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Sol Seraph: named after the Order she is a part of, she considers herself a predator, not a pony. She has been taught to care for only two things: strength, and the hunt... but as she wrestles with emotions for her husband and newborn daughter, she realizes she has to make a choice. But to a sociopath, what is love?

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I'm nervous about reading this one, I'll definitely check it out... but in the Edda I seriously wanted Luna to demolish her in manners that would be obscene to describe here. Anyway, on to READ!

EDIT: I enjoyed it, definitely a cool backstory... I don't know how I feel about her now though, I think I still hate her guts, but there is just a hint of something else about her. She seemed to love Ardor... almost. And I don't know whether that makes me feel better about her. This story almost makes me think that she is a product of how she was raised, but not quite, at the same time she is sizably different than the rest of her peers... or as she would refer to them, inferior prey-ponies.

That ending though... damn... that was actually a really good ending, despite what happened.

You have my attention. :pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy:

INteresting, don't remember this on fanfiction

What is love,
Baby don't hurt me
Don't hurt me
No more...

after reading - "but to a sociopath, what is love?" - I dropped everything and started reading.
truly another masterpiece Raven.:heart:

EDIT: holy shit! :fluttershysad: Fluttershys' parents?


Sol actually... continues to influence things in the Edda, as you'll see. I've always firmly believed that a little thing like death is no excuse to halt character development. But I won't ruin any of the surprises.
Thank you, though, I'm very glad to hear that I was able to stir up a little understanding, even if she all the same probably still deserves to be locked in a cauldron and boiled alive for several lifetimes.


Thanks kindly, and for the fave as well. Hope it proved a worthwhile read.


Thanks very kindly, and I appreciate the favorite, too. And yeah: I end up talking about this quite a bit over the course of my longer stories, since Sol Seraph ends up playing a fairly important role.

This makes me very uncomfortable, and here's why: Sol Seraph was one of the last villans I labeled as truly evil, utterly unredeemable, and all those other adjectives people use when describing the worst monsters. But now, we start to understand why she does what she does, why she believes what she believes, and I hate it. I just want to believe that childish, naive thought that some people are just born evil, and just enjoy being bad. But time and time again, you show that morality is always a grey area, and monsters are not born, but made.
I guess that's pretty much your main theme though, isn't it.


Pretty much. But if I can actually make you think twice about Sol with this story, then I can say that I've succeeded with it, and I'm very glad to hear that. It's uh. Difficult to touch on the world from her angle, after all, although I've always wanted to kind of continue this little story and show more of Sol and the twisted way her world works.
Thanks kindly for faving this one too.

Ah Sol Seraph...how you intrigue me. I'm not sure if it's my interest in psychology or a close acquaintance of mine being a sociopath but her character is just sublime to me.

Gotta say BRR, I think Sol Seraph is thusfar my favorite character out of the stories I've read from you, doubly so now that I've an inkling of what makes her tick the way she does. Well done.

In the words of my friend Wing when discussing the character with him:

[9:31:58 PM] Dr. Wing T.F. McCallister: awww... you're fanboying
[9:31:59 PM] Dr. Wing T.F. McCallister: cute

I can't say he's wrong.


Ha. Thank you very much, and for adding this story to your collection. I'm glad that you enjoyed it so much and that she struck such a chord in you.
Sol Seraph has some of the most interesting interactions with my other characters, I think. And she tends to get a mention in every story, because her impact from her short time was so huge. And I think she still has a few important parts to play in my future work.

Ooh, I'd been waiting to read this for so long.:pinkiehappy: And it was well worth the wait. Fascinating to get a look into Sol's psyche and the formation thereof, even as we see her surpass those who shaped her. Odd feeling to find myself kind of rooting for her, if only because I know she can't get out-evilled this early on.:trollestia:

Was Valiance her dad, or was that another Praetor? And for that matter, what about her mother (who I suppose must also have been part of the Order)?


Thank you kindly, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed both this one and Fly Me To the Moon. Both. Actiony stories but in very different ways. And no, I admittedly have no clue where the hell Fly Me To The Moon really fits myself.
But Sol is an interesting case, and she's always admittedly been a favorite character of mine. She has a very interesting history and I've always wanted to write the next part of her history, I just have made the time, I suppose.
I've mentioned the Praetor's name once, uh... somewhere. It's not Valiance, he was the unicorn Praetor. Mostly I just. Refer to him as the Praetor. As to Sol's family, former lovers, and basically everyone else in her life, well... here's a small piece from another story that I've been ticking away at to explain that:

“The Praetor... my father... killed my mother. I did not care. He killed my sisters. I did not care. He killed my brothers. I did not care. He killed my former lovers. I did not care. Together, we killed the entire guild. We killed the guards, we killed the priests, we killed the soldiers, we killed the slaves. We killed the hunting animals and their handlers, we killed the lords and ladies alongside the prisoners and criminals and the foals.
“And then he tried to kill me. I killed him, because I was superior. But never once did I care about my own life being at risk. That is merely how things were.”

Sol is an interesting monster, so to speak, because while she's shaped by the horrors of her life, she at the same time clings to the notion that it's all very logical. Her survival, her entire life, has depended on her exceeding expectations and believing zealously in the predatory creed of her father. But even if she hadn't grown up in that environment, she would still be a sociopath. But I think in part of what makes her so interesting is that she's got a lot of admirable qualities. Determination, fortitude, fearlessness... and you know, she likes hunting the biggest, meanest monsters she can find. The problem is just that she's spent all her life in that abyss herself.
But thanks again. I'm glad you enjoyed and I much appreciate the further faves.

Dammit Seraph, GET OUT OF MY HEAD!

She never stopped being adorable... until the very end. But this was a sweet story, mostly. Ardor defintley saw something that was there, but it's too bad he was never able to bring it out.


Thanks, I'm glad you were able to enjoy it.
Sol never quite gets redeemed, being what she is, but Ardor did certainly have a huge impact on her and the decisions she makes in the future, even if she'd never admit that.

Still wonderfully disturbing. Kinda like the fact it has zero dislikes. Says something great, doesn't it?

Sol Seraph reminds me of my OC, Anopheli. I like that! Do you think they'd get along? At the very least, Anopheli would like the way Sol thinks and would definitely approve of her treatment of Fluttershy.


I can see a few similarities there, yeah. She might see her as a valuable ally or asset, at least, considering her reach and means.

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