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Seeing some life again

This Account might die in a few months

i'm sorry to say this but i'm not gonna be a permanent member
my parents don't know that i'm a brony and they don't know about me being able to go on sites like this, so even if i get a new computer, it wont be private
i'm using a school Chromebook so i'll have to return it later on
im also gonna move to germany once these few months come to an end
now if you enjoy the story(s) i made then don't lose hope about them being cancelled, they'll be on hiatus, because they might use Chromebook in Panzer High(yes that's the school i'm going too :D)


Germane Armored Forces rewrite · 11:17am Feb 5th, 2021

Hello guys

As of recent, I finally decided to push myself and rewrite the first Chapter of Germane Armored Forces. Everything will be rewritten. Different characters, different tanks, more detail, longer and more detailed battle scenes, and most of all, more seriousness than childishness.

Btw the first chapter is all written on mobile, so it's probably going to be shorter/lower quality than future chapters ;p

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im not alone

you see, my sister wants to use my account because she still apparently think an account costs money
now those vore stories im not interested in, thats her , so don't ask me:facehoof:

Any Stories You Think I Should Write?

I've been thinking, maybe i can write a story, instead of just reading your guys, i don't know any topics (liar your probably gonna write about ger-mane tanks) to write about
let me know if there's any kind of story you wanna let me write...
though there are some exceptions for a story: no severe gore(example, a broken bone or a bullet holes in the body, no far descriptions on these wounds is the most i want it at), no sexual themes(AND I MEAN EVERY KIND),OC's MIGHT be an issue but i think if you tell me ENOUGH about your OC then ill use it

besides that I'm usually open at night ;)

Meet Meh!!!

Hello, now i do play LOTS of Video Games...
as in i play them A LOT, i don't HAVE a lot XD
The games i play are: Warthunder, and Minecraft

now I'm not gonna give off personal info due to military rules and also because i think you don't need that info

my username for Warthunder is: "Lapiz_Lazuli64"
I'm gonna soon change my name for minecraft

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Welcome back! Didn't thought I'd see you again

dododo do do do bedew

We Are the panzer elite

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