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Part of an Art Trade I had with Star Sage.
Warning: Involves unaware vore.

In her search of new methods to increase her speed, Rainbow Dash came up with the idea of using a magic stone she got from Zecora. Although it's a bit unorthodox, she can already see the improvement. That is, until something unexpected happens involving a certain farmer.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 22 )

Wouldn't Rainbow kinda... suffocate? And die? And be digested? :V

3593291 3593243 stomach acid is one of the strongest acids on the planets, it wouldn't have stopped at her clothes, it would've burnt through her skin and pretty much killed her. Plus yeah, no air

Great. Now I have to drink more!

3593359 wouldnt advise that, y 'know that burning sensation you can get in your stomach if you drink too much? Thats your stomach eating itself

Psssh! Once again alcohol is the solution for my problem....

I will drink until I forget this too...

3593484 in fact! Your stomach is constantly eating itself, a new layer of tissue has to be replaced every couple minutes!

I know you are trying to kill me with your comments.

Oddly though that last fact was comforting....

Still going to drink it away though. Alcohol is pretty indiscriminate when it comes to memory loss.

3593195 This was part of an Art Trade. Not my kind of genre, but it can't hurt to try something different.

Yeah, I thought about that, but Star Sage told me to not kill Rainbow, so I left her alive. I wrote this fic with the idea of "this is just a silly story. Screw science and logic". Besides, there's even more of these stories that could blow your mind if you tried to understand them.

3593335 Come on, Kalash, you've read weirder things than this (I suppose).

Nice story, but I found a pair of minor grammatical errors you may want to edit.

Rainbow Dash soared through the sky like a lightning, being unnoticed by everyone else as she avoided everypony strolling through Ponyville.

I think that should either be "like lightning" or "like a lightning bolt". But that's just my opinion. The only other thing was that you wrote "flied" when I thought "flew" would be more fitting.

3596322 Thanks for pointing out. This is what happens when I publish a fic without sending it to my editor first :derpytongue2:

3730219 Art Trade. Sometimes this happens.

continue please

Well it was something, although not much i can say really. ell better then read and run


Rainbow Dash stayed in the air s she went further down Applejack’s body.

Missed one more. I believe you meant "as."

Feels like I ate a whole cow or something.

she got dos meet eeter teeth yes?

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