreshing change.
And its a Blueblood story to boot.

Now, the storyline is suitably interesting, and the pacing, excellent.
Almost no grammatical errors at all.

The potential of this story is staggering.

Thanks for writing this, mate.

4672344 Welcome to a fic by Blackroseraven. You have just stumbled into a side story to the longest series on Fimfiction. If you love norse mythology, fantastic character development, enormous worldbuilding, and great pacing all woven into pony, then strap yourself in and check out his other stories. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

As usual, great start! Having just finished your book, im looking forward to more of your writing Blackroseraven. Keep it up!

4672413 You forgot the feels.

While I love the personality you gave Sleipnir, I am quite confused about something:
You refer to Sleipnir as being chestnut in color with a mane made of wines, while traditionally he's referred to as being a large gray stallion with a slightly darker mane. There also seems to be a certain lack of having eight legs, so I'm going to assume you're taking liberties. (Not going to question the cutie mark, some small changes most have happened as he entered Equestria)
The next thing that confused me was when Sleipnir referred to his siblings:

way to my sister's heart was always through her stomach, after all.”

This I originally though was meant as a joke, since I don't think Hel actually has a heart and she might not even have a stomach, but then Sleipnir said:

Now both my sisters shall laugh at me

Was he referring to some of the other characters mentioned in the first chapter?

Also one last thing, in the first chapter, since Valhalla was attacked, would not Odin be in the battle as well? And if he was, why was he not riding Sleipnir? Sleipnir is Odin war horse after all.

The story is goon nonetheless, and I will most likely continue reading no matter what your answers are

You may want to read the rest of the author's stories, as this is a side story and also isn't a direct ponification of characters from Norse mythology. The other stories explain everything.

4672794 Author might want to mention that in the story description, would save a few readers a bit of a pain. Thanks for clarifying it, I'll try and get to it

I think the best part is how Sleipnir reads like an honest to God hero. I was just grinning the whole time.

After reading the first chapter, it seems like this might be the happiest story in this series. Mind you, I've been wrong before...


Thank you for reading, faving, and the watch. I hope the story's able to live up to your expectations, then, and you continue to enjoy the characters and the whole world Blue and Slap will be exploring together. They've got a long way to go, but I'm hoping it'll prove an interesting ride through and through.


Thanks very much. And hey, I'm very happy to hear it. There's one of my four sales for the entire quarter.
But thanks for faving and watching and especially for the kind words about my work. I just flail along, after all, and really hope for the best. Admittedly this story was a bit more of a challenge than usual, though: Sleipnir's endless positivity and humor that's more than sarcasm and Luna headbutting Scrivy was hard to tackle. So I hope it ends up being a pleasant read, through and through.


I see that everyone's answered a lot of everything, but a lot of it will be explained in story, too. Everything important, anyway: Sleipnir will talk on and off about his world, and he loves to brag about his family. For now it's kept quiet less for the sake of suspense and more because this whole story is designed to be just picked up and read by anyone: while, yes, it is a side-story to my series, I wrote it to make sure it would stand perfectly fine on its own... four hooves, if you will. So you really don't have to worry about reading the series if you don't want to: by Chapter Three Slap will start talking about his family and everything that happened to them, and by the end of the story he'll have pretty much summarized the entire storyline to my other chronicles. Just in a way that won't override this story's own stand-aloneness, since I didn't want people to be intimidated by the size of my other works, or think they had to tackle that beforehoof.


I'm really glad to hear it, since that's how Slap's supposed to read. Thanks.


It's both always a challenge and a relief to write Slap. He frustrates me but also makes me feel positive, whether I like it or not. Which is further frustrating.
Also, thanks for the fave.


This is definitely the happiest story, I think, yes.There'll still be uh... moments, but otherwise. It's still probably the most positive thing I've ever written overall.
Thanks kindly for faving, too.

Ah yes, a fanfic with a sleipnir! Just what needs to happen, I like this very much, especially his..demeanor. By the way, am I the only one who read Sleipnir's lines in a...."that" kind of manner?


I'm glad to hear you're finding it enjoyable so far. And that about fits Sleipnir. He's... an odd duck. But thanks, and I much appreciate the fave as well. I hope you continue to enjoy.

4674882 Alrighty then, i'll look forward for the next chapter. Will there be Awesome partS?


There should be, in time. They're going to have lots of fun together.

Always a treat to read anything you write BlackRoseRaven

Can't wait to get started on this!


Thanks very much, I just hope it proves as good as everyone's expecting. I much appreciate the favorite on this one, too.It should end up being a pretty fun story.

Well... that's a new interpretation of Blueblood for me. Basically a huge child, and not just in a "doesn't take enough responsibility 'manchild'", but as in is still very much an actual child. This intrigues me!

And... I haven't read all the stuff that I think is probably related to this, but didn't Sleipnir tell Celestia he had a wife? And I know this is all Norse gods and such, but do they not care about infidelity? And even then, does that also mean that Celestia doesn't care about infidelity? I mean, I know he's Horse Thor, and appearing in a foreign kingdom and sleeping with its rulers is not particularly something I'd put past Mythological Thor, but... y'know... it's somewhere between rude and heinous to his wife.

Actually, no, based on what he acts like, he probably simply doesn't think anything of it but it's NOT nothing, and most likely is going to get his flank kicked something fierce if she finds out. She's still not going to treat it as heinously as modern culture does, probably.

He seems a bit nefarious to me. I mean, he has them all wrapped around his hoof like he's messing with their minds. Nevermind that the sheer number of positive adjectives heaped on him make me think exactly the opposite.

Addendum: I'm talking about Sleipnir, of course.


Thanks. I've never really written much with Blueblood, so I thought I'd give it a try and just see where it took me. Started here, went to some fairly interesting places.
And well, in Norse mythology, uh. They. They were very dirty people. The Norse themselves had a sense of fidelity, certainly; hell, a woman could divorce a man and they were actually protected by law, which is a lot different from a lot of cultures back then. But their gods, well... Loki juggled multiple wives who didn't entirely know about each other, Odin molested his own Valkyries, Freyja had many partners... often at once.
Sleipnir himself, though, will actually talk about this a little. The short version is that his wife is not very cuddly and doesn't mind passing Sleipnir off on other mares for that business, considering how rambunctious and active Slap is. The long version is more complicated and Sleipnir will talk about it better than I could. But it has a lot to do with trust and emotional connection: for Slap and his phoenix, it's not the physical interactions that are important, it's what's shared emotionally.
He'll still get punched in the face, but that's pretty much how she says hello to him, anyway.
Thanks kindly for the fave as well.

I am not yet certain if I want to hug Sleipnir or seal his mouth shut with duct tape, but I do know that this is a really fun story so far!

I like this very child-like Blueblood. Well, I don't like the character per say, he's whiny and annoying. What I do like is the interpretation of his character, how you mentioned he didn't have the greatest of lives before Celestia took him in (something dark and/or tragic perhaps?), and how he interacts with Sleipnir. I can't wait to see how Blueblood changes throughout this adventure.


That about describes how most people feel about Slap. But thanks very much. I'm glad you're liking it so far and I hope you continue to enjoy.


Thanks. Blue has quite a way to go, oh yes. But he and Slap have quite a few adventures to go on, and they'll meet some interesting people along the way who should help the process along, for better or worse.


Yep, they're ponies. Four hooves and four legs and all that. But Blue is wearing a helm similar to the lower left corner, only with a grill that can fold down and cover the eyes. Similar to the "can't see anything" helm, but only covering the eyes and forehead, not Blue's full face and muzzle. I hope that helps some.
Thanks very much for watching, as well.

I thought Slap's brother was just kinda Prometheus'd (no, not the movie), not executed.

He thought he might be right about Blueblood after all, that there was someone better, stronger buried deep inside that stallion, just waiting to emerge... even if he hoped with all his heart he was wrong when he thought he caught a glimpse of jealous anger in Invidia's eyes when Blueblood looked at him instead of her.

Wait... you mean summoning a demon might have caused trouble for the future. Who would have thought?! :pinkiegasp:

Come on, Sleipnir, you can't have not seen that one coming.

Oh well, at least Blueblood's starting to be less childish. Thank goodness, that was embarrassing by proxy.


Technically, yeah. Exiled into Ginnungagap, to be eaten by birds eternally, tied down with his children's entrails. Far grislier than execution. I figure Slap wants to avoid all the fine details for now with Blue, though: it's pretty awkward as it is.


Well, Sleipnir is rather... trusting, and all. He honestly believes the very best in everyone, all the time, as we'll see a lot of in the future.
But Blue has quite a way to go. His development was definitely one of my favorite things to write, though, and I hope people enjoy the journey alongside him.

Blueblood finally seems to understand that Sleipnir isn't after the throne, now if he could only stop trying to get his way by throwing around his title like a coward brandishing a sword at his enemy. This alchemist seems like a pretty nice fellow... once you get past that little desire for bloody revenge of his, but little Blue just had to go and ruin the moment.


Blue starts to actually learn things from this point on, and, while a uh... rather slow process that would make most ponies tear their manes out, he has Sleipnir with him. And Sleipnir is Sleipnir. But the fun's really going to get started soon, that much I can promise, and I'm hoping that the next arc in particular will be fun for people. There's some even weirder ponies than our alchemist friend to meet yet.

inb4 demon is trying to kill/break prophecy child before prophecy fruition

Fire Demon has joined the party.
Name: Invidia
Class: Warlock (Infernal Pact)
Multiclass Warlock (Fey Pact)

Oh Sleipnir, ever the calm and indomitable beacon of hope for the nervous Blueblood in this new arc. This just proves to be another reminder of how strong his character is.

Concerning Invidia; I'm starting to think that she's Bluebloods mother. To me that would explain why Blue seems so scared of her, she'd essentially be an image straight from Blue's nightmares. A face he's familiar with but cannot place, kind of like how we tend to forget most of the details of our dreams within minutes of waking up.


The interesting thing about Slap is that even his weaknesses reflect his strengths. But I think that's part of why he and Blue kind of meld together so well in a lot of this.
I won't reveal anything, of course, but I will say that's a pretty astute observation about Invidia. The whole truth behind her won't be revealed until the end of the story, though: the real fun has yet to start still, after all.

I like how Slepnir is kinda like a father figure for blueblood. If his nightmares say anything,he really needed one and hes starting to realize what its like to have that comforting adult male role model he wants to impress,improve and prove himself to in his life. Kinda late but better late then never.


Thanks very much. Sleipnir's always good at that, even while maintaining a gentler, more passive leadership. Blue still has a long way to go, of course, but he's getting there, little by little, and he'll meet some more ponies along the way who'll have a lot of influence on his whole "growing up" yet.

4731043 I've always been a fan of blueblood and If you can see my avatar you know what I'm curious to ask. Will he at some point whined meeting and falling for a mare to be his special somepony on this quest? :derpyderp2:


I couldn't honestly say that he does, although the subject will be poked at once or twice. But there's no real Blueblood romance subplot in this story, I'm afraid. Most of the emphasis is on the brotherhood between Sleipnir and Blueblood, really, relationship-wise... well, and Invidia learning about real friendships and loyalties, too.

mines of moria

Sleipnir: Thou Shalt Not Pass !

Invidia: Angel, forgive me for asking, but where did you get the hat, staff, and robes?

I like this blueblood. I've always liked when people took villains or just unlikeable characters and either explained why they were as they were or redeemed them somehow. I like how Blueblood's growing up.
The only other really good blueblood that I've seen was one where he had 3 friends because everyone else who tried to get close to him was a gold digger, paparazzi, or an assassin. So he acted like a douche to drive everyone away, but was actually nice if you tolerated him long enough to get past his armor of unlikeableness.

Thank you so much


Thanks very much. I'm glad that you're enjoying this portrayal of Blue so far. It was honestly quite enjoyable for me to write: the hardest part was always balancing out his development properly, making sure he didn't grow up too fast and all.
And well, of course I can't have a Mines of Horsia without a Balrog, right? And the whole Frodo-Samwise thing that pops up between Blue and Slap every now and then. Even if Sleipnir is kind of every Tolkienian hero combined, too.

Blueblood weight loss counter: 15 lbs


I'm glad the story's proving a good read so far.
But we'll get back to Jerry Rig much later in the story: his biggest mistake was probably the whole quitting without thinking thing, since that left him desperate for a job when the mages wouldn't believe him, and he didn't really have the time to wait for an audience. I figure Celestia is probably booked months in advance and not everyone has Sleipnir's uh. Negotiating skills.
And Slap has weird conversations with plants. I probably couldn't write it even if I wanted to.
Lastly, I'll be posting about a chapter a day and we're only about halfway through now, so there'll be plenty more chapters to read. I just hope you continue to enjoy the story as much as you have so far, if not more.

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