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Just chat about the story here, give feedback etcetera, post art about the story and just well have fun.... No spamming though I will kick you out... Wanna test me?

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Is any one still there? Has any one still got the fic?

Comment posted by SkyHunter deleted Aug 22nd, 2014

Do any of you live in CO?

Pleese awnser me

I love this fic :3

WooHoo!!! Finally got off my lazy ass and joined this group! *puts on glasses* Epic is in the house!


Finnally got off my ass to join this... Don't dissapoint me...

I made it!
Oh no...everyone keep an eye out for one of Vine's trolls...

221512 i wish i can go NYC just so i can go to bronycon but ya

So who is going to the next bronycon in NYC?

i derped big time. Admin de-admined self inflicted

206303 That idea is a little wobbly but I would like to see it if you do it.

206303 sounds like a plan to me:pinkiehappy: then we can have a slight magical mishap with twi and spike turns into a stallion randomly myb while they ...ummmm.... have fun ya thats it.

201822>>202142 Hm, spell gone wrong(of course), and Twilight accidently turns spike into a chick, and THEN he gets with Rarity?..... I think we have an idea here gentleman(or ladies, whichever applies)

201822 lol now that would be funny

198310 ehh.:applejackunsure: spike could be a girl and suddenly rarity could return his feelings. NOW THAT would be irony. :raritystarry:

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