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We are those who've been there since(or very near) the beginning. We've endured troll fics, flames wars and we've stood strong against those fanbrats (You know, those lot who bitch about how you made Rainbow Dash straight) and yet we still stand today.

So join us for we have earned our names, our titles, our reputations and our followers.

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357416 Unfortunately no, we only count it as the amount of time you've been a part of this site, of this community.

348261 I have on question, I've been a MLP:FiM fan for perhaps... Two years? Something like that, didn't make an account on here because I didn't know there was fansites like this up until fairly recently.
But on top of that, when I was a child, I watched the earlier generations, you know... Rescue at Midnight Castle and the Catastrophe episode from G2.
So, I have a question, do I count as a Veteran?


348248 So we agree on the original subject then.

348216 And neither belong in a fruit salad.


348059 One is a carbohydrate and one is a fruit.


347802 I believe that's infamous, not famous.

347799 Ask any mod "I want to ask you something regarding the user Regidar"

You'll probably get a "oh god what has he done now".:facehoof:


347714 Apparently he's not that famous.

328788 aww, let Regi in. He's good people.

He's famous for making "First!" posts against the rules on FiMFiction.


336938 'ehhhhh maybe.

I guess ID #75 counts...


325485 Solely based off of the fact we've denied people that joined the site before you, it's a no for you.

Been here since the 28th of September, 2011.

*checks Members List*

Hmm, well if there are members who have been here for less time than I, then I might join.

August 27th, 2011.

2 years today.

325481 Well, you're a veteran too then!


325476 And I've been here before roughly 96% of them.

325444 Hey, I've been here longer than roughly 75 percent of the site! I think that counts.

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