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Someone who forgot about ponies for years, but decided to come back when they started a particularly interesting pony project.


Story Updates! · 4:21pm March 8th

Scaled Up: The Big Apple will continue to update on Fridays, with another chapter coming out tomorrow.

There's a second chapter to Stress Relief currently in the works. It stands at about halfway through so far, hoping to get it done by or for the weekend.

A new chapter of Bully for you, Blueblood is planned and will be started after Stress Relief's new chapter is out.

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Maybe you could show me what you have so far, and I can offer ways to continue it.

Having a bit of trouble, to be honest. The last part of that story is proving tough, mainly due to the Scootaloo segment and the fact that it’s just the chapter before with an extra character.

Really hard to do and I’m considering just finishing the story without it.

how are things going.

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