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The One Brony Out of All the Nazi's

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This Account might die in a few months

i'm sorry to say this but i'm not gonna be a permanent member
my parents don't know that i'm a brony and they don't know about me being able to go on sites like this, so even if i get a new computer, it wont be private
i'm using a school Chromebook so i'll have to return it later on
im also gonna move to germany once these few months come to an end
now if you enjoy the story(s) i made then don't lose hope about them being cancelled, they'll be on hiatus, because they might use Chromebook in Panzer High(yes that's the school i'm going too :D)


most beautiful sight EVER! · 6:47am Jun 16th, 2017

so after i left and started going home, i saw a train...
but not just ANY Train...

Report General_Rommel · 180 views ·

im not alone

you see, my sister wants to use my account because she still apparently think an account costs money
now those vore stories im not interested in, thats her , so don't ask me:facehoof:

Any Stories You Think I Should Write?

I've been thinking, maybe i can write a story, instead of just reading your guys, i don't know any topics (liar your probably gonna write about ger-mane tanks) to write about
let me know if there's any kind of story you wanna let me write...
though there are some exceptions for a story: no severe gore(example, a broken bone or a bullet holes in the body, no far descriptions on these wounds is the most i want it at), no sexual themes(AND I MEAN EVERY KIND),OC's MIGHT be an issue but i think if you tell me ENOUGH about your OC then ill use it

besides that I'm usually open at night ;)

Meet Meh!!!

Hello, now i do play LOTS of Video Games...
as in i play them A LOT, i don't HAVE a lot XD
The games i play are: Warthunder, and Minecraft

now I'm not gonna give off personal info due to military rules and also because i think you don't need that info

my username for Warthunder is: "Lapiz_Lazuli64"
I'm gonna soon change my name for minecraft

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Welcome back! Didn't thought I'd see you again

dododo do do do bedew

We Are the panzer elite

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