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Nemo The Angel

I'm a dragon in human form, awaiting to return to my ancestral home eqeustria, not much else to say.

Jesus loves twilight:


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Heads Up! · 2:01am Apr 26th, 2012

Here soon, twilight and I are going to have to find a way to invent a warp drive.

Coming soon, to a website near you......

Chapter 2: twilight's third temporary Assistant

You don't Wanna miss it!

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"Life in the human world is not easy, especially if you lived among them for most of your life, living in their predicament. Choose wisdom, over ignorance, selflessness over greed, for such is the way to self destruction. Self awareness is key to the door of self recognition"

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Any of you shit dicks alive? ._.

Is anyone still using these fuckin site? Shit man. Pimp in distress pimp in distress.

How do i do blogs yo? On mobile. Such anal sauce....

1398565 I has some questions to ask you about about a lot of things :pinkiecrazy:

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