Thinking About BronyCon 2017... · 7:18am Aug 8th, 2017

The one convention I wanted to go to this year and I can't make it.


Here's wishing everyone who goes the best time. Have fun and hopefully I'll see you there next year.

PS: If anyone wants to, send me an email with any amazing pictures you happen to get while there, and I might use them in the Brony Book I'm writing.

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I'm sorry to hear that, but I do think it's unfair to remove your stories for fans who might still want to read them.
If you never want to write again that's completely understandable, but but I think I'll stay watching just in case you ever decide to put up what you have written again for those curious.

I won't be posting any more stories due to having been screwed-over by the mods, so it's pointless following me.

Thanks for the fave and follow :3

Thanks for the fave on The Quest! :twilightsmile:

Thank you for the watch!

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