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Updates and a bit of news. · 9:51pm Dec 24th, 2014

As a little Christmas present to you all, and maybe just how timing worked out : P, my bit of NaNoWriMo I did for this year shall be going up tomorrow. This does mean much of it is prewritten, which should gladden most of you because it should mean consistent updates for a time.

This doesn't mean I've stopped working on other stories, I just finally have time to do so now. School and holidays have a way of being distracting but thankfully that should minimize for a time.

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Can't wait for next chapter on "Star of Something New"

I know you've prolly been atleast lurking this entire time, but still, welcome back, nerd

Change to the Familiar is the solo one, the character of Gel/Angel is my cowriter and friend.

2450273 That's fair. It's nice to see you're stilling lurking around, though.

Was Change to the Familiar your solo one? I mostly stuck to the Rhino/Angel stuff, but I've been meaning to read your other stuff, too.

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