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This is where most of the Canterlot royal famly and friends will reside, talk to me to join unless I invite you to.

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FUS RO DAHHHH! :flutterrage:
imma use my noggin and toy with my new abilities...:rainbowkiss:

Yub nub.

284028 I don't think I have the responsibility to write either, so I think the Keeper needs another story or two on his page, but that's up to him.

284018 284027 Both, wonderful ideas! We must vote on a order to go in and a account for it to go up on.

Canterlot Royalty VS The Blanks,Dead rising,Dead space,The heat wave,Sif,Amnesia the dark descent.

Alright bronies! Let us make a amazing story! I have a idea for a title if everyone likes 'Canterlot Royalty VS.', the idea is that we all contribute to the story, we will pick a account for it to go up on and we all have rights to it. So if you have a idea then you throw it out to the rest of the group, then we all talk about it for a bit then come to a vote.

How does that sound?

Fleetwood Eldorado Deville Seville Calais Brougham.... has arrived.

This will be fun.:eeyup:

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