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Before Twilight Sparkle found her friends and home in Ponyville, one of the few ponies she came to know was the Court Poet of Canterlot. And they were definitely, certainly, really, seriously not friends. At all.

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Well, this will certainly be read, but not until after the other 1.5 million words of the series I have yet to get to get done. :ajsleepy:

1840879 This is more of a prequel than anything, I mean he wrote them so that they *are* readable in any order, but as far as things go, this, the one called something along the lines of "angel of the sun", and the one from Discord's POV (yeah I'm terrible with titles) are all sort of backstory-ish.

The later ones do have back story, but it's more as plot important chechov's guns and or Deus EX machinas.

But on another note, the abusive relationship begins!

this reminds me of how much i miss sammy:fluttercry:

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On the positive side, I think that means you're somewhere near the end of Starlit Knights or past. So you're kind of halfway through. It's just. A really long half left.


Yeah, it was. Really nice to work with him again. I kind of really wish he was still around.
Thanks very much for the fave.

That's exactly how I imagined Scrivy and Twilight got to know each other! Hilarious shots at one another and awkward moments.

Oh, I miss Sammy.

I really need to stop reading so late, it won't end well when school starts back up and I have to wake up at 5am... till then, I shall enjoy all the ponies!

I really liked going back to the characters before, well, everything. Things seemed a lot simpler then. And horses of heaven, Sammy! I feel ashamed for nearly forgetting about him.

Awkward Twilight AND awkward Luna, what a special treat! Yup, this story fits in very nice as a prologue story to the giant mammoth that is Nátta Edda.

Usually I don't read (and don't like) prequels - but not in this case. It was a pleasure to be reminded of good old days when almost everything was okay.
...well, I suppose now it's time for me to continue reading Decretum.

I decided to start with this story in your series first. It was certainly interesting. I loved your portrayal of Luna! And I'm very happy that you made Twilight an only child. As far as storytelling I would recommend to try not to use coincidence as a plot device. If a coincidence must be used try to set it up before hand instead of simply springing the relevant coincidence. I am looking forward to moving on to Moonrise to see how the story progresses!
Though I have to ask should I read 'the one called something along the lines of "angel of the sun", and the one from Discord's POV' before I read Moonrise? Will they confuse/spoil me or require knowledge from the main stories? Or are there other prequels that I should read before I get to the meat of it?
Also, is every story you have posted within this same continuous universe?


Thanks very much. I'm glad you found it an enjoyable read. I much appreciate the favorite too.
As to your questions, Discord's Lament and Angel of the Sun kind of sit apart. Angel of the Sun will give a minor spoiler or two for Starlit Knights, the third story, but more character-wise than plot-wise. So they can really be read at any time.
Most of the stories do connect. At some point I'll do up a timeline to show that specifically, but technically everything is in the same kind of universe setting. Rhythm of the Dance only has a very subtle reference, though, and Why Ponies Can't Have Hands just requires a knowledge of the characters up to Decretum. Although it probably still doesn't make sense even then.

I like your portrayal of Luna and Scivener is hilarious


Thanks very much. I'm always glad to hear that, since it's the base of most of these stories.

2753653 The bit about the riding crop had me in tears. He's like that person in school that everyone seems to hate yet you alone seem to form some sort of steady alliance with


I feel really bad for not having read this before

It's like looking back into the good-ol days, where most every conflict was only verbal, and right and wrong was simply that. And holy hell did I love all the banter and Scrivy being a jerk.


I'm glad you were still able to enjoy it now, then. But thanks. I really never did get to write enough of old douchey Scrivener.
I much appreciate the fave, too.

I just had to re read this real quick

I admit, I liked the self-jab regarding "thee" and "thou" in the context of the written word.

This was rather hilarious, besides. I always like sarcastic Scrivener, and this backstory enhances Moonrise beyond what's written in that story.

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