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I Need Help For A Friend - A Fellow Brony · 2:37am Dec 4th, 2017

Hey, guys...

Y'hear about those nice things, right? Rights, they're called. Like, umm... Can't serve a jail sentence without a trial, right?

Guess Wisconsin's not a fan of that one.


Wispy was one of my Prereaders. Hell, he was the driving effort behind getting a fan animation done for Through The Eyes Of Another Pony. I've known nothing but love and support for him my time as a brony.

Well, he and his family went to report a child molester and apparently they thought him culpable as well, despite him and his family bringing the case forward.

Anyway, I'm... I'm heartbroken to hear he's been locked away for months with a Public Defending lawyer that can't be asked to do his job.

Please sign this petition. Help me save a friend from an awful fate. And if we make it happen, I'll make it up to you all. Promise. I try not to beg, but for this? Yeah. I'll beg. Hell, I'll make another chapter of TTEOAP. I'll put my personal projects on hold for that like you wouldn't believe! I'm supposed to work a joke in here or something, but at the moment I'm just really distraught, y'know?

Feel free to share it and help him out even more.


EDIT TWO: OH, HEY! THE PETITION ASKS FOR MONEY BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO DONATE A DIME, THAT'S ALL HOLY DAMN, I FORGOT ABOUT THAT THING. Just click the part below and it will accept your signature. Again, thank you so much.]

EDIT THREE: Oh, the really important detail. We only need 100 signatures. :(

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Well put budday.
Thanks Guy
You're also my friend.

...is that enough South Park references? I don't think it's enough. I'll have to Roshambo for it later.

Anyway, thanks for helping Cards. It means a lot.


But, don't worry, I am signing this petition. In my opinion, this is some screwed up crap that Shawn was pulled into; while I can't blame the victim, that doesn't mean I don't have hard feelings about how the whole event went down and the response that was given.

I'm sorry I can't do more, I don't have much money but I pitched in five dollars to try and spread the petition.

You've done so much more than I could have asked, my friend. :) You're a hero to help a guy you don't even know. Thank you so, so, so very much. I don't know what else to say.

It's what I hope someone else would do for me, were I in his position.

I have signed. I'm a teacher in Texas and I worry about something like that happening. Even an accusation of that without a rock solid alibi would basically be the end of my livelihood. Sadly I know a man who had that happen, he was found innocent but will never teach again because no school district wants to risk any relation to an accused child molester.

Signed. Sorry that he got dragged into such a Shitty situation

Yeesh. That is a seriously messed-up situation. Signed.

I've already seen too much of people's reputations getting unjustly trashed, but this is a whole 'nother level.

I mean, I'll sign? But I don't see how a petition will change anything. This is a criminal case, not a senator who's worried about being reelected. They aren't going to be nearly as swayed by public opinion. If anything the judge probably hears pleas like this all day every day. If the prosecution feels they have enough to make a case, they will go forward or they wont. Just because he has fans won't change the outcome.

What he needs is a retainer and hire a criminal defense lawyer who can make the case; either weak enough the prosecution drops the charges entirely because they don't like their odds of winning, or to defend him and cast reasonable doubt on the charges. A list of people who liked his contributions to online stories isn't going to affect a judge, if it even makes it past his staff and he sees it himself. He needs a lawyer to argue he isn't a flight risk, not a bunch of strangers and a list of names.

It's actually not a criminal case. He's not arrested. He's being detained because Wisconsin has a sketchy law that allows people to be detained indefinitely if suspected of a crime where a child is the victim. :(

That's sounds like it violates a thing...
Hrmm, whatsit called...
That thingy that our justice system is founded upon....
Oh golly....

Hmm. Is there a public record of the arrest warrant and the law that allows this? Right now all I have is your word, and frankly I don't know you well enough to consider it unassailable, nor can I be sure you yourself have not been duped.

Don't get me wrong, I'm very strongly opposed to something like this, if it happened the way you said it did. But at the same time we've seen a startlingly large amount of false accusations and bullshit flying around on the air and online. I cannot in good conscience sign a petition for someone whose circumstances and/or character I have only hearsay on.

Nevertheless, if the truth is as you've presented it, then I wish your friend and yourself the best of luck in getting this fixed... and suing the everloving pants off of the cops for fucking up so drastically.

EDIT: In any case, have you considered getting the attention from the local news media? As reprehensible as some of those lunatics can be, they do love a good story that will get attention, and a falsely-imprisoned man certainly qualifies.

And no, I don't mean "good" as in "this is all happy sunshine", I mean "good" as in "gets attention and angers people who don't want that shit happening to them". Controversy sells.

I appreciate it. :( And I'm so sorry for your friend. That's a nightmare and a half for even just an errant word to end someone's career like that.

Nope, no arrest records. Because he's not under arrest and he's not charged with anything.


But I understand your hesitation and I don't blame you in the slightest. These last two years in particular have exhausted everyone.

Signed. Don't really have anywhere to share though. Here's hoping all goes well.

Any idea which law this is? The only thing I can find remotely resembling that is emergency detainment of a pregnant woman if there is the belief of drugs that will affect the baby are a risk. I.e. cocaine moms can be held until the child is born for the child's safety.


Yeah, no, something sounds wrong here, or you don't have all the information, et cetera. Trying to blog about it on fimfiction isn't going to do anything for your friend, though, nor will signing a petition. Change.org isn't going to do shit for him. In order for someone to be held, some form of charges must be levied against him. Which seems to be the case, given that there's bail. Speaking from personal experience that means only 10% of the amount of bail needs to be provided, as a bailsbond company will provide the other 90%, with the understanding they will pursue for that 90% should the charged party flee.

If this situation is as messed up as this petition claims, then getting the attention of local/state-wide media would go a long way, especially when phrased as an attempt to prevent a child from being further molested backfiring upon the reporting party, and playing it up some. You need to get out, contact people, etc. Petitions just won't cut it.

And, especially not when you try and drag in people who aren't even in the local area. That's just useless.

I'll be honest, I don't know you, I don't know your friend, hell I don't even know anything about Wisconsin.
However, you said he was detained in July? Whether he is guilty or not does not matter in this case, 7 months is too long for just detainment. (Either meaning of just.)
While I don't think a petition will help in any way, and I agree strongly with those who say to get the media involved, I have signed anyway, just to show my support. I also suggest him getting a good lawyer, not just to get him out, but to sue the State afterwards as well.

I hope things are going better, I've been keeping an eye on the change.org page but nothing seems to have happened. If you're not busy could you please let us know how things are going with your friend?

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