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Somehow, I manage to write sad fluff. I'd be concerned about my mental health, but I'm too busy writing.


Princess Celestia is a bastion of purity and light; when ponies see her, they see not a pony but a force, a serene being of light and happiness.
Except when she drinks.

Rated T for alcohol and other things.

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Nice story!
Keep going!

This was a pleasant surprise. I saw the synopsis and immediately assumed it was some uninspired oneshot comedy, but it really couldn't have been any further from it.

I admit I never thought of Celestia using alcohol as a coping mechanism for her immortality blues, but the way it was presented here made it seem quite convincing. And the resolution of this story was satisfying; Celestia has been drowning her sorrows and regrets and in doing so she's blinded herself to all the good she has done, too. Sometimes it takes the student to let the mentor know how much she has actually taught and what difference she's made.

Twilight shook her head, as if shaking the sleep from her mind, put a hoof to an ear, and listened.

-Appeared above Twilight.

A white hoof caught hers, holding it tight.

She was crying; tears ran down her face, her expression somehow at once hard and wistful.

Twilight couldn't tell how much time passed.

Eventually, the laughing stopped, and Twilight regarded Celestia with a mock-resigned sigh.

Soon the bottle was drained, and Twilight sat, gazing at the stars.

move down a line, or connect it to the previous one.

A choked cry tore up through Twilight's throat as she rushed to the edge, dove over it, wings spread, hooves outstretched-
It was too late.
Celestia hit the ground with a sickening 'thud'; Twilight pulled up before she met the same fate, slowly circling down to where her teacher lay.

Broken paragraph.

Alright biggest and only real problem was that your fic was 99% broken paragraphs / improperly structured paragraphs [it's seriously bad when a reader doesn't know if a paragraph just needs to be moved down a line [properly spaced], or is simply just broken.].

But other than that it was a cute-ish story.

Surprisingly emotive. Nicely done. I think you did the points Celestia talked about well. It felt like these were things she could say.

Wow, this was prett good, I'd never imagined Princess Celestia drunk! Just wow. Good job, bravo!:trollestia:

Nice story. Beautiful ending.

Just beautiful...

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Oh, this gave me feels. Usually alcohol is used as a joke, but here...

Damn, I wanna give Celie a hug ;-;

Great read good sir or madam. I love stories where the ever stoic invicus sol breaks that mask. I would be very interested to see this continue, this would make a fantastic story world

Started out funny and got surprisingly sweet.

Very well done.

Celestia: YOU MY CHILD! WILL BE THE *Hic* BEST *hic* PRINCESS OF... What are you princess again? NVM WHO CARES! :D


I would be interested in seeing more from this, even if it's just oneshots rather than a narrative.

One of the few fics that has brought me to the verge of tears. Very nicely done.

You almost got me with the tears mate, I loved it! You inspire me so much with your writing skill :pinkiehappy:

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