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Twilight is finally starting to realize that her new title and wings come with responsibilites, and that she can't even see her friends because of her new duties as a princess. After all the time they spent, after all their adventures, it seems like they may have come to an abrupt end because of something she never asked for.

What should she do? Should she continue being an alicorn princess or become a normal unicorn once again? Can she find happiness even after being separated from her friends? And most importantly, will they understand how she really feels?

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The main thing that I applaud your story for is...you have a very in character Celestia here. Do not get me wrong, I do disagree with you on certain points and we could discuss it, but I don't wish to here. I am more focused on how well you protrayed Celestia here. Most of the time, when an author deals with this subject of Twilight not wanting the gift, Celestia will be demonized, turned evil, or will become tyranical in some way. But not here, you gave Celestia a very reasonable, and ell thought out reason as to why she would do it and have her being nice enough to consider her students feelings on the subject. You have given a very credible situation here and a very nicely written Tia. Thank you.

3797530 I am glad to hear that. The way I see this, Celestia is almost (if not always) testing Twilight. So I thought this could be a good setup for the story. She's not a demon, a bad teacher, a monster, a selfish character...

She's just someone who wants to know that her student is trustworthy, and given what we saw with Sunset Shimmer, I think it would make sense for her and go the extra mile for a test, no matter how complicated and/or absurd it is. That's how I wanted to portay her, and I'm glad to see that I accomplished my objective.

So rainbow said that brownie didnt come, but later he is at the party as one of the only ponies not totally worn out along with fluttershy. im confused. but fantastic story!!!!!

3839506 Wait, he is? Sorry, that's a typo from the original version. At first I wanted to include him, but my editor said he didn't belong in this story, so we took him out. Thanks for pointing out my mistake :pinkiegasp:

There isn't much here that's new (probably the reason for those four downvotes), being little more than another example of the fandom's early negative reaction to the Twilicorn news. Not necessarily a bad thing, though. It's still a story with a solid point, and you made that point well.

'Course for me, the deciding factor between whether I adored this fic or despised it was Spike's involvement. His presence decides whether a story is about unbiased friendship or exclusive sisterhood. I especially loved the cuddle pile.

...........................Excuse me for a moment...

This is actually pretty good.... It would make a good episode in MLP

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