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Status Report! On many things! · 2:39am Jan 28th, 2016

Hey, kiddos!

Just a heads up. Working on next chapter already, got about 20% into it. Things are looking pretty good. More stuff changing here than was changing before. First half was pretty solid, second half actually has a few things that will be... Well, you'll see. :3 Yeah? Yeah~!


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    Bumped into Cards on a different website last night completely by chance, he's definitely not dead :D

    Working on books and comics right now. The comic is sillyness, the books will be more serious. Anyone can find me pretty easily with a googling of my name. :)

    1 year woooooo

    Carddddddddddds you alive?!

    Hope your doing alright Troll-face. I still go back to reread your stories now and then, including the googledoc originals.

    Hey trollface. You here?
    (no offense, you are a super troll)

    • Viewing 219 - 223 of 223
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