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Luna, Princess of the Night, feels like she's under quarantine in Canterlot. Apart from Celestia and her personal aid, Scrivener Blooms, Luna is treated like Nightmare Moon by the residents of the castle. After a journey to Ponyville, however, Luna takes an interest in attempting to make friends and begins to yearn to see more of the world and to prove that she is back in control of herself and regaining her old strength.

A mix of romance, high fantasy, and magic, the story features the power of friendship, sarcastic wit, and adventure against darkness driven by Luna's brash, courageous spirit.

The first story of the Nátta Edda, and beginning of the Fimbulvetr Trilogy.

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YAY! Everypony come read this, I am very excited to see the first piece of the grand saga posted here :)

Oh wow this finally found it's way here? Fuck yes, insta watching. and faving.

The last chapter's name gives me a sad foreboding feeling. :( I hope nothing bad happens.

Formation Of Damnation - Testament

This chapter is pretty good.
A sad story, but I like it.


It's just too good!!!:heart:


Thanks very much, and for the fave and watch, too. Going to take me a little while, but soon most of the stories should be up here.


This. Pretty much works for the series. Nice pick.


I've been reading these since the first or second one, why not track fav and track?


Thanks very much, and I appreciate the favorite.


I'm glad to hear you think so and hope you continue to enjoy any of my future works you might read. Thanks very much for the favorite too.

Read this on fanfiction and loved it, its great to see it on fimfiction :)
I would recommend this to anyone as a good read same with the sequels.

FINNALY it's here


Thanks for the welcome to the site, I'm glad to hear you enjoy my work so much and I really do appreciate it. I hope you continue to enjoy my writing: after I get all the old stuff posted up, I'll be adding more new writing.


Yep, finally started converting everything to post here, too. I'll be posting things up as I can and then get new stuff rolling in. Thanks for the interest, fave and watch, it's all very much appreciated.

WHY DOES THIS STORY NOT HAVE MORE VIEWS!!!!! I mean fuck man really its that good.


Thanks very kindly. I'm glad to hear it proved such a good read: I'm only happy to see the people who are findin' it are enjoyin' it.

This was a good beginning to what appears to be an epic tale.


Thanks very much. I hope you continue to enjoy the Edda.

Nice. Why the fuck has no one commented yet? Its a great story.

Beautiful ~ but no clop:fluttershbad:


Thanks very much. But I don't think I've actually written any clop yet. Just referenced things in passing. A lot.

A great beginning, I'm really enjoying it so far! I like the fact that the chapters are so long, in my experience it does a good job of making it feel more like a novel than a fanfic... but that may just be me. I also really enjoy the characters so far, especially Luna.

The only issue I saw were the first three paragraphs, they felt like the demented offspring of Shakespeare and a thesaurus, but if you can make it past there, everything starts to feel a lot more natural. I'd fix them if I were you Blackrose, I almost didn't get past them... so I can't imagine how many other readers left before getting to the better stuff.

ah-HA, it looks like we're getting into some action now! I'm not sure if I completely trust Tia though....

and I like some of the mythos you're putting into this

Well that could have turned out better... it's all fun and games until a couple of Royal Guards get curbstomped in the face.... literally

This story really is fantastic so far, I hate the fact that there are so many great stories out there that don't get everybodies attention, it really deserves it. I still think though, the best part of this story is your characterization of Luna, sure she's a bit whiny, but in this universe that is totally understandable, apart from that, she is engaging, passionate, fun, and overall very emotional. Not to mention the dynamic between her and Blooms is hilarious and awesome, especially because she still talks with an accent... you don't know how much I appreciate that (and the fact that for the most part you ACTUALLY know how to use that archaic speech in context... unlike every single other person on this site).


It's a pleasure to hear you're enjoying the story so much, particularly Luna and the bastardized dialect she speaks. For me, the characters are always the biggest part of the story, more than anything else. I appreciate your comments and I hope you continue to find the story worthwhile as you progress, since there's. Lots and lots.
Also, thanks kindly for the fave and the watch. It's much appreciated.

Beautiful, although I have the feeling things are going to escalate, and quickly. It may not be much of one, by my only problem I have been seeing is the words male and female used far too often as pronouns. There are points where you call them those more often than their names, and I don't get it, you could just say he she mare stallion princess scribe... there is certainly no reason to abandon all of these in favor of male and female.

Seriously though, it isn't a big deal, just a suggestion of something to change, this story is shaping up to be really amazing.

Well, I'm a little more forgiving of Tia now, but I have the nagging suspicion that those eyes she suspects she will soon see are going to be real.... and found in a mirror

I really liked this chapter, good to see Luna kicking some ethereal flank! Poor Scivy though, I didn't imagine his early years could have been so bad.

This.... does not look good

Well, crap... good chapter with some nice epic battles, too bad it had to end like that, but it makes sense. Also.... HELL YEAH!! I knew Luna could kick Tia's flank!

Yay for Luna, she seems happy, and someday I am sure she will be able to come out of hiding... well actually that's pretty likely considering this is just barely the beginning of the actual story. I really wish my schoolwork wasn't demolishing ALL of my freetime it seems, it made it so I could only read this chapter by chapter, when all I really wanted to do sit down and read it through! After all, with the size of the Edda, I don't really need to worry about prolonging it. Looking forward to the next installment, because this one was awesome.


Thanks kindly. I'm glad you were able to enjoy the story and hope you like the sequels just as much, if not more. It is a lot to read, after all, and they get steadily. Stranger, too, in plenty of ways. But there's certainly lots to see and I greatly appreciate your comments and readership.

A wonderful story. I am very glad to find a story where Celestia isn't the wise, manipulative, and infallible ruler that she is usually portrayed as.


Thanks very much. I try to just let the characters develop themselves, even though it goes in unexpected directions half the time.

Looks like I've got a LOT of reading to do! XD

Always been a Luna fan - it looks like she's your specialty, so I hope I'll be happy here!
Only just started reading this one, but I have a few (picky) comments:
1: You go out of your way to refer to ponies (esp. Celestia/ Luna) by a wide range of identifiers, almost like you're trying to avoid using the same one twice on any given page. That's fine, but I found some were a bit difficult to associate with a particular pony.
2: The opposite is true of expressions, where you use 'flatly' an awful lot.
3: The use of 'male' and 'female' rather than 'mare' and 'stallion'; it's accurate, but seems oddly impersonal.
4: Capitalisation of 'pegasus' - in this context it should be lower case, I think, as Pegasus was a specific creature.
...other than that, I'm enjoying it so far - and it looks like there's much more to go!


I hope you enjoy the stories too, then, and find 'em a worthwhile read. There is quite a lot, yes, and I just kind of. Flailed along with things.
I do have a few bad habits, yes, and you noticed one of my biggest ones right away. I'll use a descriptor about a thousand times in a row without meaning to or realizing it. And the Pegasus thing is another quirk, yeah. I am no longer quite sure why I capitalized it everywhere. But I'm sure I had some reason. Maybe. Possibly.
Thanks very much, though, and I hope you like it as it progresses.

It's likely because that's what your word processor auto correct pops up (mine does the same).
OK, so finished this one - very glad it's only the start, because that ending left me pretty depressed. I should probably withhold judgement until after I've read the sequel (who knows what else is going on in the background!), but going with what I have:
==The ending is so far out of the blue that I'll probably have to reread to see if I missed something obvious, if not then you'd probably benefit from a spot of foreshadowing to prime the reader.
==Third alicorn (? not sure, have to recheck, I know the real Sleipnir isn't), the one tied to the third astronomical body (ie the planet) is such an obvious idea, feels very 'right' (I'm surprised I've not read it elsewhere).
==A few bits did cause me problems: Twilight and the Royal Guards, and some of SB's interactions with Luna. Might be me being a bit overly picky though. Also "Twilight babbled, wincing and bringing her hands up" in 'Waxing Crescent'.

Ending aside, I have a lot of sympathy for Tia in this; I wouldn't trust your Luna either.
Final thing: the dates at the bottom of the last chapter. Is that the period you wrote it over?


There is still much mess to be made, yes. I hope that you find continuing to read the series worthwhile, and find whatever you may further read more enjoyable, in that case.
Sleipnir is an earth pony, actually. Well. He has weird hair too. But the first time I actually describe him isn't until a flashback in Starlit Knights.
And well, Scrivener Blooms is kind of a butt a lot of the time. Thanks for noting that part with hands, I... I always seem to do that. Properly getting down "hooves" took me until at least the fourth big story and even now I still write "arms" and "hands" half the time.
But yes, they are. I have a habit of writing down the dates for any of my longer stories. I'm not entirely sure why or even when I started doing it.

Only found out about Sleipnir recently; I'll never be able to see Loki in the same light again...
I have the same problem, and no matter how many times I reread my stuff something like that always gets through.
So about 70K in 10 days. Right. I did this year's NaPoWriMo (that's Pony, not Poetry), and managed to clear the last 10K in two days (it nearly killed me - it was the first time I'd ever actually noticed the muscles in my forearms). Towards the end I think I was starting to hallucinate.
The next question is 'how'? Literally. Is it planned out in detail, or do you just follow a few basic plot elements to see there they go? How much time do you spend on it a day?

I'm somehow sure that he made a very loving mother, though. But uh. Yes.
And well, it just takes time and practice. Lots of both. I'm pretty much always writing, wherever I go, and every little bit adds up. But the actual "how" of my writing is uh... a little trickier. Because I don't plan anything out whatsoever. I get a basic idea in my head, and sometimes I'll know how the story ends. Sometimes. And then I just let my hands take over and do all my writing for me. They seem to know what to do, and they just... go go go. All I have to do is sit at the computer or hold my writing notebook. But usually when I have free time, my free time is spent writing, because that's just... what I do.
What helps me a lot is the fact that I set a quota of pages to do. And I don't really let myself do anything else until that quota is met. Sometimes I do it quick, sometimes I do it slow, but usually by the time I reach my quota I'm in a groove and very happy to just keep going.
Some people also think I'm a machine. Or a Draconequus. I like these explanations a lot more than my own.

You are a machine....

Also, I am rather sad that I read Six Broken Ponies as my first introduction to your writing... I feel it would have been even better if I'd read it in the correct sequence, but knowing how this was bound to end had me looking in places I otherwise may not have looked... and seriously, two great stories read now. I really can't complain.

Any little nitpicky things I noticed have already been mentioned, and knowing the exceedingly short amount of time in which this was written.. yeah. Worth it. ;)


Thanks very kindly. I'm glad it proved enjoyable, even if SBP does kind of. Give away the ending a little, yes. But don't worry, there's lots of crazy twists and turns to come. I hope you continue to enjoy readin', though - and it does sound like you're off to a good start with Lunar Lights, at least - and thanks for the fave on this, too, it's much appreciated.

I remember reading the Edda on Fanfiction and I'm glad to see it here. I will enjoy reading this great epic again!


Thanks very kindly, and for favin' all the Edda and the watch, too. I hope you continue to enjoy my stories: the versions I post on here tend to be cleaner than the ones posted over on Fanfiction, too, since I can make edits as I see them instead of having to replace entire chapters or whatnot to fix any mistakes I come across.


Thanks very much, and I appreciate the faves too. I hope you continue to find the series just as enjoyable, if not more so.

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