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Found my way into this fandom through a bet.

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And another merry christmas! · 12:02am Dec 26th, 2020

Heyo all. Still here and kickin, and wishing you a merry christmas wherever you are. Hope you all are staying safe, warm, and with bellies full of food.

Updates are coming along with blogposts explaining a few thing concerning this year. Just be patient.

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My personal best is 24 cups in one day. My heart didn't beat, it was humming. I could powerwalk faster than Usaine Bolt can sprint. I could see into the future, and there was nothing but coffee. And seriously, I could not read the newspaper due to my hands trembling so much. 4/10, would not do again.

Sorry, you probably get enough of this, but I like coffee as well. I'm more of a decaf guy, though.

Our accounts were created on the same day, how neat is that?

If that cup cant wake anyone in the morning, im sure they're clinically dead.

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