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Our plan is simple: We get someone to write a chapter about what their OC is doing during our summer vacation.

Rules are as follow:

1. Has to be anywhere in Equestria

2. Shipping will be allowed as long as a Alternate Universe tag is added but try not to all flock to the Mane 6

3. Try not to add anyone's else OC unless you ask them first.

4. It doesn't exactly have to be summer related so we don't get 50 chapters about the beach.

5. Chapter length doesn't matter

6. Have fun.

7. Try to get other people to join

Extra rules and changes.

8. Doesn't have to be OC now, since people don't all have one

9. You do not have to join the group in order to be apart of it, the group was just a way for me to have the rules down somewhere.

10. Tell me what characters are in it when you send it to me, I can't read all of them.

11. Still have fun.

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286953 its been going on

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