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Before he can set out on his journey to save his parents, Antares Mirus gathers his friends and tells them the story of his parents, from when Luna was Princess of the Night to when she and Scrivener Blooms vanished during the war with Clockwork World. Sums up the entirety of the Nátta Edda, prequel to Absolution.

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Good story sir, serves as a great recap, along with some plot development of its own

Masterfully written. I love how this was done from the perspective of the 'new heroes.'

I didn't even remember Antares getting the third card until I read this, and I'm pretty sure that happened recently...:rainbowderp: "The Long, Dark Tunnel" must have done more to me than I thought!


Thanks very much, and I appreciate the fave, too. It was kind of fun to write this out. Both to keep it short, and you know, pre-introduce most of Antares' friends and team, minus one.


Thanks very kindly, and thanks for the fave, too. I just kind of ran with things and decided to see how short I could summarize stuff, and it was nice to play a little with the characters like this. I hope you find Absolution to be just as enjoyable.


She'll be introduced in the first chapter of Absolution. She's a unicorn and comes from the far north. She's uh... a little difficult.

form the north, huh? and why does that "a little difficult" set off my understatement sensors?

This is a really good transition piece for Absolution. Good summary and great character interactions, and it is still its own piece, not really feeling misplaced or anything.

I'm not sure why I didn't fav this before; it deserves it


Thank you. And I much appreciate the fave, as well. Honestly, I just wanted to see how much of the series I could cram into about five thousand words. I'm glad i's coherent, honestly: it really was more of a writing exercise than anything else.

So, you... actually managed to (nicely, if I may say) summerize 1.950.000 words story-wise into a 5.000 word story, while still giving us new info? (I'm guessing this "Allonym" is the "little difficult" unicorn from the north.)

You really don't cease to amaze me, you know that?


Allonym is actually far worse than that, as you'll see. Prestige is the unicorn. She's. You're going to love her. Really.
But thank you very much. I did try and do my best with this. I'm glad it was good enough to earn a fave and uh... well, honestly, I'm glad that it's coherent and I was able to shove all the information into one little packet here in an interesting enough way. Since, well, the actual meat of the story has yet to begin... I figured that I could summarize the first six stories here. The fun stuff really has yet to begin, after all.

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