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Found my way into this fandom through a bet.

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And another merry christmas! · 12:02am Dec 26th, 2020

Heyo all. Still here and kickin, and wishing you a merry christmas wherever you are. Hope you all are staying safe, warm, and with bellies full of food.

Updates are coming along with blogposts explaining a few thing concerning this year. Just be patient.

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If that cup cant wake anyone in the morning, im sure they're clinically dead.

Bet if I drank enough of that, my heart would start to sound like an idling engine and sputter periodically.

There's this gas station in town that has this coffee called, "super charged caffeine." This is what gets my juices flowing, though my body hates me for it.

Well, when I started writing I'd drink two cups and write for an hour or two. Much later, I'd drink a cup every time I sat down to write. Now, I'm not drinking coffee at all. Feels like my creative juices diminished somewhat.

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