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My intro to everypony

I feel like I'm missing something. I don't know if it because I had no one to talk to in person, or that I have never had a Girlfriend or "A True-True Friend" Plus I can't leave my parents because I care for them... and want to help them. but I have ADD, ADHD, Bipolar, and High Functioning Autism (HFA).
I'm 22 and I can't even find a job because if I do, my insurance for my medication that slows my brain down, and controls my mood swings, will be gone, and without it... well lets say the last person who pissed me off made me a loner for the rest of both my middle AND high school years. though I leaned to control myself, they still think I might *ahem* "snap" so to speak, but I never killed anyone (thank god).........
... anyway time for some good things to say:pinkiehappy:
now I join this site because I wanted to read my favorite fics that used to be on fanfiction.net
but now I found even more fics that I like to read and reread, anyone who reads this on my profile, all who had great romantic chapters and :twilightblush:some *ahem* AU rated scenes, as well as the family and PoE (Pony(-ies) on Earth) made me fell calm, now all I got to do is get ready to go back to college and do my main focus: Cyber Security. I wish to all the Readers, Authors and Newcomers to be their best and make readers like me proud to be a Fimfiction User:scootangel::pinkiesmile::twilightsheepish::yay:



January's top 5 Fics · 2:00am Feb 2nd, 2017

Ok so today I've selected the top 5 Fics of the month for January so here they are.
5. "The Girls" By Chelis

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Thank you for adding The Tale of a Lost Wolf to your library.

sorry for not replying sooner, I just finished the last chapter of you Pokémon fic, of most Pokémon fics I read, they were either Human turned Pokémon/pony, or something I started reading and I didn't like it due to something in it. while I used to read Pokémon Fics on fanfiction (mostly anthro, trainer falls in love with his/her Pokémon or vice versa. basically romance fics, adventure/action fics, or MA fics.), I did not find a fic that either got canceled, hiatus (long term), or too short. YOUR fic on the other hand, while didn't get updated until recently, was actually was one I saved for later to read cause it has an interesting scenario for a crossover. from what I can assume, it seems the Pokémon world is fusing with The My Little Pony world. which I can say the following might happen:
The "TRUE" enemy is doing it to gain power from both the "MAGIC" of equestria AND each of the Legendary Pokémon or one specific Legendary's "POWER(S)" or something.

While im not sure its the case. I've seen Authors of fics do a 180 and do something to blow other reader's mind with either a plot twist, a reverse scenario which I cant remember a good fic I have read in a while, or do the craziest thing which do a double 180 or (as I call it from playing games and good old guitar hero) a 360/Double whammy. that basically meaning "oh im sorry to say good sir/my lady, im a Double DOUBLE Agent! What a twist eh?!?"... anyway so far from the latest chapter, *Bleep* is going to go down soon. I have hopes for the Pokémon Fic and wish for it to get another update.

I've been with Pokémon since The kanto region so you can guess I'm still a Pokémon nerd. still got a GAMEBOY COLOR and Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow cartridges. Pokémon was my childhood and to this day the some Pokémon are still special to me. each game had a Pokémon or two I liked or loved; each from the region they came from, Pikachu/Eevee, Umbreon, Gardevoir, Lucario/Lopunny (both were female), Zorua->Zoroark/Keldeo(cause Keldeo is awesome, but could not transfer cause he was a hacked pokemon, had to wait until the 20th aniv. of pokemon event), Angislash and Delphox, and Decidueye/Lycanrock (dusk form).

P.S. while I wait, I'm going to transfer my Pokémon from X, Y, both OR/AS and Sun and Moon into my Pokémon Ultra Sun when I get a chance, I have some Pokémon I still need to transfer, I want to get ready for Pokémon Switch for when it comes out and so I can transfer some of them to the Pokémon Bank on switch once the game is released (cause I want a nearly full national dex if it ever comes back). I actually "had" a pokemon team for a fic, but my old "fic" was never completed. i blame laziness somewhat at the time (2010 or 2011 last time I worked on it) and for it going too random by the 3rd chapter. my Pokémon Changed depending on the Region, up until I beat the champion, then i "transfer" my true team, but lately i used at least 1 legendary or mythical to 2, OR 3 maxed (only if i can't defeat some trainer). my prized pokemon is a Gorgiest that's lvl 100 from a "Halloween Event long ago". i have a decent team but not one for competition, just one for fun. if i want to go OP, i use Legendaries and Mythical Pokémon just screw around.

Thanks for adding my story to your favorites, mind telling me why you like it?

"The Iron Horse" is unquestionably sci-fi. "Human After All" probably is too, but how hard it goes with it depends on how I write it, since I'm still in the process.

I'm intended to start reading it later, i don't know when. I got and hooked on Sea of Thieves AND Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2017) just gotta love the droids and clones... I need to read the last few chapters of the first one first. I have been hook on xbox one and PC after finding a few games I liked on Xbox one and PC. keep a watch on me cause I am going to probably make a listing of fics from what i read that are "new" if not then i'll make a top 3 sci fi fic... is "Human After All" a scifi fic? and "The Iron Horse Everything's better with robots"?

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