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Lazy Idiot · 8:58pm Dec 17th, 2012

Okay this is an apology to you lot and a slap to the face for me.

I have been sitting here procrastinating for far too long!
I do little work when I'm at home, glaring at this ridiculous idiot box
waiting in vain hope for something to take my boredom away.

At college I have very little work to do so actually get some writing
done in that free time, but do very little at home. I get such pleasure
out of writing coz even as I type it everything is a mystery to me

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Thank you for the favorite! We try to add a chapter to at least one story every week so keep checking back. Something is sure to update eventually.

Thanks kindly for the fave of Absolution.


Cheers, I'll correct that and sort it out

Not sure if anyone's told you, but your links are broken.

The first should read "ptentertainment" and the second "5minute-challenge" instead of the full URLs for each, as Fimfiction automatically attaches the ending.
As for your soundcloud, select "other", not "deviantart".

Yep; sounds like a believeable premise so long as you explain everything.

Good idea. I'm sure most of SCI or any other group would be happy to help.

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