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Added more to the Dinner scene in Hunter's Prayer · 6:45pm Oct 31st, 2018

Woke up this morning thinking about my past chapters. Mentally going over scenes in my head and thinking of ways on how to improve them (you know, anything to distract myself from getting another chapter out) Not sure how long its gonna take me for this next one. But definitely less than a month or at the very least, a week.

Some scenes in the story are a far cry from what I wanted or imagined. This is due to a lack of talent or knowledge on my part.

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Slow, I got the prologue done, but I gotta get the first chapter done before I can publish it. So I can hit the 1k words limiter. First chapter is outlined, and 1-2/3rds written. Rest of it is mostly outlined aside from the "main conflict" chapter. That one I got almost finished.

Most of my time is going towards improving my first new house. I'm in the "double check all checks and receipts before paying off the contractor" phase.

...so how's that sequel going?

Oh that's good I like your idea better

Thing is, I was planning the sequel while I was planning this first one, just in case it actually did take off. So Rarity has basically done all that with her "etiquette lessons" and stories about her home. So we can kinda skip over most of the same old stuff you usually see in a HiE fic.

The sequel is going to be more about actually living as a stallion in Equestria, and learning all the little tid-bits and pitfalls that might come with it. One example is Atchmon not remembering to keep his ears from pinning back, because it makes him look angry all the time, even tho its just his social anxiety acting up. So that's like the "Resting bitch/murder face" of Equestria.

I am going to have a running gag about him writing.

If you do make a sequel can I suggest that archimon go to school to learn how to write and learn more about his new environment.

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