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This story is a sequel to Moonrise

Living as exiles in the Everfree Forest, Luna and Scrivener Blooms are nonetheless content in the sanctuary they have found for themselves. Yet they are not safe from the meddling of both outside forces, and the rising tide of darkness threatening to once more drag Equestria down into the dark ages it had once escaped, and soon enough find themselves struggling to help protect a world that reviles their existence. Takes place after the events, confessions, and changes of Six Broken Ponies.

Action, adventure, high fantasy and romance all comingle, pitting a confident, mischievous, and sometimes foul-mouthed Luna and her eccentricities against forces of light, forces of darkness, and a unicorn with a special talent for irritating other ponies.

The second story of the Nátta Edda, and second part of the Fimbulvetr Trilogy.

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This reminds me of both Allan wake ( poet and the muse) and the band 'poets of the fall'

:rainbowderp: This was good, real good. I enjoyed Moonrise, but if this chapter is any indication, things are only looking up! I thoroughly enjoy Luna's shenanigans and the two of them make a great couple. It is good to see that she has come to such good terms with Nightmare Moon.

Earth Pony plus immensely powerful Unicorn plus Goddess... plus experimentation, that just sounds like a painful combination!

unrelated: Luna is a BOSS, well, always, but in this story in particular.

Detective Trixie :trixieshiftright: is on the case!

:facehoof: Trixie is so stupid sometimes

I have to say this is a welcome surprise, I certainly didn't expect her to be in this! I do have to say though that I particularly like the attitude (:ajbemused:) Twi is giving her

They're not real Spike, she said....
There's no such thing Spike, she said....
There's nothing to worry about Spike, she said....
:moustache: But Spike knows what's up.

This is probably the single worst chapter yet to bring this up, because of all the heavy topics towards the end, but the beginning made me think of something...

Where some stories make me laugh, some make me cry, and some intrigue me, THIS story makes me smile. It might sound extremely tacky, but it is true, on the whole when I read this story I just have a big smile on my face, thanks Blackrose for that, you rock :yay:

I think they may have gone a smidge overboard with the camp.... they may be causing some problems... but really they could probably have used them to their advantage somehow

Things have really gone downhill for Equestria in recent times, jeez. Nice to see Luna getting some love from the ponies of ponyville though

I wasn't expecting that, I feel sorry for Tia now though. She is trying to do what is best for Equestria, and now Twilight has seen her at her worst... again. If Twi' was ready to forgive her or give her a chance before (and I'm not convinced she was) she is certainly not now. And all Tia really wants is her approval and respect

:raritywink: I forgot how good these stories are, although I am glad the Pinkie arc seems to be over.

And I have to say Trixie is definitely growing on me, she is just so earnest, it's hard not to like her.

Finally get to see Velites, and they are pretty cool, as far as zombies go... I wonder what Trixie is going to do, I'm thinking she panics a bit, maybe panics a bit more, and then she kicks some serious undead flank!

:pinkiegasp: Mystery! I wonder what the note could have been.... hmmm, welp I've got a few minutes to go before differential equations, maybe I'll find out.

By the way I like the reaction to Luna and Scrivy, although I am expecting some turbulence at the wedding... which could be pretty cool

Oh. My. Gosh... I was not expecting that all to happen, not at all! Trixie went far and beyond what I expected of her, as a matter of fact she proved herself completely badass. :rainbowderp:

...and Pinkie... you so crazy :pinkiecrazy:

Another great story.... I'm curious how far Scrivy's whole transformation is going to end up going, if his mane is 'billowing in the cosmic winds' or what have you, the divide between him and Luna really is getting thin. Does this make him immortal, or her mortal? I hop it is the former, he can be even more the brother to Tia that she sees him as, and they won't really have to concern themselves much with the death til us part clause in the marriage....


Thanks very much. It's a pleasure to hear you enjoyed this one, too, since I got a bit crazier with things in it and really started the whole... well, Starlit Knights will get into all that. I really appreciate all the comments, and I'm glad you're still liking my writing, and hope that continues. And as to the soul-binding, I'll explain the depth of that pretty early on in the next story, so I won't ruin the surprise of what the benefits are, and the dangers. Thanks again, for commenting and reading.

“Or art thou offering the services of thy likely-rainbow-colored, sunlit womb?”

I think I nearly suffocated trying not to wake up the other people in my house.....

Well... all in all, that could have gone far worse. Maybe the big showdown was a touch anticlimactic, but I can't think of a way for things to happen that makes more sense. I suppose that means I thank you for allowing things to play out the way they did instead of anything over-the-top. The workings of the mind (pony or human, I'd imagine) are difficult to write well, but I find no faults here, Sir.

Nine chapters down...... I am having difficulty convincing myself to sleep despite needing to be at work in a few short hours.

That.. was a fairly epic story! Read in about 1.5 sittings.. in a single 24 hour period.

Sad about Trixie.. more relieved than I should be (in reference to a work of fiction) about Luna and Scrivy.. Looking very forward to seeing how things have developed or will develop between Twilight and Celestia, as well as what roles exactly the mane 6 will have in the upcoming war.

What I'm not sure on (and may well be explained in stories I've not yet read) is if Tia's corrupting of the elements has permanently weakened or destroyed the mane 6's ability to wield them.. and how that will have an affect on things in the future.

In short - once I started reading, I couldn't stop! Very easily given favorite and thumbs up. I look very forward to more, even if I know beyond a doubt that my sleep schedule is going to suffer severely until I've read everything you have written.


Wow you're moving through these fast. I am impressed. Thanks very kindly, though, I am glad that it proved enjoyable, to say the least. As to your questions, you'll be glad to know that they actually will be answered in Starlit Knights, and I'll be tying up a few other loose ends from both SBP and these stories as well. Thanks again, and I hope you continue to find the stories just as good, and also that I don't cause too many sleepless nights.

I hope that they still will be able to save Trixie one way or another.
Or perhaps she will be turned into some kind of monster and Luna will have to kill her.
Assumptions, assumptions...

1803488 That's probably one of the best lines in the whole chapter!

That was... unnecesarily disturbing. I've really enjoyed the story thus far, but that was a bit too graphic for my tastes. I really hope it stays on a happier note from here on out, even though this seems to be only the forerunner of the descent into madness. Thank you, Helheim, for these images.


I whole-heartedly agree! 'Twas one of the best segments I have seen in quite some time! I reread it a time or two, bursting with laughter myself. :twilightsmile:

Trixie is certainly an unusual plot-twist, but I cannot wait to read more to find just how deep her ties are in this story... Also, how greatly damaged she will become by Luna's "lessons."


Thanks very much. Yes, from here on out, the stories start having quite a few more twists and turns as I start putting together the major storyline, and I hope it proves an interesting ride.

My very thoughts when I read this chapter. :facehoof:
I must say that the scene of Scrivener Blooms raising the moon through Luna... Bravo.


I think it is for the best that the guards are gone. Better to have Luna/NM and Scrivener to protect the town unhindered by the misdirected 'justice' of the royal guard, who in all honesty would likely tremble before a pair of manticore, doing naught to truly protect the town.

My mind is full of fuck >.< :rainbowwild::trollestia:


These stories can do that. Thanks very much for the fave, I hope you continue to enjoy the series.

Twilight hates Celestia,
Rainbodash is a guy,
Pinkie was possessed,
and only one of these things have been fully explained! :trollestia:


It'll be poked at a little here and there, but Six Broken Ponies is kind of a... in-between story that covers those events. Which is why it kind of is sudden, yes.

2801731 Tis true Sir Aceofgods. (I have knighted thee) I whole heartedly agree upon having luna & scrivy protect the homes of ponies than tia's "gaurds".

This is obviously a BC(Before Changelings) cannon.

“I might not be a warrior like the rest of you, but I’m a damn pissed off bride!”


3895969 Finished last night, but my computer at home is crap so I didn't mark it. Anyway, as per usual...

Besides, this is most amusing. Although by now I’m sure Celestia would have turned her to stone.”

Celestial problem solving:

Messenger: Discord is Free!!!!
Celestial: turn him to stone

Messenger: chrysalis has led her changelings to attack!
Celestial: turn them to stone

messenger: Sombre is BACK!!!
Celestia: Turn him to any available stone-like substance

Messenger: this orphaned foal is crying!
Celestial: turn it to stone

"Turn it to stone." :The universal answer

3928780 No. she needed another funeral to find the guy.

I like how you are commissioning artist for cover art for your stories.
But Luna looks like a drug junkie.That look of hers just screams
" Now I'm losing touch with reality and I'm almost outta blow,
it's such a fine line. I hate to see it go." :pinkiecrazy:

I'm late to this party, but THESE TWO ARE AWESOME!!! I have a new head-canon---Luna is NMM under control.
Darkness is not evil, it's just dark.


Thank you very much. And yeah, that's a good way to put it about darkness: it's something I focus on a lot in my stories. I hope you continue to enjoy, though, since this is really just the start and it'll pick up quite a bit from Starlit Knights onwards.

The plot thickens...

Comment posted by -Brutus deleted Apr 29th, 2014

I don't think I am emotionally ready to deal with Starlit Knights again just yet. Still going for it though.

All your stories seem even better the second time I read them, but I don't know if that is because of me slowing down and paying attention or just nostalgia talking.
Either way I still love it.

Whelp another one down in an actually respectable time, won't last long just had a free day unfortunately. But I'll be starting Startlit Knights tomorrow so I'm looking forward to it.

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