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Curtis Wildcat

Don't ask questions. Just have fun. Slam the oven door and join the party.

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Curtis Wildcat's Selected Song for February 17, 2020: "Death Egg ~ Never Let It Go", from the soundtrack of Sonic the Fighters. It says something when your first experience with a song isn't part of the game it's from, but a custom Starcraft campaign that crosses over with Ranma 1/2.

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My YouTube Channel, home of the Casual Failure series. I also dabble in audio readings now.

And last but not least, my personal thoughts on a series.

That's a trifle, if ever was.


Sith Lightsaber Ratio Bar · 12:13am Mar 13th, 2018

It's kinda funny to me. At the time of writing this, I have one like and three dislikes on Gormless. That means it kinda looks like a green-handled Sith lightsaber up there.

Is there some way we could maintain that ratio? Just asking.

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A Seriously Close Call · 6:51am Dec 15th, 2019

I... had a bit of a close call today... or yesterday, technically, but whatever. Dad and I were driving home, and we were about to pass through this intersection that didn't have any Stop or Yield signs. I saw this SUV passing through, but I assumed that Dad was already aware of it and didn't say anything. He wasn't, and he just kept on going---and he almost ending up T-boning the other car. As it was, he just barely managed to put on the brakes in time to prevent an accident.

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Well I feel really nerdy now:rainbowlaugh:

...There was a fighter plane by that name? I didn't know that. :rainbowderp:

No, it's not. I created a character named "Curtis Cat" back when I was in 4th grade. In high school or thereabouts I changed his name to the above both because it sounded cooler, and because it didn't immediately give "elementary school" vibes.

Just noticed your username, am I correct in assuming that itโ€™s a reference to the WW2 era fighter plane?

It's no problem. The story's well-written, and the subject matter appeals to me. ๐Ÿ˜„

Thank you very much for adding A Tale of Two Suns to your Favorites.

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