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Because there's no point in anthropomorphizing horses unless they act something like horses.

Welcome to the Coalition! Here, we believe that pony fan fiction writers should draw on the real world of horse anatomy, horse behavior, and horsemanship to build the imaginary world of Equestria. We're looking for stories involving careful research into or first-hand knowledge of horses, and we're looking for ideas and world-building that translate real horse culture into the magical world of ponies.


Because it's fun! And because the best stories of anthropomorphic animals have always used real animal behavior in imaginative ways to create characters' personalities and societies.

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I think I have a few stories that should qualify.

With several years of experience of horses and riding them, I hope I can bring some more fun to the group.

In the end, I guess it is up to you to say what you think, though.

Not quite like this.

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