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While Twilight was teaching Starlight a new spell, a miscalcution happened and Starlight messed it up and caused a rift to open between dimension. As a result, the male mane 6 were pulled from their own dimension and brought to the mane 6 one.

As Twilight tries to figure out a way to send them back, her and the others try to help their male counterparts adjust to their new lives in their world.

Co-authors: fluttercord45 and GivingSpider

Proofreaders: Nightglimmer22, AppleMaker, Dragon Soul, and TheEngie

Not a clopfic, the sex tag is for the suggestive themes within the chapters.

Dusk Shine x Fluttershy
Twilight Sparkle x Bubble Berry
Rainbow Blitz x Applejack
Rainbow Dash x Butterscotch
Elusive x Pinkie Pie
Rarity x Applejack (r63)

Chapters (9)
Comments ( 125 )

Interesting. :duck:

I'll be tracking this for now to see where this goes.

I am pleased and for that...

Um, Fluttershysone I think you meant hooves

While I like this story, there's some grammar mistakes that make me cringe. Mayhaps you need a proofreader?

Ermagerd! What a great start! I can't wait for the next chapter!

7485657 Hey, I'm ready if you want me. :trollestia:

I approve of this

“Most ancient spellspells are vague in their descriptions,” chuckled Dusk. “But surely you prepared a counter(nu spac)spell?”

I like the spellspells lol

7486033 Nu problem :pinkiehappy:

7485657 If you'd like I can catch things like these :3

Also the reason for the double mention, You'll see if you click on your name/number :3

7486325 YEY :trollestia:


:twilightsmile: :trollestia: :twilightsmile:

Thank you. :eeyup:

7485711 God that sounded sexual to me...

7486362 That... that was the point...

Well Starlight, ya darn goofed.

7486440 Well.... CONGRATULATIONS good sir! I applaud thee for the spectacular display.... Could you ever forgive me for my ignorance?

7486449 :pinkiecrazy: Twinge. Twinge.


Please continue because this is about to get interesting! :pinkiehappy:

Twilight's so freaked out, she's beside herself

interesting parings and even more interesting story.i will track this and see where it goes :D

The male aj is jackapple ja for short

Suddenly starlight gets an idea and casts her time travel spell to go back in time and stop herself from casting the spell in the first place, but before she can, the doctor arrives and stops her

Well, I'm kind of surprised you didn't ship Dash with Blitz. I mean, Rainbow's already kind of a Narcissist. Have you seen her ego?

Joking aside, you've got so much shipping already going, why not ship Spike with Barb? Even though they are both essentially the same person, they're also not (genetically speaking).

7546547 to be fair, every story dealing with this plot has the characters sleeping with themselves

This is pretty good so far. It gets my like and if it continues I'll fave it too.:twilightsmile:

I like this story alot more. I will definitely be here till it's finished.:twilightsmile: Also you just got another follower. :yay:

I'm actually glad they won't fall for their exact counterpart.

7547621 I mean that can be a reason not to ship the characters with themselves. its so predictable and been done many times over

7552238 I don't care, I ship it. Spike seems slightly Narcissistic.

7549404 I doubt that, 'cause knowing Rarity and Elusive they will fall for each other, but as for the others I don't really know

7556981 Read the second chapter thoroughly man.

Hey what about Spike and Barb or is it She Spike who do they pair up with each other or the CMC questions need to be answered

7590080 spike and barb are already in relationships and won't be shipped together in the story

The pairings are set, let the real story begin.

“By the way...I that wink you gave my friend.”

You forgot 'saw'

Are you gonna be pairing anyone/pony with Starlight?

Good chapter! There are a couple of errors, but it's good!

Wow, great chapter! I'm actually kind of hoping that the future scenes will be a bit more... intimate.

7590819 but no clop. That's gonna be a side story :trollestia:

7590906 Nice! I wasn't expecting any clop, but nice!

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