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Every one hundred years, the forces of good mysteriously weaken, and Dracula gains enough strength to rise from his grave. And every one hundred years, the Belmont family stands and fights against him, eternally locked into a war between good and evil.

His castle, always waiting for its master, has now appeared in a faraway land, called "Equestria". In its sudden appearance, it has also stolen away the very goddesses that protect this land. With no goddesses to guide their subjects, good begins to falter in Equestria.

This land, governed by ponies that behave as humans, has lost its innocence. Time begins to move according to its own dementia. The earth has begun to rot. The mountains, skies, and rivers teem with unspeakable evils. The dead have begun to rise...

Dracula has come to Equestria, where there is no Belmont to stop him...

Special Thanks:

My brother, for the general idea of this story.
Jet Magnum and Razalon The Lizardman, for editing.
Kamineigh, for the title.
You, for your support!

Chapters (32)
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Comments ( 264 )

OK, so before we go any further, I'd like to share this neat video I found, mixing awesome with awesome. Behold!

1217312 Oh my god, there is something simultaneously amazing and horrifying about this. Whoever discovered this is some sort of mad genius.

On that note, if you haven't seen it already, you need to see this:

[EDIT: Potentially offensive content in video, language and suchlike! Fairly warned!]

I started reading this, and I really wanted to like it, but I just can't continue overlooking the constant tense swapping. If not for that, I probably would enjoy this a lot.

When it's happening "now", it's in present-tense. It's to represent the immediacy or urgency of every action.

When it's already happened, it's in past-tense, such as the Dullahan flashback.

Finally! Someone did a decent Castlevania crossover! :pinkiehappy: I have read up 'till now, and I am really liking this. You need to work on conveyance of character traits a bit more, but as far as spelling and grammar goes, it's stupendous. Wonderful story my friend, and I eagerly await another chapter. :twilightsmile: Also, I'm liking Aeon. :trollestia: On another note, what do you think of Dracula being member of the Belmont clan during his human life? I honestly did not see that coming in LoS. :twilightoops:



At least, not in this canon.

I like to think of Judgment, Circle of the Moon, Legends, and Lords of Shadow all happening in an Alternate Universe, with all the other games taking place somewhere along the timeline.

As for character traits, which ones specifically do you think I oughta work on? I know I went wrong with Rainbow Dash somewhere.

1459799 Mainly Dash and 'Shy. While Dash is brash, you make her a tad bit more so. Just try and convey the emotion of each character a little better, not that it isn't wonderful as is, it could just be done with more finese, ya know? :twilightsheepish: Try using some clever writing techniques like Alliteration and always stick true to your desire to make the reader feel like they're in the story. As far as LoS goes, I agree fully because of the drastic changes in personality that Konami has given him over the years and his original name was Mathias Cronqvist. :derpytongue2:


What is it about Fluttershy that's wrong? Her weakness is her timidity; she's a character who's constantly at war with her own cowardice, which makes big adventures hard for her.

As for Dash, the big reason she's so grouchy lately is mostly due to Shatterstorm bringing out the worst in her. Before that, she WAS in a tense situation (Ponyville being burned down), so her patience was strained even further. The one thing I really love about Dash is that she's very passionate and hot-blooded about what she believes in and the ponies she loves. I know there's a softer, more insecure side to her, and I do touch on that a bit in later chapters, but consider this my breaking into a new pair of shoes. I'm not that great an author.

By the by, what other Castlevania icons are you hoping to see?

1460074 Again, I didn't say anything was wrong, but I said you could convey their character portrayals better. :ajbemused: I clearly stated that it was wonderful, but it could be done better and not quite as disjointed. It's a 9 out of 10. Example: Fluttershy is a very timid character, but as someone who knows what kind of character plays her in the show and has met them on several occasions and spoken to them about the character herself, she wouldn't directly blame herself so quickly. She would eventually, but it wouldn't be done in such a quick and rushing manner. But again, it's however you want to display her and it's still pretty good. Dash, you have close to down packed, but you are letting her passion get in the way of her loyalty, which would normally not happen. Point is, these are small things and you only need to touch up on them very lightly, and you do not need to be a masterful author to do so. You just need to put yourself in the place of each character and make minor edits with more description here and there.

Castlevania icons?....I'd say Legion would be a nice addition. :rainbowlaugh:

One thing I'm quite curious about is, is all the chaos happening here going to release Discord? Is he going to be delighted at all the havoc or horrified that it's spun so far out of control even he is disgusted by it?:derpyderp1:


Discord's statue is in Canterlot Castle's garden. Canterlot Castle got whisked away. Therefore, Discord doesn't show up in this book.

But now that you mention him, I might be able to throw in something interesting later...

Maybe Discord ends up getting stuck with Celestia and Luna, wherever they're hiding? That could be some comedy gold right there. Sorry, I'm just a major Discord fanboy. :pinkiecrazy:


Again, I didn't say anything was wrong, but I said you could convey their character portrayals better. I clearly stated that it was wonderful, but it could be done better and not quite as disjointed.


Oh. Sorry if I came off as being too... needy for c+c.

But in your opinion, then, which parts did you enjoy the most? Because I apparently need to do more that! :pinkiehappy:

1463108 Personally, I think the scene with Lyra and Aeon in chapter 7 was beautifully done. If you capture that much emotion with every character in every chapter, I'd say it would be damn near perfection. :trixieshiftright:

Oh, wow, holy balls on walls, 38,000+ words. And here I thought you had just been sitting around twiddling your thumbs all this time. Nice to see you've been keeping busy. I'm in the mood for something scary, so this is going on my read later list for sure. I'd start now, but I need to spend this entire day working on my own stories. Don't worry though, I promise to get to it and give you the feedback we author types so desperately crave.

As a fan of both Castlevania and FIM I must say I am very impressed that your able to take two polar opposite franchises and make it work. Very well done.:pinkiehappy:
I do a have few questions bout chp.7 specifically about Aeon's explanation of the events leading up to this.

1)What exactly became of the "Vampire Killer"? It struck me as kinda odd that Aeon makes no mention of the whip.

2)When Aeon say's that a friend of his had gone to stop Richter is he referring to Alucard?

3) Finally who is this very foolish boy that scattered Dracula's parts to other dimensions?

Once again I 'd like say that is a very well made story and cant wait to read of it.:twilightsmile:


1) The Vampire Killer stays in the Castlevania continuity. But because Richter became tainted with Dracula's evil, the Belmonts he produced afterward were rejected by the whip. It won't accept another Belmont for as long as the taint remains in their bloodline--which, in all likelihood, was Dracula's plot the whole time. It won't be until Julius Belmont is born that the bloodline is finally whole again, and able to use the whip.
The reason Aeon doesn't mention this to the Mane Six is for the same reason Twilight doesn't mention her brother being sick to her friends. That information just isn't important right now. I mean, Portrait of Ruin showed us that anyone else who uses the whip must pass a trial, and even then, it slowly kills its user. It's not like any of these ponies are going to use it.

2) Who else could it be?


So, one day, a very foolish boy had an idea. He would dig up Dracula's body, cut it into pieces, and scatter them all over the dimensional rift, not caring where any of them ended up. He felt this would prevent Dracula from ever coming back."

At this, she hears Aeon let out a sound that begins a scoff, and ends in a chortle. "If you say so, Fluttershy. Being a good friend has never stopped this one from being a very foolish boy sometimes."

thank you for answering my questions, sry if the the alucard one seemed kinda obvious i have to play judgement so I'm a little out the loop as to Aeon's status with the rest of the Castlevania cast. I read a basic summery of the plot so know who Aeon is and what his involment with the game is but beyond that I don't all that much bout him.


Eh, that's OK. Judgment didn't sell very well, so I'm not all that surprised more people don't know about Aeon. I'm actually surmising that most people expected Alucard or Simon Belmont to be somewhere in the cast, and while they DO both appear later on in the story, Aeon was the only character who I was most comfortable with hopping through dimensions. I mean, he already travels through time, how would dimension-hopping be that much harder?

That and having a Belmont or Alucard show up this early would destroy the amazing sense of terror your story conveys.
Hard to have a scary story if one of characters was somebody who could kick Dracula's ass from here to next week. lol

When exactly is this occurring in Castlevania's Timeline? Bloodlines? Portrait of Ruin? Sometime after Portrait of Ruin?


The only real rule when I was going into this was anything goes, really. Lemme explain.

Have you ever wondered why there are monsters from Egypt, Greece, or Japan living in Castle Dracula? Or why Frankenstein's creature has a chainsaw? Or why Frankenstein's creature even existed in the 1600's when he was first built in the mid-1800's? Or why skeletons ride around on motorcycles? Or why there are hotdogs and Chicago-style pizza in the candles during the late 1700's? Or why there are occasionally robots wandering the halls?

It's like this.

Castlevania makes its own damn rules. A few of Dracula's minions even have some control over time, so no matter what year it is outside, it's always a mishmash of different eras inside. It's an Eldritch Location in every way.

So whichever era in the Castlevania timeline this story takes place in doesn't really matter, especially since the Castlevania world won't be featured--save for the Castle itself, of course.

wow, that actually makes a whole lot of sense XD

I just thought of an explanation of why Dracula's curse on the Belmont clan is lifted by 1999. Like in Simon's Quest, killing Dracula would lift the curse, but it's likely that Dracula used a stronger curse than he did with Simon, but every time he is revived and killed, a part of the curse breaks, thus when 1999 comes around, his followers have indirectly caused the curse he placed on the Belmonts to be destroyed

I'm not sure if that's what you already had in mind with the curse on the Belmont clan, but I just thought I'd share my hypothesis ^^;

I'm deeply impressed with this one. Do you know how hard it is to find a Castlevania fanfiction, let alone a good one?
I can't wait for more. Will any other bosses from the games show up, like Shaft or Giles de Rais?


Several bosses will appear later. You'll see them all pretty much gathered at the end of this first book, discussing their next course of action. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a good use for Shaft or Gilles, even though I thought they were some pretty cool villains.

The questions I asked myself regarding which villains to use were:

[] Is this villain hardly ever used? If so, what do I know about this villain?
[] What is this villain's strong points and weak points?
[] How can I use this villain? Will it be effective?

As for other Castlevania characters, we'll be meeting who wrote the magic book Aeon gave Twilight near the end of this book. And in one of the next stories, we'll meet someone else as well. I had to argue with him a bit to get him in, but hey, everypony needs gold, even in hell these days. :raritywink:

I'm sorry I just couldn't resist :rainbowlaugh:


I DO like Castlevania, don't I?

What would you say about this fic? Which parts did you like or not like?

Wow, Dirt Nap is channeling Aguni?

1739566 *shakes fists* LIIIIIIIEEEEEEES! :raritydespair:

1742472 Yup. Actually, Dirt Nap became his Host Body. Sort of like how Dario Bossi was Aguni's host body.

Alt. Title: What A Horrible Night To Write A Crossover


Rather meta. Maybe I can save that for one of the other books in this series, though.

an update :yay: got say man your really good at building suspense. Then taking what is already a wost case scenario for everypony involved and some how making even worse. It almost half the fun of story just trying guess what horrors come to twilight and company next.:pinkiecrazy: With that in mind I'm betting since Chronomage is here his friend isn't far behind.

Toki yo tomare!

Holy gods man. There are no words for how awesome this is. I need your brain to write my non-piny fic!:moustache:


What kind of nonpony fic we talkin'? PM me and maybe I can help you out.

Damn! You beat me to this idea. I am planning to do a Castlevania Fanfic. The idea isnt dead because I still want to do a kind of AOS + SOTN mix with a explanation of the war of 1999. I was going to do a corrupt Discord with a Dracula influence. I think I will add some intense boss fight scenes within my next fic, but anyhow I'll have to give this a read. Don't worry, I won't steal any ideas :pinkiehappy:


You better not. I'd hate to have to call the ePolice and put you in eJail for ePlagiarism.

But when you DO post that Castlevania story, let me read it. There needs to be more than one MLPvania.


Haha, will do. Don't worry, I don't plagerize. Doing so would be extremely dull and uncreative for my tastes. Go check out the teaser I released so far if your interested on my profile. But first things first, I have to complete and polish up my current fanfic so far. Castlevania bronies unite. :pinkiehappy:

It's Dullahan isn't it? And i bet i know what the rabbit is...:trixieshiftleft:

The link to the song is broken. And I'm really liking this so far, keep it up!

Death chuckled, a cold and cruel and quiet noise. "When we received news that she had destroyed Dullahan, I admit I feared we had met a formidable foe. But now that I've looked into her soul, I really do not think she is a threat."

Someone pick up that phone 'cause I F*cking called it!


Thanks for telling me about the link, link.


Don't forget to use spaces.


Tell that to Pokey Pierce. ItsnotlikeIhavetousethosespacesman.

All I can say about this chapter is: Show that stinking mare who is the Element of Magic, Twilight!

Keep up the great job with this! And, here hoping that everything come out fine in the end for the ponies, especially poor Applejack and Big Mac.

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