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Jetstream S

Hey guys! I'm Jetstream, and only run on pure JP-7. What is JP-7 you ask? Ask Google. Google will know.


I am a United States Air Force fighter pilot. I'm supposed to be a fearless, balls to the wall man of unfathomable feats. But somehow, I was taken from my world during a simple, routine flight. Now that I'm stuck here, part of me wishes I could have done things differently... The other part wants to stay here in this peaceful land, surrounded by serenity. Only time will tell where my road leads. I just hope I can find a way to cope in the mean time.

"A single event can awaken within us a stranger totally unknown to us."
~Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Awesome cover art by Balthasar999

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Comment posted by poisedanimeBloke deleted May 9th, 2013

Nice, longer chapter now.

Just please keep all of the later chapters this way? They are better when they are long.:twilightsmile:

Some links to all these fancy turns would be helpful. I have no idea what you're saying half the time...

longer plz :3
other than that it is really good

Yay re-writen chapter! Sorry I couldn't respond to this before bro, a little busy.

Anyways this is just epic!

252589 Don't worry, these chapters are going to be getting much, much longer. Probably when Allen enters Equestria, which is in the next chapter if I am correct.

@StealthDash Thanks for the recognition but really, you don't need to mention my help if you don't want. Just seeing my help work making this awesome story a success is enough for me.

2552645matter of fact, you are correct. The next chapter is already about 4k words, and that's just adding new details and events. I haven't even revised the existing content, that much... Yet. I'm really feeling it tonight though.

I like this. I find it quite fun.

Are you going to continue this story?

2703855 I'm revising it as we speak. Next chapter is already six times longer than the previous "version." I don't know why the dates stayed the same when I posted the revised chapters. Matter of fact I posted chapter four less than two days ago but the date remained the same :facehoof:

The first "versions" of the first four chapters were less than 300 words each and horrifically written. I opted to become better and enlisted the help of several friends to hone my writing skills. Having an editor really helped as well :twilightsmile:

To actually answer your question: Total and complete YES. I love writing this story and will see this through to the end. :rainbowdetermined2:

Hey guys, I'm still revising and editing the next chapter, ignore the dates on the chapters! I'll most likely have the next one out in about three days. Thanks for reading! :raritywink:

Hey, you stole my story title! :flutterrage:

Just kidding, this isn't bad. Keep at it. :pinkiehappy:

2761193 Its a common title.. I've been trying to think of a better one actually. Care to give any suggestions?

I liked the cover pic with the two sketched F-35's better. :applejackunsure:

So all those little chapters have been condensed now? That's nice, so far this story has been good so a little rereading won't hurt.

2761200 I'll let you know if I think of any!

How about: Anything but AWOL? Or Lost Contact?

Actually, if you don't mind giving me some suggestions for my When Worlds Collide, that would be cool! :pinkiehappy:

2761241 Yea I'll have a look at it after I mow my lawn. Also to anyone reading this, feel free to hit me up on Skype and throw some ideas and your opinions at me. I'll most likely respond in as little at half an hour if I'm not at work. Skype name: StealthDash22 (Nova One)

Rolling onto the tarmac from the parking lot, he flipped he switch to go into STOL mode.

Forgot the "t". :raritywink: And one other time you put Lightning III, now this may not be a mistake, but isn't this a Lightning II?

Personally, I'd take the original P-38 Lightning over any other plane except the Spitfire Mk. V.


2761484 Nope, not a mistake. :ajsmug: Great eye for details with the F-35 though. The Lightning III is my F-35"E" model's next gen name. If you read the specifications in the story's long description, I made the E model be far more advanced than the A/B/C models. Pretty much all models combined and more is the E. Agreed, the P-38 was a total and complete bad ass in its day...:yay: And thanks for pointing out that typo, hope you enjoy the rest!

So wait... is the Sonic Rainboom past the sound barrier in this fic? Because you said Scootaloo already broke the sound barrier before she did the Rainboom.

I personally think otherwise of that but it won't really affect my opinion of the story, glad I'm rereading it, you changed a lot of it.

2761992 Yea, The Rainboom "apparently" also affects light, so it would have to be far past the speed of sound. (My opinion)

Sure she had a little help, but there was no way she would see her little sister fail of she had anything, to say about it.

Should be "if" and I don't think that comma after "anything" belongs.

She wanted to punch herself in the face so, SO badly, but a part pf her said not to, not here at least.

Should be "of", it seems to be the two lettered words that get ya. :raritywink:

She tumbled through them as they slowed her fall, but the ground beneathThe impact came with a mind numbingly loud crunch and she cried out in pain.

Not sure if it's suppose to be a space and remove the capital "T" or if it's suppose to be a period and a space.

Good God... stay away from clouds...

New favourite story quote. :pinkiehappy:

Seems Betty is a fully sapient and sarcastic AI. Absolutely brilliant! Giving the human a friend from Earth that isn't another human. Although without fuel he won't have that friend for long.

I'm curious how you'll fix that? Hopefully not with changing the engine to run on magic, I personally hate that idea and it's a turn off when a fic has it. However I am perfectly fine with using magic to make normal non-magical jet fuel. :pinkiehappy:

All in all this seems like a completely different fic than the one I read all those months ago, I like this one better. Good job! Needs some Mosquito's though. (To me the Mosquito and P-38 tie for second place favourite plane.)


And for some reason I am now really tempted to write a fic having a flight of Mosquitos enter Equestria after a night-time bombing raid on Germany and them getting separated from the rest of the squadron. Mainly because it's not a well known plane, there aren't enough Brits in Equestria yet, and I haven't seen a fic that has a whole four plane flight getting pulled in. Normally it's only one plane. Although Flight 19 did, but all but two planes were destroyed and their crews killed so that doesn't really count. And it was a prophecy or something in Equestrian myth not a random occurrence, which is more fun.

2762929 I just chalked that up to cartoon physics. :rainbowwild:

Mainly because in the show when she does it there is no normal sonic boom before the Rainboom, so unless she breaks Mach 1 silently I believe it's Mach 1 to make the Rainboom. I explain the lightshow with it being different laws of physics and Pegasi magic, instead of Mach 10 like people think. (Which spacecraft surpass Mach 10 while still in our atmosphere and they don't make a Rainboom, now do they?)

But I accept you're one of the people who believe otherwise.

2763281 If it were Mach one, Allen would have created it when he tripped the Scramjet. Also we believe it is Mach five that creates the Rainboom, then they instantly increase to Mach ten. :rainbowdetermined2:

2763564 There's a British aircraft manufacturer developing a plane that can reach Mach 5.

Meet Reaction Engines Limited's A2, only need to wait 25 more years. :rainbowwild:

But me and you shall continue to view Rainbow's top speed differently. :raritywink:

2763621 We beat them to it on April 12, 1981. It was called the SPACE SHUTTLE. NASA is an idiot for canceling it... So bite us! ~Americans.:rainbowlaugh:

2764526 But this is going to be an airliner, as in a passenger non-space plane. Besides Reaction Engines Limited are also building the Skylon spaceplane. :ajsmug: Which is in final stages of testing. While NASA plays with itself Britain is building the newest spacecraft.

Kinda makes you wonder. If the ten people that gave this a dislike back then read it now, would they change their vote? :fluttercry:

I'm confused. Are pilots always this trigger-happy? First it was the group of aircraft before the storm and after it, he's gunning for the "mysterious" animal that's been following him around. Still, I suppose if he took a moment to think it through, his mind would probably crash; the freaky-deaky storm complete with black lightning, clouds of unnatural density, and finally a mythical creature that shouldn't exist, can go supersonic, accelerates faster than his jet, and generates it's own EMP.

I suppose saying he's bucked when he lands is an understatement. Not only for shooting up Cloudsdale (all those bullets will hit something) but also running out of fuel and stranding himself there with no way home. As much as I like Betty, with her strangely advanced AI, she'll get cut off soon when the fuel runs out and I seriously doubt the batteries will last for very long.

2771285 Although I really don't appreciate the dislike :trixieshiftright:, the next few chapters will clear a lot of things up. If you payed attention, all the bullets fired hit the ground after the forward lift fan faltered. If you were in an area with zero radio or GPS assistance while piloting a $200 million gen 5 fighter, you would most likely have a finger poised on the trigger constantly. In a world full of magic, more fuel can easily be created. Lithium-Ion batteries can last a very long time if conserved properly. Yes he is stranded, for now and that's the whole point. If he weren't, his story would never be worth a damn. The Sonic Rainboom isn't really an EMP, however it is a very powerful release of energy similar to an EMP so Betty called it that for Allen to get the hell outta there. Oh and Paddle Steamer, I was thinking heavily on bringing Vector (X-ray Two's callsign) into the world after he goes looking for him, but I'm still not sure how that would be done. Also If you want Morphy, I can give you the link to the next chapter so you can probably have your mind changed about that dislike :ajsmug: Also, the reason for his trigger happiness before the storm is simple: The US and a certain other are at each other's throats and war could break out at any time. This is why I don't appreciate it when people jump to conclusions so readily before reading future chapters :facehoof:

Whoops, the part about the bullets hitting the ground... that isn't revealed until the next chapter...:twilightblush:


Dislike? I've not voted either way. But I certainly can right now if you wish? Irregardless, I'm intrigued with HiE type stories and their initial contact so I will favorite this to keep track.

The pilot just seems rather maverick to me, less restrained than I'd expect one to be since he is piloting one of the most (or close to it) elite aircraft in the US arsenal. I just hope he doesn't do something foolish in the next chapter and start a war intera-dimensional conflict.

...which seems to me how one or two Conversion Bureau stories started out. But that's neither here nor there.

2772507 He is the leader of the elite X-ray 738th fighter wing. They are the best of the best with Allen as their leader. So yea, he's pretty much in charge of himself and the only person he answers to is the Secretary of the Air Force. And for you to say "I just hope he doesn't do something foolish in the next chapter and start a war intera-dimensional conflict."... You have NO IDEA how good of a guess that was... Maybe.. :raritywink:

Also about the dislike thing, from my experience, people who leave comments that are kinda negative tend to also dislike the story. So I guess I was the one jumping to conclusions. Apologies... :facehoof:

The next few chapters will describe the X-ray Squadron's formation with all four members via Allen's dreams. <-- Spoiler Also epic battles and twists I guarantee will leave you wanting more! :pinkiehappy: So you want the unedited next chapter to see for yourself or what? :rainbowdetermined2:

For everybody who has read or is about to read this story, keep in mind I will be changing the title to something far better. I could really use some help coming up with the new title, so anyone willing to help can contact me on Skype: StealthDash22 (Nova One) :rainbowdetermined2:


No no, I'll wait with everyone else.


Oh and Paddle Steamer, I was thinking heavily on bringing Vector (X-ray Two's callsign) into the world after he goes looking for him, but I'm still not sure how that would be done.

If he comes in a Mosquito I would kiss you. :rainbowkiss: :rainbowwild:

Although having to explain where the hell he got a WWII British fighter bomber would be hard. Lets say he makes lots of money and had a reproduction made. :pinkiehappy:

I mean four auto-cannons, and four .303 machine guns, plus up to two tons (4,000lbs) of bombs, or the choice of 8-10 wing mounted rockets? The thing's a beast. And it's British. :rainbowwild:

2776363*Sigh* agreed that would be nothing short of badassery, I don't think the wooden frame and the sheer size would make it through that portal in one piece. (Allen was subjected to just over nine Gs when he entered) :applejackunsure:

2776525 Good point, although maybe if this portal wasn't in a massive storm... and weren't most of those G's caused by him fighting the air currents? If he were to go with the wind the plane may make it through, besides, that wood is stronger than you may think. :rainbowdetermined2:
(Although that was joke and I never actually thought you'd consider taking anything from WWII.)

2776556 Pshh I know most of the fighters and bombers used in WWII, and most of them were bad ass back then. I actually got to thinking... What if the base where Two landed had a museum in need of a restoration project test flier...? :raritywink:

2776581 Well then, the whole "go with the flow" phrase could be your saviour. Instead of going against the air currents Vector could fly with them, there would be a lot less G-force to fly with a strong wind than against it. :raritywink:

Edit: I can also imagine the museum being quite cross when he basically steals their plane and goes and disappears with it.

Just to make sure, you do know that liquids aren't measured in pounds. Its liters, gallons, and such. I'm american, and even we use them for liquids.

2800143 Yea I know. More Pilot Slang. The AI is supposed to be as human as possible, therefore it listens to what Allen says and created a dynamic personality around his typical speech and attitude. My laptop is currently out of commission (I'm typing this from my phone) but as soon as I am able, the next chapter will be published. Fear not my friends, the story SHALL CONTINUE!

I'm trying to think of an acronym for "Betty." Any and all suggestions will be taken into consideration!

Ok. I don't mean to sound arrogant, but that stuff just really gets on my nerves. Anyway, I really like this story. I can't wait for the next update.:twilightsmile:






Wonder how this'll end

2812567 my best guess?
Allen being interrogated then forced into friendship like all the other HiE stories. :unsuresweetie:
but I'm just being picky, so I'm going to be quiet now and wait for the next chapter.

2813143 You got no idea what's gonna happen... Stay tuned... :rainbowdetermined2:

He should of just ended the fight right away with his gun... :pinkiecrazy:

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