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Somehow, I manage to write sad fluff. I'd be concerned about my mental health, but I'm too busy writing.


Editing · 5:32am Aug 7th, 2014

I'm going to go back to Friendship is Power: The Nightmare Returns and update its editing; fixing any spelling/grammar mistakes, double-spacing it, etc. If the story pops up as recently updated because of this, ignore it unless for some reason you want to reread my first, halfway-decent attempt at My Little Pony fanfiction.

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Thanks for the fave, :twilightsmile:

2010563 Thank you for writing it.

Comment posted by Aiyonbeam deleted Oct 17th, 2015

Thank you for adding There is Always Some Madness in Love to your Favourites, my friend! :pinkiehappy:

Watching me watching you sweet Aiyonbeam :rainbowderp:

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