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Artist, writer and anything else I can do to slack off from my current projects.

Art status - Requests, Art Trades, Commissions

Requests: FULL

Slot 1: CLOSED
Slot 2: CLOSED
Slot 3: CLOSED

Art Trades: OPEN

Slot 1: EMPTY
Slot 2: EMPTY
Slot 3: EMPTY

Collaborations: Ask me.

Slot 1: EMPTY
Slot 2: EMPTY
Slot 3: EMPTY


Commissions: Open.

Payments only with Paypal

Price list: http://sayer09.deviantart.com/art/ENG-Commission-Info-Update-386587474

Slot 1: EMPTY
Slot 2: EMPTY
Slot 3: EMPTY

My best works so far:

-Art Trade for ImJustAnotherBrony
-Fanfic cover - Skies Ablaze
-Fanfic cover - The bell tolls
-Fanfic cover - Rainbow in the Dark
-Fanfic cover - The Girl Who Loved Unicorns
-Shaded with a background and extra characters
-Humanized Rainbow Dash
-Original characters design

Note: I will ask half the payment first and the other half upon delivery because of certain "clients" who didn't pay or didn't work on their part for an Art Trade.

If you pay for the first half, I will work as much as you want until you're sattisfied with the final product. If you want to cancel the work or anything like that, I will keep the payment ONLY if I already started working on your commission. If you asked for it and cancelled before I could draw anything, then you'll receive your payment back.

I will draw:

-Any style you want (manga, cartoon, pony...)
-Canon characters.
-Canon x canon
-Oc x Oc
-Canon x OC
-Ponies humanized.
-Anthro ponies.
-Certain Fetishes (You can ask me)

I won't draw:

-Certain Fetishes (You can ask me)
-Other things involving an OC (Death, torture...)


Still alive, still writing · 8:00pm Jun 19th, 2015

I won't write a column here because not too many people read this, so I'll make it short: I've been suffering from a writing block for god knows how long, and I recently started to write again. Here's a little fragment to show you how much I improved after all this time (keep in mind this isn't edited in any way; it's still a draft).

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Hey, I got a new fic in production. You want in?

1967454 I expect a copyright fee for that comment >:(
Nah, just kidding xD

Hey... Not to be rude or anything, but did you get my message?

1226056 We shall laugh at this when you're back :raritywink:

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