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Added more to the Dinner scene in Hunter's Prayer · 6:45pm Oct 31st, 2018

Woke up this morning thinking about my past chapters. Mentally going over scenes in my head and thinking of ways on how to improve them (you know, anything to distract myself from getting another chapter out) Not sure how long its gonna take me for this next one. But definitely less than a month or at the very least, a week.

Some scenes in the story are a far cry from what I wanted or imagined. This is due to a lack of talent or knowledge on my part.

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If i recall Corsair puts out some pretty good ones. I do not recall if they share the same switches as Razer, but maybe you could make some money back selling the keyboard for parts?

I used to have one of those. Pretty sure my next keyboard is coming from Corsair. This is the second Razer I've owned and both broke within 2 years.


Im still using a old membrane form like the 90's here, and I had been using one that was around when Windows ME was new

Everyone knows the bird is the word!

No srsly. I've been lazy, got nearly 5k words for the next chapter and I don't see it gaining over 500 more. I just need to read through it, add what''s missing and be done. Also cleaning my keyboard for a second time, because I keep getting letters double typed. If you plan on purchasing a Mechanical keyboard, be sure it's easy to clean! Blaack Widow Ultimate from Raazer I don't recommend.

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