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Don't ask questions. Just have fun. Slam the oven door and join the party.

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Infinite Defense Control Center

Curtis Wildcat's Selected Song for December 4, 2023: Waluigi Pinball, as heard in Mario Kart 8.

A quick rundown about myself: I was raised in Michigan, USA, and I'm a current resident of Kansas (and boy, was that a culture shock). I try to keep my eye on Detroit-area sports... Tigers, Pistons, etc... whenever I get the chance. I've had my share of obsessions over the years, with stuff like Touhou and MLP being a few of my most recent.

My favorite novel is Star Wars: Death Star, and I'll listen to any music that doesn't offend my standards or my hearing. I've been a long-time fan of stuff like Garfield, Calvin & Hobbes, Heathcliff, and The Far Side. I'm obsessed with cats in general, and as of this writing I have to share my house with five of them.

My favorite video games of all time are Hack/Nethack (more specifically the earlier DOS versions), Descent II, the NES's Super Mario Bros. 3 and The Goonies II, and the GBA's Pokemon Sapphire.

M.L.G. has surpassed my old mega-crossover *What* Insertion? as my longest-written story. To those who've been around, either since the beginning or in the middle of it, thanks for your support! :pinkiehappy:

Visit my Ko-Fi page if you feel dropping a few dollars in the bin.

Here's the trope page for Manehattan's Lone Guardian. If you want to contribute, feel free.

DeviantArt page. I only post there when I get bored, so I hope you're not expecting much.

Fanfiction Dot Net page. Be warned: pretty much everything published prior to 2012 is of subpar quality.

My YouTube Channel, home of the Casual Failure series. Currently in-between projects.

My page at Archive of our Own, where the really strange plot bunnies have been building nests. Go there if you feel like reading about my namesake's female counterpart, Callista.

And last but not least, my personal thoughts on a series.

That's a trifle, if ever was.


Ko-Fi Page Is Up · 3:30am Jul 3rd, 2022

Hadn't wanted to do this, but $8.50 an hour doesn't go a long way unless you're incredibly frugal (then why have you stuck with the job for 15 years, self? :pinkiehappy:). As such, I've started an account at Ko-Fi. If you like my writing, whether it's here, at Fanfiction.Net, or AO3 (same screen name there, just without spaces)---or if you've seen my amateur gaming videos on YouTube---you're more than welcome to drop a few bucks in the

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    M.L.G. Timeline

    Ah, health. You've been a real pain these past few weeks, you know that?

    Anyway, while I'm waiting for the artwork I've mentioned previously: a number of times while writing the story, I've gotten the setting's timeline mixed up. I went back over the story and wrote out the key details (and a few minor ones) to make sure I have things in order. Figured I might as well share it.

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Hey. I just wanted to wish you a Happy Easter.

3197602 Alright. Thanks for answering. I hope the next chapter comes out when it's ready.

It's slow going. Still in progress, but very much slow going. There have been days when I only manage a few lines at most, then there are days--like yesterday, actually--when I'm able to get most of a page's worth of narrative onto the screen before my brain decides that I need a break.

I have to wonder if part of it's because I'm more of a humorist at heart. Stuff that's at least meant to be funny comes easier to me than situations that are meant to be serious or dark. :unsuresweetie: Scenes where one of the character's lives are on the line, or situations that are particularly combat-heavy... not so much. And not to spoil the next chapter more than I really need to, but if a stealth mission against a griffon who's basically a combination of TF2's Engineer and Sniper isn't serious, I'm not sure what is.

At present, I think I'm still okay tackling this one solo. All the same, thanks for being curious about my progress. :twilightsmile:

Hey, Curtis. Shazam 25, here. I don't mean to ask, in case a lot of people have already done so, but how's that chapter for MLG chaptering going? I know you working on it to the best of your ability, but sometimes, I can't help myself. I can still wait, but if you need help, I might be able to help with anything you need. Just offering. If not, then I'm still waiting for the chapter. Take all the time you need.

That's a Bugs Bunny thing, as I remember.

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