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Razalon The Lizardman

Possible words of wisdom

"Randomness births originality."

"Those who set no standards know not of disappointment."

"The phrase 'take it like a man' only reinforces the notion that men are superior to women."

"One only gets that which they give unto others."

"The stronger one's imagination is, the greater their chances of success will be."

"A society that values conflict is already dead."

"Those who embrace the weird and unfamiliar will know true happiness."

"Whatever writing is on the wall can always be rewritten."

"For one to be treated equally, they must also be mistreated equally."

"Being conditioned to accept mediocrity is akin to experiencing Hell without dying."

"The only thing to fear about death is still having regrets when it claims you."

"Having opinions is fine, but openly stating them may entail more trouble than it's worth."

"The only way to visit the past is to recreate it."

"'Nice' is only surface deep."

"There's nothing wrong with being either masculine or feminine. What's wrong is thinking one needs to be one or the other to live the life they want."

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Did your work get published?

I need to know the origin of your username haha. It's made me scratch my head from the moment I got on this site.

I have some ideas that I need help turning into a fire emblem fics can you help please?:fluttercry:

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Original Displaced story is available · 11:19pm January 16th

I'm back for the second, most likely actual final time. I have no idea what the state of the site is or how many of the people following me are still on the site. I even have no idea what the state of the MLP intellectual property is, how Gen 5 turned out, etc. I'm here to signal boost my third book, which, as the blog title says, is based on the Displaced subgenre here on Fimfiction, but minus any copyrights that I don't have the rights to. I put out this idea years ago in a blog post, and the

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