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I Need Help For A Friend - A Fellow Brony · 2:37am Dec 4th, 2017

Hey, guys...

Y'hear about those nice things, right? Rights, they're called. Like, umm... Can't serve a jail sentence without a trial, right?

Guess Wisconsin's not a fan of that one.


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Damn 2 hours ago

Ah, we're playing this game again. Show up every couple of years to release a new Through the Eyes chapter, just like Scatman2001.

So, strap in, guys. New chapter not for another several months.


I know my following is nothing compared to yours, but maybe these fourty-seven I've got can pitch something in.

Is he gone from Fimfiction (and pony in general) for good though? I know he was focusing on IRL stuff.

Bumped into Cards on a different website last night completely by chance, he's definitely not dead :D

Working on books and comics right now. The comic is sillyness, the books will be more serious. Anyone can find me pretty easily with a googling of my name. :)

  • Viewing 223 - 227 of 227
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