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AN UPDATE - FRET NOT! · 5:02pm October 14th





What, did you think I was dead?

I'M TOTES ALIVE! Yes, yes indeed, I'm still around. Been moving around, getting jorbs, making dollars, working on my writing.

I'm working on a book. It's been lots of fun, it's an original IP, though what can we say is really original these days. I mean, I've literally only come up with a dozen book concepts only to find out someone BETTER HAS ALREADY DONE IT AND I'M LIKE AAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!

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    Is he gone from Fimfiction (and pony in general) for good though? I know he was focusing on IRL stuff.

    Bumped into Cards on a different website last night completely by chance, he's definitely not dead :D

    Working on books and comics right now. The comic is sillyness, the books will be more serious. Anyone can find me pretty easily with a googling of my name. :)

    Carddddddddddds you alive?!

    Hope your doing alright Troll-face. I still go back to reread your stories now and then, including the googledoc originals.

    • Viewing 220 - 224 of 224
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