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Dr. Albert Wily...mad genius, evil scientist, brilliant roboticist, wanted criminal, would be world conqueror, loving father... Wait, what was that last part?

When Dr. Wily wakes up one morning with a tiny unicorn inexplicably clinging to his bald head, he is more than a little flummoxed. Unknown to him, this tiny creature is about to turn his entire life upside down, worm her way into his heart...and make his dreams a reality.

Can you feel the Wub tonight? Mega Man sure will.

Part of the PWNY-verse.
Edit: Now with awesome cover art by sanyo21! How does he do such awesome artwork so fast?
Edit 2: Adorable fan art sprite by SteamingBullet!
Edit 3: New fan art commissioned by a fan!

Chapters (130)
Comments ( 7064 )

Tatsurou really dude this going to be the third story of yours I can't stop rereading.

spun her right round.

Well, I guess you could say a song is in order here!

At least, I assume have the lower half of my leg broken off is supposed to be painful, yes

1. Having.

Wily would most undoubtedly just scratch the potential weaponizing for Vinyl... Before he gives in to it himself. Or grows immune. Or creates a Mega Man-ish suit for Vinyl to use and has an arm cannon mounted as her mini bass cannon.

Gosh I'm going too standard for this, gotta think like how Tat thinks.

*tries to think and...*

*abruptly faints from overexertion*

Are you going to be using the current Mega Man comic on occasion for material? Still I hope Vinal will warm up to Roll. Nice beginning and eagerly await the next installment!

So wait... Vinyl punched a robotic leg in half? When she is barely a toddler? On top of this Vinyl is able to wail loud enough to damage robotic machinery? Holy cow, one chapter in and she already seems more op than the dark chips from megaman battle network 5.

...Tats, you magnificent bastard. You've done it again.

Tatsurou. I'm almost reconsidering my decision to not read your Trixie displacement story, just because you seem incapable of writing a bad one. What has kept me from reading it so has been my lack of any kind of interest in either Trixie or the reality you through her into.

You know what that throw Wily made reminded me of?

If by "broken" you mean "mildly useful for Chaos Unison only" then I guess so. XD

I... You know what? Sure. Just going to Roll with it.

(But seriously, how many pacts have you made with demons to keep up your unholy writing speed?)

A Megaman crossover, nice. I'm interested in seeing how the story changes with the introduction of a new character. I always love reading your crossovers.

You're absolutely insane for even thinking up this story concept, you utter madman.

...Go on. :moustache:

he began to examine Vinyl discretely from his current position

I assume you mean "discreetly", meaning covertly and without being noticed. "Discrete" is a term used in mathematics referring to operating on non-continuous data sets. It's a mistake people do a lot, since even spellcheckers won't catch it when it's a real word.

6303665 Well honestly, I only remember three dark chips as I usually could just power through the side effect of losing my buster or the hp bug. Seeing as I had more than enough hp just using dark recover was able to get me through every boss fight once I got it. Same with dark wide and dark sword.

Eggman would be better.
To clarify, in case you still call him Robotnic, I call him Eggman because of the introduction of Dr Gerald Robotnic, who was Eggman's grandfather.
Big Mac being raised by Knuckles...

Yahoooo!!!! Vinyl scratch finally makes an appeareance, though i would have used DJ Sona as mother this time. All that said, PLEASE MORE!!!

And yet another favorite.

One question though; didn't Wily build the robots based off of designs he found in dig sites? Cause I was under the impression that Light was several centuries before Wily appeared. Ah well; Mega Man continuity was something I've never been able to grasp, as I'm not even sure if the games before the X-series of games were before or after X.

6303962 I think you're talking about Dr. Cain from the first 3 Megaman X games. Dr. Wily and Dr. Light were friends from the same era until Wily got jealous of being overshadowed by Light's succcess.

I can't wait for more.:raritywink:

Future prediction:

DLN-009 Wub Man

So, if you make that super crossover, won't Vinyl be familiar with one version of Wily while Nightmare Moon will be familiar with another? Also, why is Vinyl instantly hostile to Roll? Given that Wily in this story wants Robot/Human equality, I take it you aren't using Archie Comic Canon? Too bad, those are really good.

Hmm...I wonder, will the little filly in the future want to prove herself by making her own set of robot masters?

This is the first Megaman/MLP fic I have seen that's worth reading:pinkiegasp:. Congrats. :pinkiehappy:

His smile faded as he looked at Albert. Before Wily could get angry, however, Tom spoke up. "Albert...why do you have a unicorn clinging to your head?"
Albert froze. "Tom, that is the third strangest thing you have ever asked me," he pointed out. "What is it supposed to mean?"

If that's the third weirdest thing thing Thomas has asked him, then what took first and second?:rainbowhuh:

will tavi be in this universe as well or will she be in a different universe?

COVER YOU EARS!!!!!!!!!!!!



Only ONE pony is fast enough to keep up with the adventures of Sonic and company...


6303854 I actually like the Idea of Bigmac raised by Goku or better yet Vegeta or Piccolo seeing as they are better fathers then Goku


I do believe that Tatsurou stated that Octavia and Vinyl were going to be in the same universe.

You know there isn't a Zelda one so why not have Sunset Shimmer raised by her or Hilda.


That's kinda hard, even though it's not a bad idea. There's so much disjointed crap in the Zelda games that it would be hard to pick one that would work.

And there's already been Zelda/mlp crossovers, though no Displaced Adoption fics as of yet.

How about this; Sunset Shimmer adopted by a young Ilea? And then she gets a dark transformation version right when Link gets his wolf form. I said that cause I like the idea of her being able to go bad ass in her Demon Sunset version. Also, alicorn Sunset.

Hey, I know it's trite, but I happen to like the alicorn versions.

If I can make a suggestion to whoever draws the cover art for this one, how about Vinyl sitting in Dr. Wily's lap while Wily grins evilly at the camera. And they're wearing each others' shades (Wily's Mr. X shades from Megaman 6).

I look forward to seeing this develop. Good job.:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache:

6304481 Well, that means Tavi's gonna be raised either by Mega Man(can't remember if it was Rock or Roll) or Dr. White.

Where do you think I got the joke from?

All of your WUBS are belong to us.

Real One: Prepare your arm cannon Rock, The Bass Mare Is Coming For You!

All that was left now was the few months of testing to determine if they were viable to use in the world at large and wouldn't go into a programming error induced destructive rampage.

Always a good thing to check.

Filly Vinyl is clearly best filly.

Vinyl stopped whining, glowered up at Roll, and promptly punched her on the knee, breaking that leg in half. Vinyl's horn lit up blue, catching the bottle in an aura of the same color as it fell.

Make that scariest filly.

6304813 Yeah, I suspected that but wasn't sure.

I'll bet this is a sequel to There's Nopony I'd Rather Be Than Me. Having Zero as a big bro will be pretty awesome, I think.

Catchy start. Faved, Liked & waiting to see where you're going with it...:pinkiehappy:

I will love this anyway, but I think you just jumpstarted this. How did they figure out that was her name? How could they so soon determine it's nature? Unlike all the other stories, there was no anomaly behind the sudden appearance. Let alone logic.
Tat, your a goddamn genius, and I will like and fav, but even you need to explain.

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