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Twilight Sparkle decides to get farming lessons from Ponyville's premier farmers...Big Macintosh Apple. Apple Bloom sees this as an opportunity to set up the two single ponies. But she'll need Twilight's number one assistant, Spike, to help as well. Twilight could never imagine somepony as handsome as Big Macintosh being interested in some egghead unicorn. While Big Macintosh can't imagine someone as well read and beautiful as Twilight Sparkle being interested in a simple farm colt. But drama from Twilight's past may keep her from risking everything on true happiness.

This isn't the first fan fiction I've started working on, but it is the first I've chosen to post on here. I know TwiMac fiction has been done many times, and many of the elements here will be recognized in other people's stories. But I love the idea of these two being together. It's the whole opposites attract angle. Sure the most popular is FlutterMac, but to me the problem with that is both are so soft spoken I can't see their relationship being all that interesting. I'm sure there are some good ones out there, but to me these two are the ideal shipping. I hope you enjoy ^_^

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What's with the italics?

Oh this is going to be fun. I sense so much mischief, yet so much d'awwwww. A good combination. Have a mustache.
in fact, have three

I like it. I don't see much Twilight-Mac around and the style of your writing is boss. :twilightsmile:

Huh.... There are no periods at the end of the sentences when characters are talking.

If Macintosh wanted to REALLY be formal, after the Season 2 premiere he would address Twilight as "Lady Sparkle", since she (and the Mane 6) were knighted by Celestia.

faved and liked. cant wait to see more :pinkiehappy:

I originally had it written to where it was more like a script, but with the narration still with a first person narrative, and the dialogue written like a script. But that wasn't allowed by the rules of the site, so that's why there aren't periods after said so and so. The Italics I felt would just help to tell the difference between narrative and dialogue as sometimes I read fan fic on here where it confuses me as to whether it's narrative or dialogue. This is also why the dialogue is split from the narrative parts. I feel it makes things less jumbled. Glad people are liking it. ^_^

As for the formalities. Slipped my mind about them being knighted, and given Big Mac's country background I just feel Miss Sparkle sounds cuter and sweeter than Lady Sparkle.:twilightsmile::eeyup:

Decided to make a few grammatical changes to the first part. Overall, everything is still the same, with a few words tweaked here and there.

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Liking the story, I'm gonna go read chptr 2 now
:twilightblush: :heart: :eeyup:

1472059 Thanks for that, I'm still pretty new to this site. I'm glad you like the story. I'm currently working on Chapter 3. ^_^

Tracking this, however.....
Applebloom is spelled with one word, not two.
Also, her speech should look more like a country person at times (I.E. "I" should be "Ah", "my" should be "mah" and so on).

But it's off to a good start.

Very good dude. I especially liked the way Twilight responded to be asked out. I think it's the first time I read A Twilight getting asked out scene were she didn't almost have a nervous breakdown. I find myself really looking forward to knowing why she lied to Spike. It must be a painful memory. (by the way, this is corey).

1472439 According to wikipedia it's Apple Bloom, though I've seen it spelled both ways in different fics. As for her accent, I like to think that since she's the youngest, does the least amount of farm work, and spends more time in Ponyville that she would have less of an accent compared to the others. Big Mac would have a strong one given that most depict him at the farm most of the time.

1472448 Had a feeling it was you Miller, I do recall your custom pony. I like to think in her earlier days, she wouldn't be as neurotic. Like she got more of her neurotic tendencies from more time with school and being around Celestia.

Big Mac's got pretty low self-esteem for a guy whose able to move a house
The way you name your characters is a bit weird seeing as you're using human names. would this hep? List of apple names

I like this story. Moar!! Also, that little scene about their parents hit me:fluttercry: Keep writing though, This story is freakin' genius.:twilightsmile::eeyup:

I actually like Big Mac's middle name being Chelmsford. I don't know if it's apple related or not, but it does give a nod to the subtle fan joke that ponies have normal middle name's. It started with the reveal that Pinkie's middle name is Diane:pinkiecrazy:. I've read fanfic's that make Rainbow Dash's middle name Merriam and Ask Jappleack makes (the real) Applejack's middle name Samantha. I just think that would be funny if true.

1474239 His middle name is indeed a type of apple. And his mother's name is a play on a type of orange named Belladonna, I decided to make it two names though. I looked up types of oranges and apples on wikipedia and looked for ones that seemed like an actual name.

1473528 If you recall Pinkie Pie has a human sounding middle name. Also all the names I chose are types of apples and or oranges. As for Big Mac's self esteem, he's a shy colt, I see him as the type who may not have a lot of confidence in his overall personality. As for the house thing, he was under a spell at the time.

I'm starting to have suspicions that something bad happens to Bookworm.

1475218 I didn't list the story as sad. But who knows what might happen. hmmmm :trixieshiftright: And no that's not a reference to Trixie being in this, I just wanted to used an arch eyebrow or a wink. ^_^

1475218 like what ?
she will turn him into a cactus?
Shinning Armor will "disappear" with him ?
Her parents wont let she sees him ?
he will change city ?
They will bullied to the EXTREME ?
He is a changeling?
he will die from a mortal disease?
he will fall from a stair while reading and die ?
he will become gay ?
He will become allergic to purple ?
There so much options :twilightsmile:

1475422...I don't know! Were you thinking about these scenarios the whole time you were reading the chapter?:pinkiegasp: Anyway, it's supposed to be a TwiMac so something has to happen to break them up right?

BTW I love your story Remember.

you know it's entirely possible twilight and bookworm parted on even ground.

Bookworm OBVIOUSLY gets hit by a train right after this. Don't worry though, only 3 out of 4 of his limbs were crushed, (His back-left leg got cut off by a particularly sharp part of the train, but was never crushed.) and he has a magic spell to make up for his newly emptied eye sockets.

1476456 You my friend, are dark! But that aint a bad thing per say :pinkiecrazy:


Whatever the reason for the break up, it most not have lasted too long if Spike can't even remember it.

1477653 I pointed out that during Twilight's years at the academy that Spike was being looked after by her parents for the most part. Given her studios nature, I couldn't see her being able to look after spike in his early years.

I cannot for the life of me see how they can break up. On one end they can end it horribly, another end something tragic happens to Bookworm or a third option is they end it peacefully. I just don't know. :rainbowderp:

1477931 I'm really glad to see everyone so enthusiastic about what's going to happen between Twilight and Bookworm. I'll admit I don't have a definite idea myself, but I'm pretty sure everypony will find it sad, but not horribly tragic.

It's 'Hope to Fly'.

So does that mean the next chapter won't be for awhile or the next chapter will continue with the story between Big Mac and Twilight? Take your time with the story you just started and you already have four chapters out which is impressive. I like where its going so keep it up.

1478110 "Cross my heart and hope to fly stick a cupcake in my eye" That's the Pinkie Promise.

1478106 Well given that I don't have much of a life (and no, that isn't a joke at fanboys, I really mean it when I say i have no life) I'm able to come up with ideas for the next chapters right away. Also, I don't consider this a spoiler, the next chapter will continue with Twilight and Big Macintosh. I'm trying to make it not super predictable in how everything unfolds. Gotta keep them guessing! :twilightsmile::eeyup:

Its not really predictable its more like we know the options but the question is which option will it be.

1478418 Yeah, I had to have a Pinkie Pie cameo in there somewhere. Whether or not she'll appear in the rest of this story...well you'll just have to find out. :pinkiehappy:

1478438 Someday, somepony is gonna discover just what makes Pinkie Pie tick. She is more random than the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series of books!

1478486 That, or the recipe for the distruction of the universe on a scale even greater than the cricket wars!

Wait... evil thought! We'll ship Pinkie and Marvin, the eternally depressed robot!

This really is a very nice story.

Bravo. This is an amazing Twimac fic. I love the fact that you are having them not realize each others feelings. I can't even guess how this will turn out.:twilightblush::eeyup:

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