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Did you hear about that thing? You know, with the stuff?

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His primary character flaw is one I made specifically to be unique among standard HiE fic protagonists, in that he gets things wrong or has opinions that aren't necessarily "okay". His gut reaction can be both morally and logically misplaced, and believing absolutely everything in his head is a big mistake to make as a reader. Anthony is the protagonist which means he has the lead role, he's not Evil either but he's not a good person. I make it a point to have other characters argue and disagree with him regularly (and I personally give him unpopular opinions in general) to drive that point home. He's not the good guy or the bad guy, he's just a person and people are fallible. He will never "lie" to himself so you can be sure whatever he thinks (very easy to know given the story is written in first-person perspective) is true as far as he's concerned, but not that it's "Correct" or actually true.

As for relationships... those are complicated. He'll have quite a time navigating them.

I'm not much for drama, but I am waiting to see what will happen if he makes things official with Myrna and how pinkie will feel about that. Also his moral and mental attitude is interesting. I was always told being selfish isn't bad, being self-centered is.(care for yourself, but not at the cost of others) So him getting mad at people for doing good because it feels good is a but hypocritical to me, but characters need flaws. I'm just waiting to see if he learns anything.

Well, those were my intentions so that's good. Anything in particular that you like?

The first set of chapters drew me in with the fast pace and humor. The later chapters are keeping my interest threw moral debate and world building. I'm just waiting to see where it goes. I'm hooked.

Thank you for taking interest in Refined Starlight. I'd like to know what you found appealing about it, any feedback helps.

  • Viewing 47 - 51 of 51
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