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This story is a sequel to Decretum

Almost a decade after his parents vanished in the war with Clockwork World, Antares Mirus is finally ready to try and find his parents, to save them as they saved him. But his plans are interrupted when a psychotic force of destruction rises out of dormancy, targeting first Ponyville... and then the unfortunate Antares himself. Seventh story in the Blooming Moon Chronicles/99 Worlds Saga.

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It begins! You can stop thanking me for the faves on my user-page now I'll get spammed by em otherwise :raritywink:
Defiantly interested, your too damn good at writing. :rainbowkiss:

Off to an intriguing start! I cannot wait to see what happens next, bit knowing your stories, it'll be amazing!

God....I'm waiting for someone to shut prestige up the hard way, I wonder what she would think of sleipnir?

Didn't see that coming... This is gonna get ugly quick, isn't it?

Yeah, I'd like Prestige to learn to shut up as well.

But Crown there, it looks like he may have got that "cold" from the Clockwork Pony... and he just sneezed all over Prestige...

:rainbowderp: Prestige may be annoying, but no pony deserves what sort of things Clockwork brings, so I just hope that this thing isn't contagious.

Well, looks like it is contagious...and sentient

well, it's nice to see that aphrodisia is nicer than her mother

Alright. Part of me is glad that this isn't some Clockwork Pony's doing... but a disease is one hell of an enemy to fight...

Am I the only one reminded of Oogie from Nightmare Before Christmas every time cancer sings?


That is definitely the style Cancer sings in, yes. But I always picture Oogie's voice as smoother than Cancer's: Cancer has a voice more like Tom Waits. And since. No one ever knows who I'm talking about when I bring him up:

It's the villains who always seem to be way too happy that creep me out, and cancer pulls it off perfectly. Congrats on yet another epic villain.

Antares sure has some game! He needs to be less hard on himself... though that's part of who he is, and I love him for it.

I must admit, it's not often I "d'aw" while reading your work. But that last little bit was... it was... :rainbowkiss:

well that escalated quickly

well...honestly didn't see that one coming. Mind you, that happens a lot with your stories, there's a twist in every other chapter. I expected Antares to get with meadowlark, honestly, but this...this could actually be better, especially considering some of the reactions the others will have.

Ooh, the fun begins... and by that I mean things are just getting even better.
What's going to happen? What could possibly go wrong?... What will go wrong? I can't wait to find out.

oh that bit with celestia and her unintentional innuendo cracked me up! And now Cancer kind of reminds me of Clayface, especially with the icebomb being used on him.

Always the quiet ones.

And you manage to do it yet again. At first I didn't care much for Burning Desire at all, but now I think he's pretty awesome. I can't believe at times how well you build your characters.


Thanks very much. I'm particularly glad to hear it because Burning Desire is a personal favorite of mine, to be honest, and he'll remain pretty involved right up to the end.

a double chapter post eh? It'll give me something to read during my linear algebra lecture.

Burning Desire is officially awesome!
It looks like things are going to get a little more chaotic now.
A very eventful chapter.:rainbowdetermined2:

Hey, the mayor's back! And so is the New Rainbow Dash!

"And sometimes waiting makes it better."

I couldn't agree with you more Meadowlark.


I was pretty glad to find a way to work Scutum back into things. I've been wanting to for a while, but the opportunity never really presented itself until this story.

im glad you managed to get him in the story, i really liked him in starlit knights, so it's nice to see him getting some character development! also, caprice reminds of umbridge from the harry potter movies; that too-happy vibe that she gives off.

Why is Cancer seriously starting to remind me of some sort of singing, even more unhinged version of Alex Mercer?

And now I'm just more confused about the strange ones... like...are the water balloons or something? And given that the nearest colony/village of them just died, i doubt we'll get much more exposition on this.


Kind of. The Strange Ones are... well. Strange. They're almost water elementals, except for the fact the water that gives them life is contained inside their rubbery shells. I never really worked in a way to explain everything because they're so alien and closed-off anyway.

Certaintly not what I expected they would be like, but it's definitely interesting!

Cancer didn't take the time to hunt down all the Strange Ones in the village... so I'm hoping a few are still alive.

you know, chrysalis was strong enough on her own in the show, and now you've gone and done this to her? That's just overkill. Honestly not sure how they're going to beat these two and their little army, but im sure it wont be easy. quick question to answer if you can: how long is this story going to be, at least in comparison to your other works?


Yeah. It's. Going to be rough. But uh... there's four Acts, thirty-nine chapters. Longer than Starlit Knights, shorter than BLCA.

Norah Jones - Turn Me On

Lily Allen - Back To The Start

i couldn't stop laughing during that party scene, it was hilarious! also, celestia has strange taste in men: faclon-headed former god, and now a draconeques with a mechanical arm, but whatever floats her boat. also, really grim note to end the chapter on, but honestly, ive come to expect that everytime a chapter has a lot of lighthearted content in it.

Oh I was hoping for the longest time that Celestia and Disco...Bob, would get together. Your portrayal of the two characters just makes them seem like the perfect match.:rainbowkiss:

And again! I don't like Rosewood, but then she does or says something that makes me like her, only to become annoying again with her next sentence.

I cannot stress how much I enjoy your characterization.

Never really noticed it before, but celestia and Samus really do make a good comparison, you know, If you don't count other m.

oh wow....I definitely did not see that coming.

Man, Rustproof just tearing through the battlefield like that got me all giddy. But then... then the... :fluttercry:

Why can there never be a moment of victory?!


I'm pretty sure you can join this elite club now! If you'll excuse me, I need to go check into an asylum for sado-masochism brought on by your stories!

The guy on the top left there...he looks like quite the badass.

1662174 Why yes he does...almost like a chaotic king if said title would please him!

Hey! Socks and sandals happen to be very comfortable... as strange as it seems...

All the d'awwww at the end of this chapter doesn't make up for the fact that you killed rustproof. But it helps.

I feel like Antares is tempting fate so hard right here...

First off, the 'Scrivenor might be clockwork pony' line, that right there, irony and possible horrid foreshadowing, and even then assuming they do get Luna and Scrivy back, Antares is going to still spend quite a lot of time with them...which is kinda of an awkward thing to do with a girlfriend around and all...

I dunno, I feel almost like the entire expedition will just end up with lots of parricide and tears :pinkiecrazy:

These last two chapters... they were almost as painful- if not as much so -as the events that closely preceded Ragnarok.

Oh... I feel so, so... lugubrious.

That was a dick move. I hated prestige at the start, then we go through 30+ chapters of character building, not to mention they were finally moving In together, and then you kill her. I swear, if your stories weren't so good...

I don't think words can properly described how much of a dick I think you are right now, and I'm just colloquially known as "that dick" around the neighborhood!

Goddamn man..are you related to Andrew Hussie at all?

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