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Applebloom just wanted to spend a day with her friends, crusading for her cutie mark. Instead, she found something even deeper and more troubling about herself. Turns out she's not even a member of the Apple Family by blood. In fact, she's not even truly native to Equestria! She's an alien! An alien robot no less!

Now Applebloom will have to deal with the reality of her origins and try to cope with them and her newfound abilities as she moves towards her future; a future that just might never come to be if her new foes have anything to say about it. Decepticons are, after all, a monstrous cabal.

Now, it's up to Applebloom to light Equestria's darkest hour.

Cover image credit goes to Inspectornills

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than she turns into a gun lol remeber back than they turn into radios and almost anything we use in the 80s lol:derpytongue2:

Scootaloo needs chemist lessons, how she could think "inflammable" means "no flammable"?

Beside, you have just posted this story an hour ago. Give the time necessary to start getting readers before throw it awat.


To be fair, it's actually a mistake I made a lot as a kid. I broke it down into two parts. "In" and "Flammable." As a kid, I assumed that the "In" meant "not," since, well, it would be just silly to have the words "flammable" and "inflammable" be synonyms, wouldn't it?

I was using my brain and drawing logical conclusions and using root words and stuff... sadly, I still reached the wrong conclusions. I just had Scootaloo do the same thing. Luckily for me, I never did anything quite like what Scootaloo did.

That's what I said about chemist lessons 'cause six years ago my brother did something liked what Scoot did, luckily, the only thing what ignite was mah little sis' favoritve blanket.

@Dusty the Royal Janitor...

1. First off and very importantly, if you are going to use the "Transformares" series of fan-artwork from the talented DeviantArt(ist) Inspectornills for your inspiration and cover-page, you should credit him for it.

2. A correction... It is Apple Bloom (two words), not Applebloom (one word). I never understand why so many get that wrong. It is listed as Apple Bloom in the show credits, in the MLP:FiM wikia & official site, and even in the Closed Captions (for those who watch the show with such).

3. Another correction... Optimus Prime's trademark line is "Transform, and roll out!" Two words for "roll out!" as well.

4. Those critiques aside, I like your CrossOver story-premise. Though personally Transformers Animated (which the fan-artwork series is based upon) was my second-least favorite Transformers series {The Pokemon-based anime, Tranformers: Robots in Disguise, being the bottom-most on the list.}, I can see the story-potential here. Hopefully you will have more Transformers other than Decepticons included in the cast, either PonyBots or traditional AutoBots, to provide mentoring &/or guidance to PonyBot Apple Bloom.


Thanks. I looked up and down DeviantArt for this picture but I couldn't find it there. (For some reason none of his art showed up when I tried to do a search for it), so I just went and put the search parameters into Google Images and found it there. Thanks for telling me who made it so I could find it and credit him.

I fixed the title as well.

As for the Applebloom/ Apple Bloom discrepancy... I know that "Apple Bloom" is right, "Applebloom" just rolls off the keyboard better for me and I like it a little more. It feels closer to Applejack what with being all one word and I just think it looks nicer. I'll change it if enough people point it out, though.

Thanks for reading! And the story is actually set in the aligned continuity family, though certain elements will be lifted from Animated here and there. As for Transformers we may see... I'll just have to keep that a secret for now. :pinkiecrazy:


5. Glad to help with finding DeviantArt(ist) Inspectornills. It is always important to credit the artists who provide inspiration &/or cover images.

6. As a creative suggestion, you could have Derpy Hooves be a PonyBot (since she is also listed & depicted in the "Transformares" fan-artwork set). More specifically & in-depth, Derpy would be an AutoBot Scout sent to stand vigil over Equestria for Decepticon activity, many years ago. AutoBot Derpy would be a highly intelligent operative and skilled combatant, only adopting the mundane & incompetent façade as a cover to exist in the background (pun intended :derpytongue2: ) for observation. This would give PonyBot Apple Bloom a Mentor-figure to teach her about her Transformer nature and Cybertronian heritage.

Please continue writing more!

About time there's a fanfic based on this piece of fan art.

Firstly: this is great! :pinkiehappy:
Secondly: While listening to music and reading, The Touch came on about half way through. The win was through the roof.

This is awesome! People need to create more Transformers/MLP crossovers. I find them extremely interesting. But anyways, this is really good! :raritystarry:

Ha ha! I knew that blog post would bear fruit in time! :pinkiehappy:

Eagerly looking forward to more. I grew up on Beast Wars, so I definitely welcome Maximal Bloom. And really, if you're going to make a pony a Cybertronian, who better than the Apple family engineer? (Well, not that Apple family engineer... you know what I mean. :derpytongue2:)

Apple Bloom is two words, not one.

Also, haven't seen you comment on Pirene in a while! Come on back. :pinkiehappy:

A extremely good start.

I must admit I'm primely a G1 fan, but you got my interest.

Question: Is Apple Bloom whatever they call Micromasters or similar nowadays? I'd normally wouldn't ask something like that on chapter one, but if she turns out to be a normal transformer... Well, I don't think much dramatic tension would survive that size upgrade.

As hilarious as Chrysalis showing up again and getting flicked towards the horizon would be...



I knew what that foreshadowing with only AB activating stuff probably means... but no chance at all of this happening?




Thank you!

It's a little early to start spilling things, but I can tell you that Applebloom will NOT be going through a massive size upgrade. In bot form she'll be taller than pretty much any pony (including Celestia), but she's not going to be as tall as the average transformer.

And sadly, no. No Cutie Mark Crusader Combiners.


Indeed! Thanks a bunch for bringing this back to life in my head. :) People seem to enjoy it so far.


Ah, OK. That sounds like a good compromise.


Cutie Mark Crusaders Targetmasters (Jay!) then? :pinkiecrazy:

You did say some stuff from G1 would show, after all...

Holy beast core! This is an amazing story and not to mention intresting idea. But applebloom can't face decepticons herself she needs a team. And if I know scootaloo and sweetie they will want to help out their friend. And I'm sure the mane six will help but fact is they can't do much against decepticons. Unless you go with the headmaster aspect. That would solve the problem. Just my opinion here.

Ha. Beast Wars! Although the silver puddles and Apple Bloom's background more closely match Transformers:Animated's Sari Sumdac, and the robot in the chair sounds awfully like a description of Samurai Prowl (although he died) or Yoketron (also dead). If it's an Aligned continuity, though, it could be Rewind, or maybe Darksteel.

*cue sweetie belle being turned into one and multipule sweetie bot jokes*


Is Applebloom a pretender like Alice, or a technorganic like Sari Sumdac? I mean, she drinks eats, and seems to have survived years without energon.

I'm lovin this fic!!! KEEP IT UP!!!!!


The fan-artwork by DeviantArt(ist) Inspectornills is based upon Transformers Animated, which in turn inspired this fan-fiction. So it is a safe assumption that PonyBot Apple Bloom is more like Sari Sumdac in being a techno-organic Transformer in the same vein.

Whether this means PonyBot Apple Bloom can replenish herself via both energon &/or organic food is up to the Author [Personally, I would say both, as with the TF:An series.]. Though as a Transformers Animated canon side-note, Sari also had a mystical link to the near-infinite energy of the Allspark as well, which may (or may not) have been a sustaining conduit to her Transformer nature as well.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~


Personally, I always disliked the "mass-shifting" of G1 Transformers, even way back when I was young. I would play with G1 Megatron and Soundwave, then compare their sizes with G1 Optimus Prime and Jazz, and then say out loud, "This makes no sense!" My folks were also answerless when I would shake Soundwave & Jazz at them saying, "This makes no sense!" :twistnerd: . This is also why my love of Transformers was born again with Michael Bay's "no mass shifting" interpretation of Transformers, and its follow-up series of Transformers: Prime.

The brief toy run & storyline with the Headmasters, Targetmasters, & Powermasters Transformers at least gave a plausible storyline angle for the Transformers being able to able to interact on the smaller human scale [Sadly the writing was terrible and the toys were poor quality, which is why it was short-lived.]. I might suggest using that angle for PonyBot Apple Bloom, for when you want to shift the scenes to the giant robot scale.


Following the Sumdac´s example, Maybe AJ´s parents found the autobots´ installations and made contact with a protoform, giving it their DNA.
Note: According with my personal headcanon, technorganical can survive for a long time (in human years) with normal food as long as they stay in organic mode. If they transform regulary and make use of their other mods (like energy weapons), they will need the energon (or in Sari´s case, the All-Spark inside) or will risk entering in stasis.

Oh sweet GOD! :rainbowlaugh:
Imma go ahead and fave this so I can remember to read it later! :rainbowdetermined2:

:ajbemused: It's "Apple Bloom", not "Applebloom". Why do so many people get this wrong?

When i get the Time, i am going to read this so hard you'll FEEL IT!:pinkiecrazy:

Oh man this is going to be cool, can't wait for an update! :D

this is AWESOME! I cant wait for more, but i gotta say, what made you choose Applebloom and not the obvious choice, Sweetiebot? XD

This fic so much remind me that I'm a transformer fan,( I had been disconnected, I have so much to catch up:twilightblush: ) and has so much potential, continue it please.

Holy shiiit.

I've been a huge Transformers collection since I was a little kid. My room is literally filled with the toys.

I don't have enough boxes or shelf space anymore!

I look forward to reading this when I get around to it.

oman have applebroom been a CYBERTROIM this whole time :pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp: applejack is going to faint when she see applebloom.

Just tell me this now. Is Optimus Prime going to be in this at any point? That's a deal maker or breaker for me. If you don't want to tell me that's fine, but I won't be reading it without that info. Good luck with the story either way!

What Apple bloom will be exactly?(beside the fact of be a transformer) The only transformers that I know with the enough body size to interact with pony's are: Mini-coms of Transformers Armada; Tecno-organic beings like Sary of Transformers Animated and maybe Transformers of Beast wars but they seem more larger(with the little point of reference that is possible to see).

Huh, yet another intriguing crossover idea from you. I've been a transformers fan a bit longer than I have a pony fan, so it's really good to see what looks like a very promising crossover story. Again, good luck with your stories, you seem to have some good stuff going!

so far it's looking great and very promising keep up the fabulous work and im curious will applebloom be able to shift her form back and forth between her pony form and robot form like sori from transformers animated or is she stuck and out of luck as a robo applebloom? :applejackunsure:

Found this in the featured box. I think this story has lots of potential and will not be abandoned.

3529563 You're not the only one who wants to see Prime in this fic.

I noticed a couple of typo's, but the story as a whole was entertaining enough to make me lose track of said typos. All in all, I'd say that's a fairly good compliment. :twilightsmile:

I was able to track down one of the perpetrating articles though! Hope you don't mind the nit-pickyness.

The farm filly felt compelled. She needed to get to the bottom of all this. What was this place? What was it doing in the metal of the Whitetail Wood?

3529783 given that she is a transformer, it could very well be that its more like Beast Wars, in the very beginning they all very closely resembled animals...


...I'm so happy

I haven't even read this yet and I've already followed you. :pinkiecrazy:
Will comment when read.

3526908 Here is what confuses me.

When a person says that there was injustice, it means "no justice"

Inflammable means "Can burn"

Unless I got that wrong.

Also, I always thought that robots turning into animals were more Beast Wars to me. I know that Transformers has robots that become animals. but they look more robotic.

Don't get me wrong, I like it, (and hope that more ponies become transformers, probably not though) it just my opinion and such, and what I saw in the series.

This reminds me of the the origins of Sari sumdac from transformers animated. also i got a question, is this gonna be an invasion fic where the decepticons invade equestria in giant robot forms and not use disguises. or are you going the traditional route where they disguise them self's. the first idea would make more sense since Equestia doesn't have ANY macines for them to disguise as.......Now if this story was a BEAST WARS fanfic it would make a great story. I mean ideas for the forms alone is just blows my mind. i mean its Equestria they could take the forms of a Manticore, Griffin, Diamond Dog, Hydra, Timber Wolf, Dragon, Cockatrice,Minotaur, Quarray eel, Sea serpent, Ursa, Cragadile, Cerberus or any number off Beings living in Equestria. or this could become an alternate origin story of how the Maximals and Predacons came to be. Its your story i'm just saying my thoughts at the moment..

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