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Greetings, all fans of Princess Luna and welcome to the place where we praise the badass-ness of the Princess of the Night.

Here, we celebrate the tales of how Princess Luna fought her enemies and stood triumphant. Stories of how she, along with her allies, defeated scores of enemies who threatened the land.

- Only stories that show Princess Luna in fighting form belong here.
- 'Fighting Form' includes; Guns, Weapons, Fists, Magic, Crossover Powers
- Stories that include at least one or two fight scenes with Princess Luna as the protagonist are allowed too.
- Stories that focus on her as Prinicipal Luna count too, as long as it has her fighting.
- Stories that focus on her as Nightmare Moon count too, as long as it has her fighting.
- General Rules of Fimfiction apply here
- Trolling or Bullying will not be tolerated
- Please, place the stories in the correct folder accordingly

Let's all be welcoming with one another and have fun.

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Just joined, hope I'm welcomed.

415058 I have a Badass Sunset Shimmer group too if your interested.

Nice! We have Badass Twilight group and Badass Luna group! Now we just need Badass Celestia, Badass Cadance and Badass Flurry Heart :pinkiehappy:

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