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In a world-No, that's cliched.

Once upon a time-No, that's not it either.

A long time ago, in a galaxy-Oh, screw it. This is a group dedicated to Nathan Traveler and all of the awesomely original stories he's done here on fimfiction.

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What kind of interesting roleplay are you guys talking about?

285136 my world is made of books, the sun is a book, the moon is a book, heck even heaven and hell are made of books.

Parasprites? No sky? You guys sure got it easy. Soda doesn't even exist over here. Or beer. I do however have an entire planet populated by nothing but myself and a couple million Pinkamenas... Anybody want a couple dozen?

oops sorry about that...i had to send them somewhere and they think the moon is chesse so they tried to eat my house...worse than creepers i tell you

285025 It's quite simple really *snaps fingers
*A book appears
Here, "How to activate real world console commands: Beginners Guide"
Go nuts :twilightsmile:

I mostly use the more advanced commands but you'll do fine with this level :pinkiesmile:

HEYO! *Kiff plays fanfare* ... -_-

285020 Well at least yours has a sky, I'll need to make one soon :rainbowlaugh:

well in my dimension the sky is up...

:yay: SUP EVERYONE!!! :rainbowlaugh:

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