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Somehow, I manage to write sad fluff. I'd be concerned about my mental health, but I'm too busy writing.


For the Rainbooms, the Battle of the Bands was a day of triumph. They'd stopped a trio of evil sirens, saved the school again, and helped their newest friend regain the trust of Canterlot High.

For the Dazzlings, though, it was far from a day of triumph. It was a day of shattered dreams, of weakness and the beginning of hunger.
These are their stories.

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These are their stories.

Hm, an interesting start, though Sunset should be very careful with feeding someone who is starving. From what I heard, giving them the wrong things or too much will actually make things worse. But you have a believable take on the sirens, and it is well written, so I'm gonna follow it.

With the sad and romance tags, I have some questions, though. Sad tag instead of drama means it COULD have a happy ending? And what are the pairings going to be? Just a personal preference thing, so I'd be very grateful if you could let me know. I could PM you if you don't want to spoil it for others.

6846443 I'm certainly not planning on things ending badly... So, yeah; this fic is going to have a happy ending. As for pairings... I don't want to spoil too much. If you want more info, you can PM me.

Hmm... Will see how this will go.

Hmmm, this just showed up on the "latest updated" list.

6860652 How strange... The new chapter didn't publish, even though it said it did.
Ah well. Here it is now.

6861238 ALso, as I just noticed, it did not show up as unread chapter in my bookshelf thingy. Just as a notice.

And since I have finished the chapter now, I am glad you are not turning one of the sirens into a complete jerk to make the others more sympathetic. It feels like a clash of personalities in an extreme situation, and that fits it well.
Never thought about Lyra and one of the Sirens interacting, but I love what you have so far.


God dammit you beat me to it. *upvotes*

Liking this story so far.

Interesting. Following.

Very intriguing start, sort of poetic, goof descriptions, quite dramatic in a sense.

Woo! New chapter!

Also, one flub on your part.

Slowly, Adagio looks away from my eyes...

I think you meant to put Sonata's name there.

Sonata and Fluttershy are a good match.

Interesting headcanon about the feeding and the amulets here. The interaction between Flutters and Sonata was nice, and I look forward to the storylines connecting in future chapters. The sirens have a whole lot of conflict to work out, it seems.

7018815 Thanks. Didn't catch that.

Damn u, teasing me with Sunata.

Also, I've heard that treating someone who was starving is a pretty delicate process. If you are not careful with how much and what you give the patient, you can easily make things worse. Then again, who knows how much of their siren power still remains, even if they can't actively use it without the gems.

Good characterization of Sunset and Adagio again, the former being nice, considering she knows how it is to be down in the dumps. And the latter not easy to redeem, so she is already starting to scheme.

Give it time, Adagio. Give it time.

So Sonata will take her positive emotions and Sunset becomes negative?

7286169 No; that's not how it worked in the movies. The Sirens didn't make people less negative when they fed; they don't get rid of the emotions when they feed, just... Feed off of them.

Any chance this is getting updated in the near future?

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